BFB 28 but only when X is on screen

  • Published on: 15 January 2021
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  • Runtime : 4:25


  • BFB Four
    BFB Four   13 hours ago

    There’s still another simp here

  • leandros katsifis :3

    Im very comfused why X is not mad about four, for being rude at X and wishes four to return :/

  • Ginger _Playz
    Ginger _Playz   6 days ago

    The end is sad cause x misses four/his boyfriend 😏

  • Koi
    Koi   1 weeks ago

    X is wholesome

  • Oliwierek924
    Oliwierek924   1 weeks ago

    Next: BFB 29 but only when four's on screen Okay, this joke wasn't good enough.

  • adan75
    adan75   1 weeks ago

    2:46 X is not on screen

  • Kevin Is Nice
    Kevin Is Nice   1 weeks ago

    X: it will be okFour: immediatly turns into fucking sand

  • Ryan Murphy
    Ryan Murphy   2 weeks ago

    1:30 The greatest scene in the BFDI series since Eraser found a maroon ball:

  • Ribbital
    Ribbital   2 weeks ago

    0:01 when the milkshake machine is broken

  • Katy Wilson
    Katy Wilson   2 weeks ago


  • Orca Whales
    Orca Whales   3 weeks ago

    Man his voice is annoying in this one

  • Sam Kelly
    Sam Kelly   3 weeks ago

    So Four can shoot lasers from his hand, and X can shoot lasers from his eyes. Huh, I wonder if all the other numbers have that power.

  • Blue Sanity
    Blue Sanity   3 weeks ago

    X is too nice he is the cutest he is so innocent 🥺❤

  • TabboMask
    TabboMask   3 weeks ago

    Watching this video makes me remember how annoying x sounds like

  • Acuack 109
    Acuack 109   4 weeks ago

    1:18When my teacher gives us a test i didnt know we were gonna have.

  • woody
    woody   1 months ago

    Four are you g8y?

  • Olivia Flores
    Olivia Flores   1 months ago

    RRRRRR MMMMMMMMM! Purple face: Do I lOoK pErFeCt PeRfEcT

  • The gaming gang
    The gaming gang   1 months ago

    3:05X: For this challenge you need to prove that you won’t quit our show.TD: -X: You want to quit our show!?

  • Jess Seah
    Jess Seah   1 months ago

    X:trying to sound fourceful.

  • Firey
    Firey   1 months ago

    0:12 Noemoe?