Rocky Mountain Sasquatch - Beyond the Trail

  • Published on: 28 October 2021
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    Aleksandar Petakov and Eli Watson journey to the majestic Rocky Mountains of Colorado continuing their search for the elusive Sasquatch. They first visit the Sasquatch Outpost museum in Bailey, Colorado, spending time with owner and researcher Jim Myers in the wilderness, interviewing researchers along the way before spending a few days on a rural ranch where lots of strange activity has been reported.
  • Runtime : 1:9:39


  • Antmonk Carvalho
    Antmonk Carvalho   9 hours ago

    AaATTabout 1:00:01 Anybody Notice some of them bones were snapped ???Like a twig to us...??

  • Nicely Dunwell
    Nicely Dunwell   19 hours ago

    ...but mostly, Colorado is known as the first state to legalize weed.

  • ProspectingRon 2.0
    ProspectingRon 2.0   1 days ago

    You can show me ALL the footprints, so called structures, bits of fur, broken or upside down trees, audio of screams, or ANY other so called EVIDENCE you want to. BUT I will NEVER be convinced UNTIL I see an actual creature. I feel I also have to stress, I WANT BIGFOOT TO BE REAL, I WANT TO BELIEVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 45
    45   1 days ago

    Love your shows keep them coming.

  • randy beard
    randy beard   2 days ago

    As per one video that I watched, a lady that had a whole family of Bigfoot living behind her property that she made friends with and could communicate with--these good Bigfoot told her to stay away from Bigfoot that has Red Eyes, they told her that these are Human Killers and that they even avoided these Evil Bigfoot...

  • Mike Davis
    Mike Davis   3 days ago

    Lol get a real job. Ever body doing bigfoot. Vedieos but he's still not real

  • Brittany Deremer
    Brittany Deremer   3 days ago

    I love Bailey one of my most faves in Colorado I live in Denver it’s amazing the sightings around that town . I love the Bigfoot’s here like anywhere else yes we have our fair share but I myself have not seen a Bigfoot yet .

  • Laurie Stephens
    Laurie Stephens   3 days ago

    Being from Jason Frank's neck of the woods (Montrose, Norwood Colorado) and having been out in the woods either hunting or gathering cattle without a clue or even an inkling about these critters (Bigfeet). Never sensed anything other than thinking I heard a bear snort once but heavy woods and didn't want my horse to spook so didn't stay. I do think I may have had one pass by my window which was open on 3 seperate occasions. The smell woke me up all 3 times and when I looked out saw no sign or skunk nor did my neighbors have any occurences. Hasn't happened again so may have just been a skunk. Now I'll have to check out Jason's book. So glad to know a little about what to look for when I do go out. Thanks for the great ride along!

  • Giuseppe Martino
    Giuseppe Martino   3 days ago

    All the leaves that were spread all over the place is not normal I think. Or a mix up of different trees inner twined together come on man.

  • Giuseppe Martino
    Giuseppe Martino   3 days ago

    U guys put a recorder in a plastic bag is not very smart. They just have to grab the bag and get rid of it. U need to hide it somewhere under the leaves. There watching u so u have to be sneaky about it.

  • Dogman Horror & Scifi

    Keep looking. These things are elusive. You're blessed if you happen to catch sight of one. It's like having a real paranormal experience - super rare and to many people life changing when it occurs. Turned me from a skeptic into a "qualified" believer.

  • Giuseppe Martino
    Giuseppe Martino   3 days ago

    Getting things thrown at them I think it means ur getting too close to their nesting area maybe. Or maybe they just don't like u for some reason. Lol.

  • Giuseppe Martino
    Giuseppe Martino   3 days ago

    So if people don't believe why would someone go out in the middle of nowhere to be detected as a sasquach.? Come on man that sounds so crazy.

  • Giuseppe Martino
    Giuseppe Martino   3 days ago

    People want to see action like when you were at the cabin with the Bigfoots surrounding the area. Then you know that it's for real. There's more than one type of hairy men.

  • Robert Devito
    Robert Devito   4 days ago

    Some people believe in Bigfoot but no one has ever found one and some people believe in God also but no has really found God

  • jeremy orourke
    jeremy orourke   4 days ago

    My friend you want a place most people don't come to look for sasquatch Arizona and yes we have some amazing sightings here look it up you would think Arizona desert no we have some very serious woods... Look up a place called the mogion rim

  • BeastRealm wolf
    BeastRealm wolf   4 days ago

    Let me clear something up for the non believers, the worlds scientist's have confirmed a Gigantopithecus as being real and supposedly extinct, this is fact. So bigfoot did exist as per the scientific community. The Coelacanth was thought to be extinct by the scientific community, it wasn't, that is fact! So, being that bigfoot did truly exist, how many variations of the beast do you suppose spun off of the original?Also, why don't we find them then? Ask a hunter that's been hunting a certain area for years and years why he can't find that big cat he has always heard, if an animal doesn't want you to find them then you won't, they are masters of their habitat, we aren't. Use your common sense, scientists say Gigantopithecus existed, it is a bigfoot........

  • Carlos Vestal
    Carlos Vestal   5 days ago

    Bigfoot Notes:1. Approx. every 7th hair is translucent2. They eat (mostly deer) every 10-14 days3. Despise & eradicate coyotes in short order4. Consume only organs from skunks & use skunk scent sack for cover scent5. You will never know where they started from or where they ended their day/night walk-abouts6. White Orbs are thier handlers or managers (not BF's); Blue Orbs are BF's; Green Orbs are BF Forman or supervisory types7. Adult BF's use their infrasound to confuse prey (mostly deer) rather than pursue (if prey not to be consumed immediately, front legs are broken; if eaten soon after capture, heads twisted off or neck broken8. Their infrasound frequency range is from 4.7 to 5.4ghrtsNote: more facts soon to be distributed...

  • Dave Adalian
    Dave Adalian   1 weeks ago

    The art shown at 7m46s says the Hairy Man at Painted Cave is in Taft, CA. It isn't. It's in the next county over to the north on the Tule River Indian Reservation in the Sierra Nevada about 70 miles east, near the town of Springville and not too far from Porterville. What a weird thing to get wrong.

  • prellen1972 JAK
    prellen1972 JAK   1 weeks ago

    Love from Sweden 👀🦴🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🌍🤘

  • Kenneth McCallum
    Kenneth McCallum   1 weeks ago

    As usual all talk,talk,talk These boring video's should be banned by you tube until somebody actually is capable of living proof of sasquatch PUT UP OR SHUTUP simple as that

  • J.R. Strong
    J.R. Strong   1 weeks ago

    I’ve Lived In Colorado For 42 Years! Deep In The Woods Mitigating Trees For Forrest Fires! I’ve Seen Bears, Cats, Deer And Dogs! Never A Bigfoot For Me! If Ya Go Deep In The Woods! Ya Better Have A Lead Launcher With Ya! If Ya Don’t, That’s Your Fault! It’s Common Sense! There Are Many Things Hungry Just As Humans Are Each Day! Have Fun And Be Safe!😎

  • Kashmir Felix - Owner

  • Tammy Sargent
    Tammy Sargent   1 weeks ago

    Just happened to find your videos earlier tonight, now I'm binge watching. Really interesting. I'd love to be able to do what you guys are doing.

  • Grmalj Grmic
    Grmalj Grmic   1 weeks ago

    Yugoslavian army surplus mess kit!!!! Damn you brought back some memories!!!! Greetings from a Yugoslavian

  • Terry Turbo Burrows
    Terry Turbo Burrows   1 weeks ago

    Great filming guys…from. UK. I am a believer 🥂if I lived there I would be out there every day love these adventures..🥂

  • life with dayna here
    life with dayna here   1 weeks ago

    Guy's you need to go back to that last location at those people land there were alot of sound while you where a sleep!

  • Hell'sBelle
    Hell'sBelle   1 weeks ago

    Another great production! 👏 The gentleman in the beginning may not realize the West coast is way about altitude, too!California's Sierra Nevada peaks range from 11,000 to 14,000 feet #above sea level, with Mt. Whitney, at 14,494 feet, the highest peak in the lower 48's of the United States 🏔️Washington's Mt. Rainier is an impressive 14,411′, while Mt. Hood in Oregon is a spectacular 11,239 feet above sea level!Plus, some of the most heavily-forested regions of the U.S. are in the Eastern states!So yes, there are vast spaces of wilderness across our amazingly beautiful country that provides the shelter and resources they need to live.That said, I am still partial to my home state of Colorado and have a deep affinity for the beings in our mountains here ❤️

  • brian heathcott
    brian heathcott   2 weeks ago

    the hairy men can see I R light..must use a thermal camera or scope.

  • xxx
    xxx   2 weeks ago

    I would like to see these guys Aleksandar Petakov , Eli Watson, Les Stroud, Jeff Barrackman, RMSO, Dr. Jeff Meldrum, Dr. Bidernagle, James "BOBO" Fay, spend a few nights at PORTLOCK, ALASKA, because they always are trying to find the Big Furry Guy and they never do, but no one ever goes to this place, and that makes me wonder why they just never go there!! it is well know it that place it is haunted by some creatures, that until today still shrouded in mistery.

  • Callie Nash
    Callie Nash   2 weeks ago

    January 4th 2022I just wanted to give you guys a shout out and say how much I really love your show after bumping into it!! I subscribed after the first show I watched.I like the fact that you don't try to prove that Bigfoot exists... You realize he exists! 👍And I can tell you that that's very important for folks like myself whom have had an encounter with the king of the forest.It is definitely a life-changing experience. And it definitely affects you where you don't ever look at things quite the same as you did before!Knowing that these beings / bipedal creatures exist in our forest, woods, and deserts is really unsettling for me truth be told.I think the crazy part about your show is that you actually want to have an encounter with this being the king of the forest.I can tell you that, if I never see another one of those beings/ things ever in my life again, that would be way too soon!! Thanks guys for educating the world with your Bigfoot / Sasquatch findings through your show.Also if you get the chance to watch these two shows. I think you would find them interesting as well.I'm a huge follower of David Paulides on Can-Am missing 411 on YouTube. He has written I believe three Bigfoot books. One is called Bigfoot project, Bigfoot tribal, Bigfoot wild men and Giants.I also follow Steve from How To Hunt. Steve has actually had several encounters with these beings/ creatures. These 2 awesome guys are not only hard-working credible folks, but good people!!Again love your show and thanks for all the hard work you put into them!Happy New Year to you guys!Showing support from Apple Valley California 🍎

  • Nicholas Foti
    Nicholas Foti   2 weeks ago

    Whatever family group Is in the area is watching you the whole time.. your their entertainment but you're definitely not gonna fool them with a knock or pheromone chips.. They aren't monkeys they're one with the forest. Mark z in fla is spot on

  • Prince Devitt83
    Prince Devitt83   2 weeks ago

    This is my favourite Documentary from you. I like the mixed Stuff. A: looking for Sasquatch and B: talking to real Humans and hearing their Story´s.