Can you use Honey as Engine Oil? Let's find out!

  • Published on: 19 November 2018
  • Many viewers requested we test honey or maple syrup as engine oil. So, what will happen to an engine if honey is used in place of engine oil? In a previous video, we tested sugar in gas and the engine survived. Will the engine survive this time? Obviously, you'd never want to do this to any engine. However, many viewers have been on the receiving end of spiteful deeds, such as this. Also, if you were in an extreme emergency and had to choose between using honey and nothing at all in the crankcase of an engine, would honey be better than nothing? Things get interesting in this video when Marvel Mystery Oil and Seafoam deep creep is used to "save the engine". Will MMO and Seafoam be able to help? Thank you very much for supporting the channel by watching the commercials and through Patreon support.
  • Runtime : 6:53
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  • zone47
    zone47   8 hours ago

    How about a test of different oils in air compressors. They seem to always call out non detergent oils, but what about if you put in straight weight or 20W-50 detergent oil, or how about transmission fluid, or pure slick 50 or sewing machine oil, or moly oil, or 3 in 1 or cooking oil or just some pure liquid laundry detergent? I guess my main question is why is detergent oil bad for an air compressor?

  • zone47
    zone47   8 hours ago

    Can you do a test on how 10W-30 tastes in tea or in oatmeal and if it helps you stay regular? Thanks in advance.

  • Khan Arif Masud
    Khan Arif Masud   16 hours ago

    LOL. What happened to the ends, caramelised joints?

  • Nome Cognome
    Nome Cognome   2 days ago

    If it is true that I can use honey as motor oil, it is also true that I can use motor oil on rusks

  • Rein Quest
    Rein Quest   4 days ago

    You’ve probably covered this in a video but on your lubricity tester. Ive always wondered, do you have to replace the wheel?

  • Joe
    Joe   1 weeks ago

    This video taught me two things:1. Honey is NOT a good oil substitute 2. 2-stroke Honda clones are resilient little powerhouses (if they’re clean)

  • Lord of Despair
    Lord of Despair   1 weeks ago

    "I dont want to kill this engine"We are testing honey as oilThese two statements cant exist in peace Love the "let's try some chemicals on this" approach

  • Robert LaRoque
    Robert LaRoque   1 weeks ago

    You need to give that engine a proper burial when its done or rebuild it.

  • Greg Kimura
    Greg Kimura   2 weeks ago

    Very good test! Made me laugh!!! Thanks for the video.

  • Vincent Robinette
    Vincent Robinette   2 weeks ago

    Once you see the blow by coming out of the PCV, that's water steam. You need to add WATER to the crank case, to keep the sugar from caramelizing, which is what hung the valves.(how the rod throw bearing didn't seize is beyond me)

  • Joker Toker
    Joker Toker   2 weeks ago

    I really really hate it when people ask for you to subscribe. I know some are harmless but a lot of the times it is very annoying. Thats why I'm subscribing to ProjectFarm because in a lot of his videos he isn't begging you to subscribe or hit the like button. Dude knows you will do it based on how good his content is and doesn't need to ask for handouts like everyone else in the world today. Keep it up maine!

  • Joker Toker
    Joker Toker   2 weeks ago

    What about trying some pine tar? I know it is very thick and not sure how much sugars are in it like honey. You can find it at tractor supply in the horse section.

  • Water Fall
    Water Fall   2 weeks ago

    Thanks for the great video and your time. All Ways learn something new. Keep the honey in the house not in the barn. LOL

  • Bee Bop
    Bee Bop   2 weeks ago

    LOL My bees are gonna be so disappointed when I tell em!!

  • Aledner_LW
    Aledner_LW   2 weeks ago

    Honey as your engine oil will give you a pretty sweet ride.

  • Aledner_LW
    Aledner_LW   2 weeks ago

    This reminded me of "How to Basic" but engineering.It's weird pouring honey as oil into your engine for sure.

  • james shelton
    james shelton   2 weeks ago

    Neighbors are probably wondering why the yards so sticky and smells like maple all the time now

  • Vasisth Patel
    Vasisth Patel   2 weeks ago

    Next time use “SEX lubricant” as engine oil. Let’s see what happens!

  • Keith Cramer
    Keith Cramer   2 weeks ago

    So in hind sight, honey isn't good for an engine, but it'll be a great lubricant for the wife's dildos.

  • Captain Potato
    Captain Potato   2 weeks ago

    Your smile always make me smile! Thank you for making these videos!

  • Person Being
    Person Being   2 weeks ago

    Follow the 10 commandments Christians and ask for forgiveness

  • Jonathan Moir
    Jonathan Moir   3 weeks ago

    Pls test just putting in bees as engine oil. What?

  • Sagan Worshipper
    Sagan Worshipper   3 weeks ago

    People have always told me MMO will un-seize a motor. I guess they were right! Amazing stuff.

  • Frank Reynolds
    Frank Reynolds   3 weeks ago

    Burnt Honey on the Dipstick sounds like an awesome band name.

  • Dragos Puri
    Dragos Puri   3 weeks ago

    You didn't say whether honey is better than nothing though.

  • Kelly Hollifield
    Kelly Hollifield   3 weeks ago

    Would we get the same results from molasses or maple syrup👨‍🔧

  • Donald Pedigo
    Donald Pedigo   3 weeks ago

    ... Stick to comparing consumer products that the "average joe" can appreciate and apply to their daily lives ... You are truly one of YouTube's Shining Stars ... Putting honey into an engine as a lubricant is just plain silly and such a waste of your talent and time ...