Quantum Fields: The Real Building Blocks of the Universe - with David Tong

  • Published on: 15 February 2017
  • According to our best theories of physics, the fundamental building blocks of matter are not particles, but continuous fluid-like substances known as 'quantum fields'. David Tong explains what we know about these fields, and how they fit into our understanding of the Universe.
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    David Tong is a professor of theoretical physics at Cambridge University, specialising in quantum field theory.

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  • Runtime : 1:18
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  • John Rourke
    John Rourke   2 minuts ago

    "It's when we're wrong that we start to make progress" - this, to me, is the essential truth of science... and, perhaps, everything. (I'd only add that it's really the moment that we discover that we're wrong... - but you could say that that is implied)

  • IIRC Life
    IIRC Life   15 hours ago

    [28:57] "Any other area of science you'll be jumping up and down for joy if you get the first two numbers right ... economics not even that!" KEK

  • DevNull66
    DevNull66   17 hours ago

    This was an amazing lecture. I would only like to understand why physics is so sure that quarks are the most elementary particles existing. Could it not be that there are yet smaller particles which we have not discovered yet, just because the LHC is to weak?

  • Daniel Thompson
    Daniel Thompson   1 days ago

    An excellent lecture sir ! You really know your stuff .

  • Mitch Raemsch
    Mitch Raemsch   1 days ago

    Doesn't Higgs lead to quantum fields particles? But Higgs donating goes empty itself.So what is a zero energy quantum field?

  • John Smith
    John Smith   2 days ago

    How simple is this. Time is just measurements of eternity. Eternity had no beginning.

  • Greg Ridgeway
    Greg Ridgeway   2 days ago

    The first principle one must master to engage this field of study is suspension of disbelief.

  • Manish Kumar
    Manish Kumar   2 days ago

    come iit mumbai for giving lecture on quantum fields

  • V. C. Tirumalai
    V. C. Tirumalai   3 days ago

    I thought Standard Model only combined three of the Force Fields and there's still no theory that explains all four? I. e., One equation that combines all four in a coherent whole. The professor's equation that combines all four, is that a mashup of all four fields with no interaction terms?

  • Rodney Edmondson
    Rodney Edmondson   3 days ago

    David Tong gave an excellent scientific talk very much in the spirit of a Royal Institution public lecture. The only thing I didn't like was his fairly blatant comment about the international science community helping build a huge international particle accelerator in China! This was a massive hostage to fortune which, in the light of recent Chinese behaviour, especially the secrecy and dishonesty about the origins of Covid 19 and the mistreatment of students and protestors in Hong Kong, has come home to roost with a vengeance. Western scientific progress is founded on a tradition of freedom and open debate and I doubt if many western scientists will be keen to collaborate with an obviously oppressive and aggressive regime in China. Scientists should stick to science and not make fools of themselves by venturing into politics!

  • Stephen Bost
    Stephen Bost   3 days ago

    How about this: All of these Fields are made of consciousness which is the most fundamental of all things that exist.

  • jl2021
    jl2021   3 days ago

    what’s upquark?

  • Real Math
    Real Math   4 days ago

    Faraday would tell you, the definition of an electron is a unit of force, NOT A THING!

  • Real Math
    Real Math   4 days ago

    Feilds are not things, you are doomed in denial of that which is not matter.

  • Bill Parr
    Bill Parr   4 days ago

    He's very careful about saying the last 30 years of science needs to be trashed and start over

  • Robert Wilde
    Robert Wilde   4 days ago

    This is such an excellent lecture, witty and insightful. His aphoristic and ironic description of Heisenberg' s uncertainty principle is worth a refrigerator tag. Of course not a kitchen refrigerator. One that goes to absolute zero in the physics lab.

  • quaz imodo
    quaz imodo   4 days ago

    Fields ????? Welcome to the REBIRTH of the " ETHER " . . . with a different name (of course) and somewhat different behavior. Please continue @ about 10:21.

  • Brian David
    Brian David   4 days ago

    Probably the best lecture I've ever seen on these topics and I want to see a whole lot more from this man.

  • Niv Lakhera
    Niv Lakhera   4 days ago

    Would love to see fu of this lecture - he is very charismatic passionate and brilliant

  • Martin Beck
    Martin Beck   5 days ago

    34:56 12 particles, 12 fields The number twelve generally representing perfection, entirety, or cosmic order in traditions since antiquity.

  • The Primal Pitch
    The Primal Pitch   5 days ago

    At the end of the talk was Progress: "just something new". great informative talk. And yet, if we discovered the next level of how the world works how would it change a single practical matter in an applied science? Anyone?

  • Ruffus Ford MD
    Ruffus Ford MD   5 days ago

    is this not the most famous classroom in the world ?

  • djoko legowo
    djoko legowo   5 days ago

    in my believing ...the field is Nur Muhammad ... it mean the light of Muhammad...and in Quran..it has considered belong the light of Allah....wonderful presentation and very enlighting

  • Jeffrey Smith
    Jeffrey Smith   6 days ago

    Physicists continue to hunt for the building blocks of the Universe no matter how many Waves that the universe says otherwise.But the baby's insist on having blocks to build with in music class. Still beating the drum of particle based reality with a table leg. Changing reality is as easy as changing metaphors from cubits to qubits. Image is reality. Every good physicist knows that. Mystics have seen and celebrated Quantum reality for thousands of years.For those who have not kept up: Jess Sheppard at Rising Higher Meditations will bring you to light speed. Welcome to the party baby!!! 🥳

  • Lonely Wolf
    Lonely Wolf   6 days ago

    With all due respect, this is pure heresy, not to say mambo jambo. We still don't understand what this "energy" is or how and why it behaves the way it does. So after hundreds of years of research and experimentation, we try to convince ourselves that the fundamental essence of reality is "fields" with lumps of energy that we know nothing about really. Fine. So spacetime must also be the product of these fields or is it yet something else? So disappointing.

  • Dan Nicolae Rusu
    Dan Nicolae Rusu   1 weeks ago

    And now we know that the Cosmos is a 16 bit computer program.

  • Dodge
    Dodge   1 weeks ago

    CONGRESSIONAL HEARINGS, including aerospace/defense contractors and Vice Admiral Thomas R. Wilson must be held to address something that transcends politics and we will never properly advance until it happens: The 75+yr ongoing-constitutionally illegal, EXTRATERRESTRIAL cover-up. How can we truly believe anything our elected officials say?

  • Adil Feroz
    Adil Feroz   1 weeks ago

    The Ancient Greeks? What about the Ancient Indians 10,000 years ago. The Veda's, the Upanishads and the Bhagwatam. It's all mentioned in those books.

  • Joe Don
    Joe Don   1 weeks ago

    I would just kneel down and ask God how he did it....

  • Edsel Duran
    Edsel Duran   1 weeks ago

    This is correct. The planets, the stars, the universe, and everything else (is) the anatomy of ourselves including (all) life forms.