The Side Effects of Vaccines - How High is the Risk?

  • Published on: 12 May 2019
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    Vaccines are one of our best tools to prevent dangerous diseases, but they come with side effects. So would it be safer not to vaccinate?

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  • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

    Dive into sources and further reading here: Vaccines and their side effects are a hard topic to cover – we know we keep saying this, but this case especially, there were a lot of things to consider. You can’t blame people for being worried, so we wanted to take their concerns seriously.Because it is impossible to cover everything there is to know about vaccines in a ten minute video our sources are extra extensive and explain a lot of aspects in more detail, with an extra focus on further reading. So if you want to dive in deeper or have more arguments at hand for your next heated discussion, here you go.

  • The Real Channel
    The Real Channel   3 hours ago

    I don't care about the people who's against vaccines. If I'm traveling with a car, I'm using my seatbelt.

  • Brans
    Brans   7 hours ago

    I guess 10k of people who disliked it are trolls or anti vaxxers, and some people that liked it were the ones who just skipped to the side effects of vaccines...

  • Helena
    Helena   16 hours ago

    Here is your chance to convince an anti-vaxxer with rational arguments.I wonder if anyone would be able to answer these seven questions:1. If vaccines are just there to trigger immune systems to produce antibodies by injecting a weak version of the virus, why do they contain things like aluminum, aborted fetal tissues (Wi-38) and embalming fluid (formaldehyde)? Even if you argue that their amounts are so small it doesn't harm, why are they in them?2. There has never been a study comparing the health of a group of vaccinated children with that of a group of unvaccinated children. It is argued that it would be immoral to do such a research on babies because it might endanger their health. This means that there can't be any scientific evidence based on research on vaccine safety for babies (all the tests are done on animals and adults). Is it a good idea to massively enforce vaccinations through a one-sided information campaign without this evidence?3. According to the CDC, there were 3-4 million measles cases in the USA in 1963 (when the vaccine was introduced). 400-500 persons died from it. This is a mortality rate of about 0,012%. The video claims there would be 20.000 victims if 10 million unvaccinated children would catch the measles. Isn't this highly exaggerated? How crucial is the massive implementation of a vaccine for a disease that had a 0,012% mortality rate (in 1963) for public health?4. The diseases we vaccinate against are particularly dangerous to people with a bad general health. Throughout human history, until around 170 years ago, the infant mortality rate was extremely high everywhere around the globe. People lived in very bad conditions. From the 1850's more attention was paid to hygiene in developed countries. We gradually built sewers, diversified our diets, cleaned ourselves, collected waste, got animals out of our houses, equipped buildings with central heating systems, got bigger houses, improved medicine, and spent less time working. As a result, the infant mortality rate has dropped by a huge margin in developed countries. In the 1950's and 1960's, when the large scale vaccination programs started, a lot of diseases that had tormented us for centuries had already disappeared or become insignificant. Countries that still have a high infant mortality rate didn't undergo the hygienic changes and still live under conditions that our countries had before the 19th century. Why do we blindly rely on vaccines if hygiene has proven to be the major cause of disease prevention? 5. The great results of hygiene prove that antibodies are only a tiny fraction of our immune system. The vast majority of health treats is being kept out by the body (bacteria in the intestines, stomach, skin, hair in the nose etc) or neutralized by the general immune system.. Why do we weaken the child's general immune system by injecting it with dangerous substances (right into the veins, bypassing all other protections against diseases) to strengthen a part of it?6. There have been several reports of outbreaks among vaccinated children of the diseases that they are supposedly protected from. The general response to this is by injecting the vaccine several times. Wouldn't it be more logical to conclude that the vaccine doesn't work properly?7. The USA has a vaccine court since 1988 that compensates parents for vaccine damage, funded by the government. As of October 2019, $4.2 Billion has been awarded in total. The producers of vaccines don't have to pay for any of this. Is legal immunity a good system to ensure the highest standards for vaccines? And why would such a tremendous amount of money be awarded if vaccines are as safe as they are said to be?

  • john bailey
    john bailey   18 hours ago

    Damnit, I corrected all of the karens...Now I gotta wait for more in the newest first.Might take them a long time to leave a comment though... It must be tough to type when you only have a few brain cells.

  • Kim Jong-un
    Kim Jong-un   19 hours ago

    Anti-Vaxxer: sees 0:19 clip. “That’s all the proof I need.”

  • OatCookies
    OatCookies   1 days ago

    HOI! YES YOU!If you find any comments saying vaccines are bad please report them. How to find them? Do it the way you found mine.Report them either Child Abuse or Hate Speech . They indeed child abuse. Bill Gates is not a liar, a moron, a stupid and a dumb person. Probably he has at least helped you with technology and Microsoft.If you "arguing", you can reply to the "Karens" anything that supports vaccination. If you yourself an anti-vaxxer, consider believing the truth and change yourself.I am asking nicely.

  • Joey Aria
    Joey Aria   1 days ago

    They forgot to inform us that you cannot sue the vaccine company even if you can prove injury. Learn more by watching The Truth About Vaccines DVD.

  • Will H
    Will H   1 days ago

    If you had an allergic reaction to the vaccine, imagine how bad your reaction would be to the virus itself 🤔

  • Jason E M
    Jason E M   1 days ago

    Telling people about vaccines is good and all ,but no matter how big Karen's head is .There nothing in there big enought to feed an ant. Muchless understand that vaccine will lat her live longer that 50

  • FMeBroke
    FMeBroke   2 days ago

    Hoped karens are not involved here

  • Un-ironic Reference.

    Ok, so you know you can't fight the black night yet, so you trains fighting the lower rate hollows aNd study the black fight movements and skills set, so you can stab him until he drop his sword latter on.

  • Hugo Yu
    Hugo Yu   2 days ago

    Honestly vaccine wouldn’t be legal around the world if it’s more dangerous than the disease it protects.

  • Jeydan
    Jeydan   2 days ago

    karens: well 1% is still something so no thank you

  • Samuel Wang
    Samuel Wang   2 days ago

    Anti-vaxxer logic:Oh wait there is none

  • macdo ayuk
    macdo ayuk   2 days ago

    once upon time a doctor called my mom if a she whould let me and my brother and sister get vaccinated and the said no and im pretty scared and please dont get vaccinated i dont want you guys to die to ):

  • Thomas Ripmeester
    Thomas Ripmeester   2 days ago

    Watch out chirren, thats a lot of 100% future death of old age!

  • epic gamer
    epic gamer   2 days ago

    what i love about the anti vax movement is that it basically kills itself out

  • Extivus
    Extivus   2 days ago

    Oh no all the Karen’s are here and are ready to dislike

  • TheExPieRow
    TheExPieRow   3 days ago

    Hehe kids who aren't vaccinated be like:-

  • CrafterCat
    CrafterCat   3 days ago

    Everyone who wouldn't have a covid vaccine should watch this.

  • Pierre LeDouche
    Pierre LeDouche   3 days ago

    Without doubt the people who think vaccines are worse than the disease they prevent are people ignorant in the extreme. Or perhaps not ignorant, but rather the facts bounce off their dense skulls no matter how the argument is put. Some people are truly too stupid to convince of even the most basic and proven scientific facts. But fear not! I have a foolproof solution to this conundrum...!A brief resurgence of the one disease that has killed more human beings over the course of history than any other: smallpox. As said by Richard Preston in his book The Demon in the Freezer smallpox is the one disease that could bring modern humanity to its knees if it were to come back. But wait, I hear you say, the disease was eradicated "in the wild" by the very process that gave us the word "vaccine," vaccinations with the cowpox virus, much less dangerous than smallpox but able to confer a solid immunity to smallpox for a limited number of years. Sure, that's correct. But after the official eradication of smallpox was announced, the Soviet Union and later the Russian Federation continued to produce tons upon tons of weaponized smallpox virus, and who knows who unofficially has the virus on hand today?Even for someone like me, vaccinated as a child, and again two more times by the Army, enough time has passed that even I no longer have any resistance to the disease at all. Like just about every other human being out there now.Regardless of how, if smallpox made a return, the only thing standing between the virus and innumerable human deaths will be a vaccine.To put it rather indelicately, those who refuse the vaccine will probably die. Or their children will die. Or both. Either way, the number of cretinous idiots who refuse any and all vaccines for themselves and their innocent children will be greatly reduced to a number that we can safely ignore. Which we should have been doing all along. Ignoring the cretins who are superstitious against vaccines that protect us all, not just the people vaccinated but also those who CAN'T be vaccinated for medical reasons. You disgusting disgraceful idiots know who you are and if you aren't ashamed, you should be. Here's hoping the next mystery virus removes you and yours from the gene pool so our descendants won't have to deal with you and your own idiot offspring. The world will be a much safer place once you're gone.

  • Sunee Sunee
    Sunee Sunee   3 days ago

    What idiots think that vaccines are bad

  • The NoboDy
    The NoboDy   3 days ago

    Actually if you think about it 100% of people that is vaccinated die just slower

  • Rachel
    Rachel   3 days ago

    The reason people die from measles in the modern day is because those kids are malnourished. Bill Gates be pushing vaccines when he really should be pushing food. Yey kids will not get vaccines, but they will die from another childhood disease. THe amount of kids who died from measles was very small compared to kids who die of starvation.

  • Rachel
    Rachel   3 days ago

    Memory cells only last ten years or so, which is why the video said, "you might be immune forever" lol. The only reason adults never got the disease twice was because they kept getting exposed over and over when kids would get the measles. Now most adults in America are unprotected. I also like how he didn't explain what encephalitis was. And he didn't list any of the other ingredients lol. How convenient.

  • Limin8or8855
    Limin8or8855   4 days ago

    Dear Karen, When someone's able to call you out for your scienceless bullshit, you need to be able to defend yourselves. You simply can not do so. So stop raging and actually learn something for once in your life.Sincerely,Everybody with a positive IQ.