When Celebrities Lose Their Cool!

  • Published on: 05 September 2019
  • Celebrities Getting Offended | Most Embarrassing Moments live interviews so funny (try not to laugh impossible challenge)
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  • Runtime : 8:28
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  • Foeko
    Foeko   10 months ago

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  • James Collins
    James Collins   4 days ago

    100% on Joan Rivers side, that lady was awful

  • Vl Mawii
    Vl Mawii   2 weeks ago

    Pls give me iphone and make a one life of a man smile...

  • Xander Lewis
    Xander Lewis   3 weeks ago

    Lol Kanye thinking he’s the Shakespeare of the generation

  • Its FR
    Its FR   1 months ago

    Brother I want to ask you hows your back??? Lol.. at the end you said you love you..we love you too brother..

  • Yad Alawar
    Yad Alawar   1 months ago

    Done please i want a iphone please i liked love u so much 😍😍

  • Santino Colombano
    Santino Colombano   1 months ago

    sorry but in my country nobody knows who kanye west is, so to be the most impactful artist of our generation you've also have to be worldwide.

  • Emma Wootton
    Emma Wootton   1 months ago

    Why do people make tjese videos celebrities are people not perfect people for evrryome to think they have no emotional issues and have opinions and are like every one

  • brian. dangeros
    brian. dangeros   1 months ago

    I love all your videos fueko i subscribe and turned on the notification bell

  • Rat
    Rat   1 months ago

    I'm a simple girl.I see Ariana I click. ButWhere's Ariana????

  • Filo Champion
    Filo Champion   1 months ago

    No one:Kanye: YoU AinT GoT ThE AnSweRS YoU AiNt gOt ThE aNSwErs Man YoU AinT GoT ThE anSWeRs

  • Jack plays Roblox
    Jack plays Roblox   2 months ago

    0:23Ariana grande in the video and this is too everyone sayin she wasn’t in the vid

  • glxssychim
    glxssychim   2 months ago

    You aint got the answers. PERIODTT 4:50

  • kenwayne96
    kenwayne96   2 months ago

    Joan Rivers clearly overacted in this interview. And it's ironic, because Joan Rivers is a comedian. Yet she has reacts with hostility, instead of just laughing it off.

  • Wuanternut3F
    Wuanternut3F   2 months ago

    Remember when this channel was just music lists. Dis is dogwank. Salty and salty facts are way better

  • uhhhfran
    uhhhfran   2 months ago

    Is it just me or..Ariana in the thumbnail looks like she is an American, a Latina and an Arab at the same time

  • bazz mc fury
    bazz mc fury   2 months ago

    I have a suggestion, can we orgainse to have kanye west be the first man on Mars.... just him... on his own... with no return ticket. We can watch him spend the rest of his life convincing rocks how awesome he is...a**whole.

  • Sam Harper
    Sam Harper   2 months ago

    I've known about Joan Rivers almost my whole life but only recently found out she was a comedian. I don't think I've ever heard her say anything funny.

  • Cj
    Cj   2 months ago

    People arent people in that sense

  • GayJew
    GayJew   2 months ago

    joan rivers was a muthafkn BOSS!

  • Eden Gadayev
    Eden Gadayev   2 months ago

    damm, Joan Rivers was right and her interviewer was annoying

  • Alejandro Coll
    Alejandro Coll   3 months ago

    drake is so full of hot air! he is shakespeare?

  • Alex Sep
    Alex Sep   3 months ago

    Who the fuck listens to Kanye west

  • Ronna Artos
    Ronna Artos   3 months ago

    #TeamFoeko ❤❤❤PH is waving at you 👋