Matt Moneymaker Records A Sasquatch Whistle | Finding Bigfoot

  • Published on: 14 April 2021
  • While Bobo and Cliff use a "Monkey cam" in order to find Sasquatches during their night investigation in Oregon, Ranae and Matt are able to record what they suspect is a Sasquatch whistle.

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  • Runtime : 8:57
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  • Rickster Trickster
    Rickster Trickster   1 weeks ago

    These clowns are a disgrace to the Sasquatch community out hooting and hollering in the woods like a bunch of dumba--es no wonder people don't believe in it.

  • Jack Peters
    Jack Peters   2 weeks ago

    I'm 67....When I was a teenager, I read everything that was in print on the Big Boy... It's fun..But if we want to get "real", I have a suggestion...Why not contact a couple dozen or so of those that have reported seeing Bigfoot...Interview them and pick half that sound most plausible...Suggest they take a polygraph test regarding their sighting...Ya..Why not?..As a matter of fact, some the regulars on this program that have claimed to cross paths with the beast, could take one as well....Just think about it...You could validate and put to rest the naysayer's....But guess what? You won't...Because truth and reality are your worst nightmare..Why would you ruin your cash cow?....As long as there those with wanting imaginations, you're in the clear....Happy Hunting...😁

    NEROS   2 weeks ago

    There is recording from 70s, it was before audio editing was in use so it is probably legit, group of hunters record a sounds resembling gorillas or chimpanzees in American forestIt sounded nothing like these morons

  • wheelmanstan
    wheelmanstan   2 weeks ago

    They'e been doing this show 27 years and Ranae is still acting like sasquatch is up there with unicorns and santa claus... Anywaaaaay, this is animal planet. Why not investigate black panthers? *oh and I am definitely not saying sasquatch isn't real and shouldn't be researched, I'm just against idiots being on TV

  • TheEasyriderman Shana

    This shows sucks. They always go out at night and find nothing. They should rename the show to Finding Nothing and maybe they'll find Bigfoot.

  • Tim Lee-Carter
    Tim Lee-Carter   3 weeks ago

    I tried to tell this Moneymaker guy where he could find a family of Bigfoot in Ojai, California that I'd been observing for a month and he just sniffed in my direction and acted arrogantly.

  • T. J. LANE
    T. J. LANE   1 months ago

    Look at the 8:06 mark in the video. There's something moving left to right behind them, right after Mike says, 'there something that jumped off a log."

  • scott wright
    scott wright   1 months ago

    I enter a search for bigfoot, and all I get is these jokers...nothing but frauds.

  • Bobbi Cat
    Bobbi Cat   1 months ago

    They need to redo the title from “ Finding Bigfoot “ to “ looking for Bigfoot “ lol. I really hope one day they do find proof, if only to shut Renee up.

  • asar shahriar
    asar shahriar   1 months ago

    They closed down the area and people can’t go there to bother them And they break trees and drag there to make houses

  • Ricardo Ferguson
    Ricardo Ferguson   1 months ago

    bro at 8:06 or 8:07 i see something i just playing this video and i see not a joke bro check please

  • Abelynanne
    Abelynanne   2 months ago

    I loved Rene she’s awesome?a question for Rene what’s happened when these things over populated themselves and run out of Forrest food 🥘I bet they start coming after humans and there pets ? 😢🤔🤔

  • GoldKatt
    GoldKatt   2 months ago

    Animation at its best...

  • boost beast
    boost beast   2 months ago

    If these guys would stay quiet they might actually see something. Its pretty obvious it doesnt work.

  • Matty
    Matty   3 months ago

    is there another part to this

  • OOZiTen
    OOZiTen   3 months ago

    sounds like a kid stamping in a gymnasium not a ape man walking in the forest.

  • Stephen McElroy II
    Stephen McElroy II   3 months ago

    Matt Moneymaker (hint) Is a scam artist. He comes up with these ridiculous claimsxand gets you jacked up and at the end it's nothing. Stay off the air fool.

  • bigg ashy
    bigg ashy   3 months ago

    All that mysterious music ain't doing shit besides making me not hear the fucking noises

  • Damon Lear
    Damon Lear   4 months ago

    Then on the last night Oregon gets one of the best vocalizations the shows ever had

  • V. Britton
    V. Britton   4 months ago

    BFRO has a bad reputation, bullying witnesses, not reporting the whole report and burying reports. Compromised.

    MR GRIZZ   4 months ago

    Shrek is secretly bigfoot yelling at people to get out his forest😂😂

  • skeletor443
    skeletor443   4 months ago

    Bitch that sounds like a wooden floor

  • F0RS4K3N_PH4R40H
    F0RS4K3N_PH4R40H   5 months ago

    Sounds like they took that floor clip from a ghost adventures episode

  • sptrader
    sptrader   5 months ago

    A bird whistles and it has to be a bigfoot.

  • Abdiel Morales
    Abdiel Morales   5 months ago

    It's sounds like someone jumping on a hard wood floor

  • Brian Jungen
    Brian Jungen   5 months ago

    This show has set back Bigfoot research and believability by decades....

  • Keith White
    Keith White   5 months ago

    Tourism will go to any means to create the illusions to create the fantasy that there are real monsters in this world like Bigfoot and the lockness monster living among us we have satellites all around the globe that would see such things people will go to create lengths to dress up and walk around a wood a Forrest making noises or even images that suppose to resemble a Bigfoot and we wonder why lying is such natural thing to do in society this basically fraud a crime on a scale that even a government will even let people even believe in because it creates tax it creates jobs each government has its fantasies it's fictional characters that it creates for tourism the illusions they can create on huge scales even Aliens are big business around the world it sells like hot cake people are easily manipulated and influenced .

  • michael revis
    michael revis   5 months ago

    Sound like me stomping in the kitchen on the tiles hmmm 🤔

  • Mark Sims
    Mark Sims   5 months ago

    the sounds more like someone stomping in the kitchen