BFDI 25: Return of the Hang Glider

  • Published on: 02 January 2012
  • Epically begin to watch from the epic beginning to the epic end of this epic end of an epic beginning of the epic end! Thanks for watching epically!

    Also, I listen to the Closing credits music EVERY DAY:
    "Smaller Cap = Less Plastic" by Andrew Wang

    Correction for the final vote screen at 4:43. Bubble received 228 votes and got 3rd place. Leafy received 236 votes (not 228), and got 2nd place!

    Season 2 has begun.

    Background music:
    "New Friendly", "Backed Vibes (clean)", "Spacial Harvest", "Silver Blue Light" by Kevin MacLeod

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  • Runtime : 14:10
  • battle for dream island bfdi cartoon total drama tdi tda tdwt competition finale hangglider


  • carykh
    carykh   9 years ago

    @TheEpicLevi Leafy's supposed to be at 236. I made a mistake! :/ But I thought I fixed with an annotation. Is it there?

  • United Republic of Swis Mapper [UOM]

    IDFB: 2 OMG No!IDFB: 3 Really Nothing More?IDFBA: 1 Changing The GameIDFB: 4 Pencil just Give upIDFBA: 2 Soon IDFB: 5 I wanna now what are you doing nowIDFB: 6 Finale IDFB + IDFBA 3IDFBA: 4 Making Everything To do it!BFDIA 1: Yeah Who I wanna. Know

  • Gellytin
    Gellytin   5 hours ago

    Flower in BFDI’s Finale: destroys the recovery centers and pops BubbleFlower in BFB’s Finale: Here jelly man, take the BFB, you wanted this

  • David Soete
    David Soete   23 hours ago

    Can you put ruby and robots and taco in season 2

  • Zagur
    Zagur   1 days ago

    pen was right the coincedence from eraser would have endded up something like thisyeah what is it now i see know are taking the word with was place seem the in a this earth it a that andthe start made me hope there was a secret message but guess not シ︎

  • Sonya Jackson
    Sonya Jackson   2 days ago

    That sounded like a leafy singing that cake at stake song

  • Some Kid
    Some Kid   3 days ago

    If it wasnt for that joke, the last word of BFDI would be "execution" lol

  • Among Us gamer
    Among Us gamer   3 days ago


  • Fyr
    Fyr   4 days ago

    Why is bomby sitting all alone? 😭

  • Isa Trujillo
    Isa Trujillo   4 days ago

    If you wanted to know, the first comment reads “First comment! And it was written by @Ben1178 9 years ago.

  • The Dualist
    The Dualist   5 days ago

    Your childhood is a lie if you have not watched this

  • Boocas Gaming
    Boocas Gaming   6 days ago

    6:39 Anouncer can pronounce the "k" sound again.

  • Koblac
    Koblac   6 days ago

    ([blank]s need to be filled in)smaller [blank] equals less plasticplastic[blank] magazinei am a bananayeahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawarning: [blank]sand small parts pose as a choking hazard particularly for childrenyeahyou viewers can decide?aaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaayeah

  • Koblac
    Koblac   6 days ago

    "According to my imagination..."😂

  • Aiden the Animator
    Aiden the Animator   1 weeks ago

    Did anyone ever do the thing that Eraser said at the begining?Edit: I tried it myself, but i was in a bit of a rush, so I may have miscounted. What I got was;Yeahwhatisitit'sIseeyouaretakingthewordwiththeplaceofthatepisodenumberdon'tisdon'tarenoI

  • Anna Johnson
    Anna Johnson   1 weeks ago

    7:39 Tennis Ball, Match, Snowball, and Woody got abducted by a UFO!

  • Drome
    Drome   1 weeks ago

    eraser, that´s a good idea. yeah aha is it it´s i see you are taking the word with that horrible of the episode a this earth it´s message you coincidence. Guess pen was right

  • IGP899
    IGP899   1 weeks ago

    yeah the ending's cool and all but are we gonna talk about the credits music

  • EpsilonIsLol's Gaming and draws

    1:12 tear drop talk!? 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂😂🤣😂😂😂😂

  • Avocado
    Avocado   1 weeks ago

    Just realized season 1 & 3 has leafy and firey going away at the end

  • John Molina
    John Molina   1 weeks ago

    Does anyone noticed that flower used to be mean in this season but at the 4th season, (BFB) she was nice bc she shared the BFB to gelatin

  • game zilla
    game zilla   1 weeks ago

    11:52: announcers family reunion

  • MarioGame2
    MarioGame2   1 weeks ago

    Nice ending but it doesn’t last long