BFDI 14: Half a Loaf Is Better Than None

  • Published on: 01 February 2011
  • Episode 14, with all of its fourteenness, is finally here! Yet another contestant will go home this time. The competition gets more fierce as the remaining ten contestants realize they've reached the celebrated, yet also dreaded, half-way mark. What will happen?

    For the first time in several months, a previously eliminated contestant will rejoin the game! Who will it be? The suspense may be overwhelming for some. Flower, the first contestant to be eliminated, has spent one entire year in the Tiny Loser Chamber! Many others have suffered several months in that horrible metal box. With only five minutes of sunlight a day, this room of gloom and doom is the ultimate punishment for the eliminated contestants! See who makes it out alive this time in this episode of BFDI!

    Music by Kevin MacLeod (, licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0"
  • Runtime : 9:45
  • battle for dream island bfdi cartoon total drama tdi tda tdwt competition eliminated return bread loaf marbles acid hurdles


  • trucksuit
    trucksuit   3 hours ago

    If woody fell in his basket he would've won

  • FNAF Brothers
    FNAF Brothers   14 hours ago

    Ice cube just got a 8 person kill streak 0:20

  • Hi Ok
    Hi Ok   1 days ago

    Why does ereaser want to die

  • Snipsters
    Snipsters   1 days ago

    I bet nickel used the arm cutter.

  • DunnoAnyting
    DunnoAnyting   2 days ago

    0:01 This should have been the new pogchamp

  • Square
    Square   2 days ago

    0:01 pen made the pog face

  • froomple
    froomple   2 days ago

    I like how firey just screams

  • Elliot Lauper
    Elliot Lauper   2 days ago

    You will upgrade soon. Wait, he already upgraded the animations I am In 202q

  • Sarah Bell
    Sarah Bell   2 days ago

    How deep even is the basket of bread?

  • Hyper Waves 1.
    Hyper Waves 1.   3 days ago

    I like this so much I like the old bfdi it’s so simplistic but the fan base pushes me so I stay on bfb dispite it’s comlexiblity

  • epic alien -w-
    epic alien -w-   5 days ago

    8:29 That art is so beatiful it looks like Puke.... wait that's Vomit