Why Black Holes Could Delete The Universe – The Information Paradox

  • Published on: 24 August 2017
  • Black holes are scary things. But they also might reveal the true nature of the universe to us.

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    How Black Holes Could Delete The Universe – The Information Paradox
  • Runtime : 10:13
  • black holes holographic principle information paradox hawkings radiation space universe earth end of the universe future far future


  • Gurry l.
    Gurry l.   7 hours ago

    Презентация чего?

  • The Drifter
    The Drifter   8 hours ago


  • leo's tv
    leo's tv   17 hours ago

    Watch a video that is falling into a black hole and you wouldn't know

  • Nikola Tesla
    Nikola Tesla   17 hours ago

    1:05 the Patrick of the SpongeBob Squarepants in the stone ksksksksksksk

  • Amin Amirkhani
    Amin Amirkhani   1 days ago

    I have watched this video for 10 times now I still don't understand the concept

  • enderpig
    enderpig   1 days ago

    The world is a hologram, or the matrix is real is such egoistic thinking.This is the whole '''we are the center of the unverse'' all over again.Assuming that a higher form of humanity created humaity is a paradox on itself. (unless it's aliens, which is just ridiculous)We invented computers, and now that's suddenly how the universe works... give me a break.I get it, computers and technology are a natural progression for humanity.It feels so easy to create bigger and better computers that completely immerse the user in it's digital world.But to think the universe is a hologram, complete BS

  • Lunartfic
    Lunartfic   1 days ago

    6:39 - how to make black holes at home be like

  • Lunartfic
    Lunartfic   1 days ago

    3:43 Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed. Antoine Lavoisier

  • Lunartfic
    Lunartfic   1 days ago

    2:42 a rift in moon and mini ant roof

  • Good Guy
    Good Guy   1 days ago

    You tell me that i can make a black hole just from laundry baskets and pair of socks???

  • Lakshmy Ravindran
    Lakshmy Ravindran   1 days ago

    what if all this is just a program created by aliens? me writing this comment, scientists crazy about finding mysteries of the universe? like what if everything is a mere program.what if all our lives are really a lie? God I'm going way too ahead of myself

  • Lakshmy Ravindran
    Lakshmy Ravindran   1 days ago

    moral of the story: never push an extra sock into a stacked up laundry...you may end up creating a black hole

  • Niall McGowan
    Niall McGowan   1 days ago

    The worst black holes are the roaming ones they travel millions of miles an hour eating everything in its path if one came near earth there is no escape

  • 02l. q
    02l. q   2 days ago

    This is the creation of Allah. Now show Me what others besides Him have created. Rather the wrongdoers are in manifest error! { 31 : 11 }

  • the meeper
    the meeper   2 days ago

    thats retarded cause without black holes there wouldnt be a galaxy so they benefit for something but they can still kill us all once we reached the center

  • Sam Konstan
    Sam Konstan   2 days ago

    Didn’t I watch a Thor movie about this?

  • JimmyXP
    JimmyXP   2 days ago

    "You can neither create or destroy energy"Black holes: no.

  • gryzuzzz
    gryzuzzz   2 days ago

    What if big bang was the bang of some dark hole that we were in ?

  • Amnesia Iforget
    Amnesia Iforget   3 days ago

    I had this clock spring idea about the universe. Big bang being one end of the spring swing. At the tightest coil. Then explodes out... Expanding. But matter is drawn to matter.Black holes over time collect everything then collect each other... Back into one supermass again. Then igniting another big bang.Just a loose thought in my head but I lack the knowledge and mental strength to pursue it.

  • Cat Boy
    Cat Boy   3 days ago

    i think my brain just grew 1%

  • FlashLight
    FlashLight   3 days ago

    This video has the craziest kurzgesagt animations yet seen

  • Humorous Feeds
    Humorous Feeds   3 days ago

    I'm thinking little bit different that black hole is weird that it is a teleportation ...... ah it's take us to another universe if it's true then teleportation is possible.

  • Nicolas Amaya
    Nicolas Amaya   3 days ago

    Que pasa si en realidad si los hollos negros concentran todo el universo en un solo punto hasta que es demasiada información en un solo punto y explota siendo así el blog bang, este proceso se repite y repite

  • Wilson Wong
    Wilson Wong   3 days ago

    According to the theory of quantum mechanics information is indestructible. It might change shape, but it can never be lost: for example if you murdered a person with fire, you would get a corpse. That corpse will never become the living person again. But, if you were able to carefully collect every single atom of the corpse, and measured the exact properties of the smoke and heat radiating from the fire, you could, in theory reconstruct the person's body. 3:19Question: Is the rebuilt person live or dead?