Why Denmark Is .21 Seconds Behind The World

  • Published on: 18 February 2019
  • Measuring time is a complicated thing. Computers, banks, and stock markets in Denmark all use UTC, the international standard: but according to the law, they shouldn't.

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    Thanks to Thor Nielsen for the suggestion!

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  • Robert R
    Robert R   2 days ago

    It's nice to see a country where someone can say, "hey, there's a problem", then an MP says, "look, there's a problem" and the minister says, "that makes sense. We'll look into it."

  • Itis CGBurrito
    Itis CGBurrito   2 days ago

    Did a project ab a Greenwich mean time watch one time for my oral communication class, my groups whole joke was that nope, we don’t care where you are, it’s Greenwich mean time.

  • Nop277
    Nop277   2 days ago

    coincidently UTC also doesn't care about order of letters

  • dacool 66
    dacool 66   3 days ago

    Danget Denmark get it together.

  • João Joaquim
    João Joaquim   4 days ago

    so we're all going to ignore that the title is actually updating

  • chris
    chris   5 days ago

    I can’t help but always think of Al Murray’s pub landlord character when people talk about Greenwich Mean Time “That means the Germans can’t sit down for there lunch, untill WE tell them it’s 12 0’clock!” 😂Check out al Murray’s history docs there really good!

  • Sem S
    Sem S   6 days ago

    0:54 Jeff Winger has sure lost his accent

  • Dan Didnot
    Dan Didnot   1 weeks ago

    It's because of all the inbreeding

  • Nexo Edits
    Nexo Edits   1 weeks ago

    russia is still using nokias so they are 20 yrs behind mate

  • jcharpak
    jcharpak   1 weeks ago

    "I believe laws should reflect reality"Awhh... that's sweet.Pats naive guy's head

  • anowell 31
    anowell 31   2 weeks ago

    So if earth explodes there you can live more

  • vvMathematicalvv
    vvMathematicalvv   2 weeks ago

    This reminds me of an episode of "How We Got to Now with Steven Johnson" on PBS. Great info, just like your channel.

  • canadian lynx
    canadian lynx   2 weeks ago

    newfoundland canada is 30min behind the world

  • Spinco
    Spinco   2 weeks ago

    I'm gonna move to Denmark so I can live .22 seconds longer

  • nibiru x
    nibiru x   2 weeks ago

    Rail ways started the modern time zones

  • MrTargenor
    MrTargenor   2 weeks ago

    juli 2020! and still waiting for the British government!

  • MaxCo
    MaxCo   3 weeks ago

    Isn't anybody wondering why countries have their own timezones. Why can't Time Zones be a thing of its own, and countries can have multiple timezones

  • Cujo Sound
    Cujo Sound   3 weeks ago

    Its always a good time to bother the British government :D

  • swagz64
    swagz64   3 weeks ago

    how long could the earth survive

  • Alyn Sterner
    Alyn Sterner   3 weeks ago

    Johnson is a hypocriteCorbyn is a visionaryAnyone in the UK, just shut up and beg mama Merkel for forgiveness, noone actually cares if uk is throwing a tantrum

  • Ld Alexandrite
    Ld Alexandrite   3 weeks ago

    Making fun of my danish friends because they’re lagging irl

  • Conor Donoghue
    Conor Donoghue   3 weeks ago

    Reuses a concept 1 year later and gets 15M views. Proves its not what you got, its how you sell it.

  • JoulSauron
    JoulSauron   4 weeks ago

    Why Denmark Is .23 Seconds Behind The World