Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Mr. Sakurai Presents "Terry Bogard"

  • Published on: 06 November 2019
  • Join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Director Masahiro Sakurai for an in-depth look at Terry Bogard from the Fatal Fury series and SNK history in this new video presentation!

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  • Runtime : 48:52
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  • Joel Simon-Cameron
    Joel Simon-Cameron   8 hours ago

    If smash ultimate is only for good boys and girls then why is Bowser Junior Gannon Dorf Bowser Bayonetta and Wario in the game explain that to me Sakurai

  • Billy Merckel
    Billy Merckel   1 days ago

    Sakurai:super smash bros ultimate is for good balls and girls of all agesBayonetta joker and snake:hold on this whole operation was your idea!?

  • Ky White
    Ky White   1 days ago

    So far, my absolute favorite presentation. He's just... so cute...

  • Gear Geek
    Gear Geek   2 days ago

    I love Terry's power geyser but nothing will ever compare to iori's Maiden masher -> Wolf bloom

  • Hinata Films
    Hinata Films   5 days ago

    Come on Nintendo, make a super smash bros anime.

  • jack the gamer 3
    jack the gamer 3   1 weeks ago

    4:40 my man sakurai actually reccomended one of the hardest neo geo games in the universe

  • Bird Boi Cyrus T
    Bird Boi Cyrus T   1 weeks ago

    Terry was made so well, he's one of the best characters in this game.

  • Rafael Romagnoli
    Rafael Romagnoli   1 weeks ago

    This amount of respect for other important companies and works in the industry is admirable. Congrats Nintendo and Mr Sakurai!.

  • Ethan Eyre
    Ethan Eyre   1 weeks ago

    27:41. Smash is for good boys and girls, I felt that.

  • M.C. Collins
    M.C. Collins   2 weeks ago

    I'll forgive you for not putting in Mai Shiranui, but you lost me when you put in Ellen DeGeneres.

  • Martin Hodges
    Martin Hodges   3 weeks ago

    Well this may have been a disappointment, but I'm sure the next character will be better!RIGHT?!

  • Rocco Nico
    Rocco Nico   3 weeks ago

    The last good character in pass 1 min min is cool

  • Ryan Curtis
    Ryan Curtis   3 weeks ago

    Nine months later, that Psycho Soldier remix still bangs!

  • Mango-Man 875 Gamer-person

    I’m not even a SNK fan but I gotta say the Terry reveal trailer was great in my opinion keep giving us great DLC characters Mr Sakurai :)

  • Fleev
    Fleev   4 weeks ago

    sees a stunned opponent, grabs the item

  • Eleven
    Eleven   1 months ago

    31:05Zelda almost cheesed his Creator

  • Rodolfo Ramirez
    Rodolfo Ramirez   1 months ago

    Sakurai should have classes for players to get better

  • Daniscroy
    Daniscroy   1 months ago

    31:55 Did Sakurai just kill... His son?

  • Shucayb Karie
    Shucayb Karie   1 months ago

    Terry: Are you okay? Buster WolfTerry: Over heat! Here's the big one. Buster Wolf!

  • Anthony Schiavone
    Anthony Schiavone   1 months ago

    No Mai Shiranui as a cameo, because Smash is for good boys and girls. Yet Bayonetta is playable....

  • Owen Bridgers
    Owen Bridgers   1 months ago

    Make Terry Cutie an option later on please.

  • video maker miller
    video maker miller   1 months ago

    We need a sakurai gaming channel to feed the hungry people tsunami until the next full corse meal (fighter)

  • Genki Gamez
    Genki Gamez   1 months ago

    As we can see, Sakurai looooooves this character

  • No one
    No one   1 months ago

    Mr. Sakurai: Smash is for good boys and girlsAlso Mr. Sakurai: 33:29

  • No one
    No one   1 months ago

    22:511st Terry: Are you ok2nd Terry: Mr. Bogard I don’t feel so good