Sasquatch Creeping Up On Prey Is Captured By Hidden Camera | Finding Bigfoot

  • Published on: 12 February 2021
  • The team goes to Michigan where they talk to a landowner who discovered a sasquatch-y figure lurking in the woods while he was watching the footage of one of his hidden cameras.

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  • Runtime : 8:53
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  • Mudder
    Mudder   3 days ago

    That photo? It looks like a large man knelt on one knee, to me. Or a Big Foot knelt down on one knee. That's my final answer. lol

  • Andrew Turk
    Andrew Turk   3 days ago

    I think the lady beleaves in bigfoot thats a throw off

  • Brian C
    Brian C   4 days ago

    So you claim to be Christian, but follow up with vaguely implying that you'd shoot anyone who comes onto your property? Sure

  • Pops Peppers
    Pops Peppers   4 days ago

    I live in Kentucky and Deer hunt , and if that was a hunter , the deer would have busted him out quickly and not even stuck around . One more thing, this show and moneymaker are a joke lol , and lose the Dike please

  • Willie Wonka
    Willie Wonka   4 days ago

    Sasquach frequently looks for prey at isolated public parking lots, dimly lit side streets and empty trails where people are hiking and camping alone. That's why I always carry a little surprise for Sasquach in my pocket when out and keep it inside my sleeping bag at night. Always be ready when Sasquach comes sneaking around.

  • A Vapor
    A Vapor   4 days ago

    I know where there's a sasquatch and y'all are the last people I'd call. They like their privacy. I can tell you that if you feel dread just think something nice. When I felt dread I thought Wait! I just wanted a selfie with you and the dread left.

  • Len Ledwidge
    Len Ledwidge   5 days ago

    What makes you think that dark shape is creeping around looking for a deer.

  • Steven Forieri
    Steven Forieri   5 days ago

    0:20 The fact that these were the only 2 options is extremely logical.

  • brandon vick
    brandon vick   5 days ago

    How come one has never been caught? How come the photos or footage is blurry? How come it's always at a distance that one is seen or it's at night?'s all bullshit!!

  • Gary Smith
    Gary Smith   6 days ago

    Their camera is at a different angle from the other game cam.Are they the same brand of game cam?

  • Donald Arthur
    Donald Arthur   6 days ago

    Another bunch of idiots trying to make money . They would have a better chance of seeing Sabe if they took those sticks and beat one anothers head with them insted of trees . Sabe might just come see the show. Sabe might give them a fee woops and howls.

  • L. Dave Steele
    L. Dave Steele   6 days ago

    I'll give you some help . Put the strow back in the bag.

  • Sir_Quirkus
    Sir_Quirkus   1 weeks ago

    Looks like a bear scratching its back on that tree

  • El Niperoo 23
    El Niperoo 23   1 weeks ago

    I can take a high def picture of a flea’s ass from 100 yards with my god damn cell phone but no one can ever get a clear picture of “Bigfoot.”

  • Larry Smith
    Larry Smith   1 weeks ago

    always ranting bigfoot bigfoot bigfoot in every type of situation with all these pro hunters but never a clear detailed photo.becomes soooo mundane & it is 2022 we can clearly see martian terrain .

  • John Nunes
    John Nunes   2 weeks ago

    Most of these Bigfoot sightings are feral humans wearing bear hides as clothing, just my opinion.

  • Megan Gras
    Megan Gras   2 weeks ago

    There is a local man called man of light that does research in menantico wild preserve in millville nj. Its so cool..shout from megan millville nj. Just a recap the ponds are mazes from land to creek to island and swamp areas.

  • Mircea Ciurel
    Mircea Ciurel   2 weeks ago

    Nu mai puneti becurile alea pe voi mai discreti asa va vede folositi camere cu termo viziune mai putina lumina doar lanterne!!!

  • Papa Smurf
    Papa Smurf   2 weeks ago

    She doesn’t realize in some states you don’t want to go on peoples property out in the country, especially hunting on someone else’s property. It’s a good way to get shot.

  • Michelle
    Michelle   2 weeks ago

    You NEVER acknowledge that Sasquatch exist! 🤦🏽‍♀️ you’ve already made your mind up - its human! Yes human ( ancient & original ) called Sasquatch!!!!

  • Gumsho Guy
    Gumsho Guy   2 weeks ago

    Michigan Bigfoot Report and Data: Gumshoguy’s Corner -- I have the largest active Michigan Bigfoot Database in the state.Michigan has had a long history of Bigfoot that goes back 1700s long before it became a state in 1837. My Washtenaw county encounter was the impetus springboard for me stepping out of the shadows and going public. It has taken 12 years to root out and put together 1,890 Bigfoot reports there are today in 2022. People need to know.

  • Gen Doll
    Gen Doll   3 weeks ago

    My theory on how they avoid being recorded is that they can see the lens on cameras in the dark. Like that red reflection lenses give off, their vision must pick that o and stand out. And they bury their dead so they’ve never been found.

  • B C
    B C   3 weeks ago

    The most exciting thing was the heat spots that were generated by the knocking on the tree.

  • Danny Clevenger
    Danny Clevenger   1 months ago

    Why is it people hunts for big foot can never get a clear picture or can hear the soundes on video ? Is it just too heard to git close to the creature with device that's being used ! Thank yaw

  • I’m the Goat
    I’m the Goat   1 months ago

    My family had a cabin in the UP on the shore of Lake Superior near Calumet. As a kid I was walking on a path with my dad and I looked out into the forest and thought I saw a large dark figure kinda move between a gap in some foliage. I told my dad about it and he didn’t really think much of it, and I sorta forgot about it and moved on with my life, kinda chalked it up to an over active childhood imagination. But this photo really brought that memory back.I’m still not convinced Bigfoot is real, but damn that photo brought back some memories. I never really felt comfortable in those woods again. Come to think of it the UP has an awful lot of people who disappeared under mysterious circumstances and were never seen again.

  • brycen1977
    brycen1977   1 months ago

    Do you ever wonder if we look at bigfoot and primates the same way that aliens look at us? "Ooohh its evolving" (pow! mind blown!)

  • Michael Fox
    Michael Fox   1 months ago

    Poor idiots dont understand how shadow works.........or biology,...or zoology,....or weather,....or what primates are and how none evolved on this continent...ever.

    THE ROAMING OKIE   1 months ago

    "sO iTs EiThEr A hUnTeR dReSsEd In OnE tOnE 🙄..... Ooooorrr, it's a sasquatch 👌" as if a hunter is the ridiculous theory

  • Sherman McMullen
    Sherman McMullen   1 months ago

    Seems to me that the sasquatch in the picture is down on his right knee...look carefully and maybe you can see my perspective

  • Carol Manzer
    Carol Manzer   1 months ago

    So, this guy is a conservative Christian who believes in the Second Amendment. All his neighbors know that if they walk through his woods, he will kill them with his 2A sanctioned firearm. Does God approve of killing your neighbors because of 2A? How do these people interpret 2A to mean you can kill people? How is killing people Christian? So many questions before you even get to what that figure is. I don't trust this guy. I'm surprised he's not trying to gun down Bigfoot. He did, after all, trespass on his land and as a conservative Christian who believes in 2A he can kill anything that walks through his woods. And that stuff he puts on the stump to attract deer-isn't that baiting? Is baiting legal in Michigan?Glad I don't live in the UP.

  • Clay Blevins
    Clay Blevins   1 months ago

    In fact Bobo looks to be 10 to 15 feet closer

  • Clay Blevins
    Clay Blevins   1 months ago

    first problem I noticed in there recreation is BoBo is standing closer. He is in front of that small tree Where the figure is behind the small tree. It does make since why they did this it is so clearly the place for BoBo standing in the wrong place