Sasquatch Creeping Up On Prey Is Captured By Hidden Camera | Finding Bigfoot

  • Published on: 12 February 2021
  • The team goes to Michigan where they talk to a landowner who discovered a sasquatch-y figure lurking in the woods while he was watching the footage of one of his hidden cameras.

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  • Runtime : 8:53
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  • nanook5875
    nanook5875   14 minuts ago

    No! The HUNTER is there, because the Deer is there!!!Bigfoot ha!Do you believe in the " GREAT PUMPKIN" TOO?

  • Beverly Crouse
    Beverly Crouse   11 hours ago

    He was out front too much he needed to step in back of the small tree quite a bit.

  • S D
    S D   13 hours ago

    Finding Bigfoot Finds Bigfoot: Crunch, munch, munch BURP "Has anyone seen Bobo?" 😱

  • Splunge 1
    Splunge 1   2 days ago

    Amazing how this creature somehow eats, dies, reproduces, raises young...even has time to go around knocking on trees to mess with us, but we've never found a dead body.

  • Kevin Mayer
    Kevin Mayer   3 days ago

    So they got a bunch of cameras and they got a bunch of property but they can't afford color

  • Griz Bear
    Griz Bear   3 days ago

    Sorry no elk in upper Michigan like you showed at the beginning of the video and definitely no so called Bigfoot,. Obviously a human walking on private property happens ALL the time despite the 2nd amendment

  • Natasha Nyxx
    Natasha Nyxx   4 days ago

    I guess that conservative HypoChristians just automatically shoot anyone on their property no matter what. Hmmm.

  • Kildragon
    Kildragon   5 days ago

    "Blobsquatch" Exactly. Give me a break. Butch lesbian attacks a male conservative that believes in the 2nd Amendment. Give me another break.

  • Dan Ds
    Dan Ds   1 weeks ago

    That's real im sorry but that's when they found Bigfoot lol. And the last episode latest one. And also that time when they saw it on infrared running across the woods.

  • Randy Noel
    Randy Noel   1 weeks ago

    Ya pretty weird image almost as if it was an ailien shape shifting into Sasquach to blend into the environment when has to hunt for food. Or its a North American ape like creature that hasn t been discovered.....Bigfoot Is real . I had an experience camping with couple friends on Vancouver Island Canada... He creaped uo to our tent in middle of night....we had it covered with ferns and brush ,, It was leaning over our tent breathing real heavy over us.. in a nasty beastly sound like it was sniffing us out.. just on outskirts of Ninnimo B.C. we We were 3 young kids looking for a mushroom patch that wasn t there that year for some reason.... It was freaky as hell,,,,, There was huge imprints in the ground outside tthe tent, This was in the mid 1990's as I am 49 years old,,, we all looked at each other with finger over mouth, then turning off the flash light when this beast was very close breathing heavy over the tent we all were so scared we slithered back into our sleeping bags & went to sleep eventually.....Now that i think about it i kinda forgot how we all fell asleep safe, It was a very scary monent, i'll never forget....

  • Melody of Psalm 94
    Melody of Psalm 94   1 weeks ago

    Something magical about the fall. It brings out all sorts of strange things.

  • patrick Pirelli
    patrick Pirelli   2 weeks ago

    They can't exist use your heads in a better way than bullshiting

  • John Young
    John Young   2 weeks ago

    So I keep hearing about you guys have no proof of crossing over on the land bridge Bigfoot or Indians we don't have the same blood as the ones over there Indians are the only ones being classified by the Bureau of Indian Affairs blood types how much blood we have if work order or Force there's no proof of any kind that you guys keep saying we walked across the land bridge with Bigfoot walked across the land bridge you keep saying it no proof we have stories 10,000 years of history that talks about us telling you about big people out in the woods quit saying that we crossed over on a land bridge without any proof that tells you how long we've been here and how long Bigfoots been here quit saying we cross the land bridge without any proof

  • pocketsilks
    pocketsilks   2 weeks ago

    Why nobody black (African American) ever see a Sasquatch, I'll tell you why #1 we don't give a fuck and #2 it's not our damn business! Learn to leave shit and others living things alone.

  • Robert Evans
    Robert Evans   2 weeks ago

    one stupid photo of bigfoot and they drag it out for an hour of look at me , listen to me, these aren't squatchers they are actors .

  • Robert Evans
    Robert Evans   2 weeks ago

    this group of people strive to obfuscate the whole BF topic , they do a dis-service to man kind, they irk me like no other group of squatchers . the second ammendment comment was laughable , what an idiot.

  • Myne Always
    Myne Always   2 weeks ago

    Wankers!! A lot of country with a lot of Bigfoot , LMFAO.. But never seen one, shot one, captured one.

    DAMIAN WAGNER   2 weeks ago

    I don't understand how this group can call themselves professionals. They are dumb. For one I used to live up there so I know the people and how it is. And the check stating out that I'll just go see you believe in the second amendment doesn't mean it a hunter is not going to come on your property. Listen stupid experts. Upper Michigan are full of very very friendly people and will help you out if you just are straightforward and you ask. But if you're the type of person to go on somebody else's land and do what you want. Nobody will ever find your body. If you stick your nose where it doesn't belong on somebody else's property you disappear they don't play up there. And your ability to run a computer and look at photos. It's crap go back to school. Where the big guy stood as a comparison to where Bigfoot was. Is about 25 ft in front of the two trees on the right side of him. And the figure that brought them to that location on the picture you could definitely tell that the figure was at least 10 or 15 ft behind those two little trees. So the mindless wonder that went and stood in place of the Big blob in the picture was at least 70 feet closer. Now there's a lot of stupid people in our society and that wouldn't know the death perception that a trail camera or a GoPro camera has. To be able to judge distance. I'm also an ex-military sniper. So I know how to judge distance.

  • Scott Vandevusse
    Scott Vandevusse   3 weeks ago

    It’s illegal to bait deer in Michigan yet this guy just openly admitted to it on camera

  • FlashFlareLetsPlays
    FlashFlareLetsPlays   3 weeks ago

    3:54 "WE CAN"Low Piano note, unsure expressionI'm laughing out loud over here

  • Jesse Chaskey
    Jesse Chaskey   3 weeks ago

    Leave Harry alone! You know Bigfoot isn't real right?

  • Jakub Kotýk
    Jakub Kotýk   3 weeks ago

    Damn it is shame therse Bigfoots ALWAYS just walk mysteriously in the distance, never in front of camera.

  • BrokeFarmerJohn
    BrokeFarmerJohn   3 weeks ago

    I live in Ohio, a hot spot for Bigfoot sightings. People around here have Bigfoot keychains, I have seen concrete Bigfoot’s in yards like some have fake deer, farmers make Bigfoot cutouts and put them in fields of corn to look like Bigfoot is walking into corn. People are Bigfoot crazy around me. I have never been bothered by one and have spent 1000s of hours in the woods hunting

  • Eli Champion
    Eli Champion   3 weeks ago

    The figure looks a little too wide to be a person! That’s definitely a Sasquatch.

  • karl williams
    karl williams   3 weeks ago

    why make a film when no one is doing a true investegation ,the trail cam picture ,recreate it by being behind the tree set about 5 foot behind the guy ,because thats were the creature bigfoot what ever it was ,walking ,then the stupid iv ir night vision cameras ,no bigfoot will go anywere near a group of them ,the light up like a xmas tree to them at night , all miss info footage from a real image ,you know when there about everyrhing goes still and quite and every fibre of your body tells you to run,and get out the area

  • Mason Sippola
    Mason Sippola   3 weeks ago

    I been living in these woods in the U.P all my life, there ain't no sasquatch. Just a man in a suit.

  • Matthew Sexton
    Matthew Sexton   4 weeks ago

    Been hunting delta and menominee County woods all my life and I aint never seen anything squatch related 🤷‍♂️

  • mazdaman
    mazdaman   4 weeks ago

    Not even close to the original position...needs to go way back past the saplings that are in front of the original image. No attention to detail but hey ho thats tv for you.

  • Cody Shepard
    Cody Shepard   4 weeks ago

    Looks like someone in a Gilley suit 🤔

  • Phlash the Band
    Phlash the Band   4 weeks ago

    You all are the biggest joke on the planet. You are all lyre's, credit thieves and hoaxers. You give no credit to this subject. Money grab is what your all about. Steve has got ya'll nailed, as do others doing real good for the people who believe they have had a life changing encounter. Keep on knocking in the night you fools!!!

  • Bikedueder
    Bikedueder   4 weeks ago

    What is the strange noise? I hear nothing. This show always pisses me off for playing dramatic atmospheric music whenever someone supposedly hears something?

  • Jason
    Jason   4 weeks ago

    100% the least convincing photo I’ve ever seen. I don’t think it’s even an animal.

  • StarMan
    StarMan   1 months ago

    What total nonsense. The time stamp on the photo shows May. Little hunting in Michigan in May. Then they show Elk as possible food for Bigfoot. There are no Elk in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

  • Matt S
    Matt S   1 months ago

    We got 4k resolution game cameras and shit and every single person who claims they have a picture of Bigfoot is shot with a camera that takes pictures like it’s 1995That’s how I know there ain’t nothing out there called “Bigfoot”