I summoned a forbidden Minecraft Boss - Part 37

  • Published on: 29 November 2019
  • I battle EPICLY the greatest boss battle of all Time Water Sheep Minecraft is scary place epicly gameplay be like WOW ok cool
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  • Runtime : 15:53


  • Amy Anyki
    Amy Anyki   10 hours ago

    Felix be like:Water Sheep:he was like a father to meThe creeper:he was like the father to meAll the things:he was like father to me

  • Ondra Z
    Ondra Z   1 days ago

    Czechoslovakia ended at 1993. I know it bcs I am Czech

  • Balthromaw
    Balthromaw   2 days ago

    you can put lava in front of "Ingvar" or whatever the creepers name is. That way the chickens can't escapeIf that makes sense

  • munchlax 2010
    munchlax 2010   2 days ago

    Felix starts off the video by finishing his new house. Afterwards, he creates an infinite egg dispenser at Ingvar and makes a piston door and lighting system for his basement. He finds a blue sheep on the edge of his base, which tells him he needs to do the ancient ritual to bring back Council of Water Sheep. They go on top of the meatball, and Pewds flies away, a lead attached to the sheep. But he dies. Then he flies to IKEA Tower to find another sacrificial sheep. At IKEA Tower, there is a white sheep. He attaches a lead to that sheep. But it breaks while Pewds is flying down. He then flies back up and punches the sheep off of IKEA Tower, causing that sheep to die of severe fall damage. Later, he finds another sacrificial sheep and does that the same thing he did to kill Water Sheep. This summons Water Sheep, and Water Sheep battles him, ultimately killing him. After the battle is done, he get three things (which all look like carrots on sticks); Rainbow trail, which leaves a trail of wool behind Pewds when he walks; Wool-ring, which does damage to all mobs around Pewds in a certain radius (diamond pickaxes get thrown in the air, too); and Meatball Nuke, which does a big explosion around Pewds, even killing himself. He returns back to his his base and he goes to Water Sheep's church, and sure enough, Council of Water Sheep is back

  • Shashwat Rathore
    Shashwat Rathore   2 days ago

    His house was flooding, but he couldn't not play Minecraft.GAMER RESPECT!

  • Quinn Charlotte Apolonio

    Because you killed water sheep now he is a boss fight you have to take him out because this is water sheep's revenge cuz you haven't make his life better

  • Mango L
    Mango L   6 days ago

    Why haven’t I seen this episode until now wtf

  • The Alien
    The Alien   1 weeks ago

    хороший pewdipie, что вы делаете?

  • ً
    ً   1 weeks ago

    0:30 My Airpod Pros spatial audio and the minecart scared the hecc out of me

  • Aimee
    Aimee   1 weeks ago

    is that friend?Rip friend

  • Timi Cho
    Timi Cho   1 weeks ago


  • Julie Plays
    Julie Plays   1 weeks ago


  • SPIKY :D
    SPIKY :D   2 weeks ago

    4:05 i am from czechoslovakia xd😀🤩

  • Brožík 86
    Brožík 86   2 weeks ago

    Pewds: Says Czechoslovakia Me: Are you stuck in 90's or something?

    MARTAZAN   2 weeks ago

    4:06 dont you ever dare say czechoslovakia again its Czech Republic or Slovakia

  • Spencer Boyum
    Spencer Boyum   2 weeks ago

    Where’d he get all the slime and honey blocks??

  • Spencer Boyum
    Spencer Boyum   2 weeks ago

    1:35 - Dont worry, pewds. I hear it too by broski.

  • Shoti
    Shoti   2 weeks ago

    He shoildve put beignt in the egg throwing room to control the chicken population

  • Beli Moya
    Beli Moya   2 weeks ago

    You are russian!? O ny god!! I love that languech my favorite yiuteber and my favorite languech nice👌conbination 💯%

  • SweTuGA
    SweTuGA   2 weeks ago

    He learned everything about red stone in engineering school.

  • E Ponce
    E Ponce   2 weeks ago

    13:44 - 13:50 wait a minute-

  • Princess Chan
    Princess Chan   3 weeks ago

    Pewdiepie there's a water sheep skin for mincraft

  • Alex Dick
    Alex Dick   3 weeks ago

    Неплохо, есть ещё в продаже, блять?)