Third Eye Spies (FULL MOVIE)

  • Published on: 30 April 2021
  • For more than 20 years the CIA studied psychic abilities for use in their top-secret spy program. With previously classified details about ESP now finally coming to light, there can be no more secrets.

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  • Runtime : 1:55:11
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  • Rania Marsh
    Rania Marsh   5 hours ago

    "The CIA is not in the business of killing people." Rape, torture, abduction, drug dealing, toppling governments, yes, but never killing. Oh, no, never that! Lol.

  • RoboticusMusic
    RoboticusMusic   13 hours ago

    Zero psychics have proven what should be easy; stock market gains. Zero have accomplished this.

  • Bogdan Nemes
    Bogdan Nemes   19 hours ago

    Humans don't have such powers but the demons they colaborate with do have.

  • andrew barker
    andrew barker   21 hours ago

    I keep hearing it, the truth is hidden in plain sight,

  • jimmydet115
    jimmydet115   2 days ago

    51:30. Above the sci fi crane. Is that a uAP?

  • Spilled Infinity
    Spilled Infinity   2 days ago

    "The CIA is not in the business of killing people." ........what?...

  • Royce Roller
    Royce Roller   2 days ago

    Any one out there with this ability..what town am I in

  • Spilled Infinity
    Spilled Infinity   2 days ago

    so uh.. no Thomas Cambell or Robert Monroe..? seems they are significant figures in this field.

  • Sunflower Ray
    Sunflower Ray   2 days ago

    1:19:50 pseudo-intelligent pseudo-humans with their pseudo-encyclopedia think that their pseudo-historical pseudo-facts are more important than reality.

  • Sunflower Ray
    Sunflower Ray   2 days ago

    19:17 "Nucular" explosions? No second take on that pronunciation?

  • eLLe Booggie
    eLLe Booggie   3 days ago

    This movie had wayyyyyyyy too much overtalking ...I wish there were more facts .

  • davehack100_ on Instagram

    Above mentioned 👆👆👆👆 the SPY you did is very efficient, am able to monitor all activities in my husband phone remotely...

  • davehack100_ on Instagram

    Above mentioned 👆👆👆👆 the SPY you did is very efficient, am able to monitor all activities in my husband phone remotely...

  • Doodles
    Doodles   3 days ago

    the sound on this is terrible. the music/sound effects are so distracting.

  • Tongues of fire Productions

    All psychics are nothing more than people talking to what the bible calls "familiar spirits". Demons.

  • rukzmanz
    rukzmanz   4 days ago

    All the species are in 'open' in nature.. Human beings strangely are so 'secretive'. It's high time our perceptions 'Open up' .. to spread Love and Oneness..😇

  • number letters
    number letters   5 days ago

    I had dreams that came true days later and everything was identical down to my emotions

  • Soo Huat Choo
    Soo Huat Choo   6 days ago

    This psychic has been used by police and the FBI to track seriel killers as shown in movies. In the movie 'Ghost', it was shown Whoopie had the ability to speak to spirit.It is not only the west believe in such ability. The Chinese and Indian believe in such ability as well. In the street, you can pay the medium to read your palm or face to know your future. Some Feng Shui master can tell the future as well.

  • Anneka Zimmerman
    Anneka Zimmerman   1 weeks ago

    Kabbalah. Makes you wonder if there is anyone out there that knows the winning lottery numbers. Ohhhhh man what I would do to be their friend

  • Caro Purpz
    Caro Purpz   1 weeks ago

    So we really are slaves in wich cant be imagined 🙏

    NORCAL MEXAKIN   1 weeks ago

    The truth is dark. Using black magic and witch craft...

  • the toneknob
    the toneknob   1 weeks ago

    i call it the collective conscious and the first time i experienced a kind of connection to this was wen i was a teenager on a heavy LSD trip. we have so much to learn still!

  • TampaDaves
    TampaDaves   1 weeks ago

    1:09:38 Be alert when the National Security State says: "We don't do that any more". When they say that, I always want to ask: "Then what is the project name for it now?"

  • TampaDaves
    TampaDaves   1 weeks ago

    1:00:20 "The CIA is not in the business of killing people." At least not like it was during the Vietnam war, for example. Ever hear of Operation Phoenix? Killing's not CIA's biz any more (wipes nostalgic tear from eye). No, it's a mere sideline these days. An artifact of being successful at our biz. But, what spook doesn't love the excitement of the odd shoot-out, now and then. Now our "business" is more smuggling: drugs, weapons, child and adult slaves, mercenaries, pharmaceuticals from countries where the prices are lowest, you know the shtick. Oiur Black Projects in space are UNBELIEVABLY expensive, so we gotta go where the big bucks are.

  • Countryman Joe
    Countryman Joe   1 weeks ago

    Just tonight I was able to perfectly describe a bad man for my partner to avoid 6 hours before it happened. For context, they live in Michigan and I’m in North Carolina. I’ve unlocked this ability and I’m gonna do great things with it.

  • Ellen Mendoza
    Ellen Mendoza   1 weeks ago

    That was truly wonderful program. What interesting intelligent people

  • markmassive1
    markmassive1   1 weeks ago

    If you repeat a Lie many Times, the People believe it is the Truth, but its a big Lie. Moonlanding never happened, research flat Earth!

  • Ema Little
    Ema Little   1 weeks ago

    The term "deeply wounded" to describe a physic is significant. Such damage facilitates the influence of unseen entities. It happens, usually, without the knowledge of the subject. Religion is a cancer on modern society, but there is a Creator and spirit entities are part of the natural world.

  • Debbie Mullins
    Debbie Mullins   1 weeks ago

    I'm only at the beginning of this movie but am curious to know why Irish music plays in the background. Anyone?