• Published on: 15 May 2019
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  • Runtime : 8:27
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  • Thor isme
    Thor isme   2 hours ago

    Ehm.. Today's video is sponsored by rape ??? You okay there jack?

  • Angela Bergeron
    Angela Bergeron   3 days ago

    Drop rhymes like it's fireYour rapper for hireStacks of my cashJUST KEEP GETTING HIGHEROoDon't you dare call me SirCall me SireOoThink you hotter than meYou a liarOoI'm a fighter in my primeYou retiredOoGot more women in my phoneThan QuagmireOoBought a Tesla,Impulse BuyerOoYou ain't even got the moneyFor a tire.AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • TheBuggyGamer
    TheBuggyGamer   3 days ago


  • catfood
    catfood   4 days ago

    Tom Holland bio: even flex tape cant stop these leaks

  • tomcrott
    tomcrott   1 weeks ago

    3:52 didn’t exactly age well, like he wasn’t wrong

  • nya nya
    nya nya   2 weeks ago

    RiNg Is FrOm ShArK tAnK

  • RepPlayz65
    RepPlayz65   2 weeks ago

    5:50 epic rapping partplease pin this

  • quang duong pham
    quang duong pham   2 weeks ago


  • Der Niko
    Der Niko   2 weeks ago

    Jack has an obvious problem with Avatar

  • TagNeTronTV
    TagNeTronTV   2 weeks ago

    "Let's spoil the end of 2019."Someone in China is going to eat a bat....

  • Wario Shows u fun
    Wario Shows u fun   2 weeks ago

    Hey bro I did not get the money for the car and I’ll change it for the day I’ll get you the code and get the code and then you get the car 🚙 it was the first time I wanna see you guys in the morning and I hope you have a a great day and I’ll make sure you get the car and I’ll make sure you get it I’ll be in HEAVEN!. Hey 👋 I did not have an idea 💡 is this time I will see what if we can add a new one ☝️ was in my life that you!. I’m glad to you say I am going home 🏠 I have an egg 🍳 in this week I am going home and I’ll make it to the house I will be home 🏡 I was in my car so I’ll make it to the car I’ll get it to them and then I can pick it out I’ll pick ya guys tomorrow I have some time I’ll change the name to get my name and I’ll change the car 🚘 was I like like it and then I got to my mom and I bought a a car and that’s it and I don’t want you to come and I get you to do it I will let me get there and I’ll tell you what you get when I can come get your stuff ready now I’ll get you to do the car I’ll get you in the morning I’ll be there at five to pick up some stuff for you and then I’ll try to see you tomorrow night I’ll talk later and see if I wanna is it the day you want me and I’ll make sure you have a good time I will see ya next time I’ll talk ya know what I Get is a way of getting it and I’ll try it again in my day or two or so long I’m just getting my new job I got a new one ☝️ was I like the new one ☝️ I love 💕 this new update I love 💕 I’m an amazing 😉 now it’s free now I’m just so proud I am a great 👍 is it for you guys I hope 🤞 gets you an awesome 👏 day is a good thing for you and you have an YT night and we can get you all right I will give it an update to see you guys in this week or next weekend I’ll make a good one ☝️ I don’t wanna was like I don’t wanna is like a big game and that’s what I’m doing now it’s a great 👍 because I’m going into work I don’t feel bad 😔 I want my kids so I’m just not showing it I love 💕 you like the world 🌍 was the day that we were together we will get together again in this bitch I wanna see how I love 💕 it all the best of luck in life that is the most amazing 😉 was I love 💕 this new song I made an account with the kids in that picture of my baby 👶 I love 💕 it all about the best people who love 💕 their first season finale boss is a legend of legends who are so good 😊 new game and I wanna is an awesome 👏 game I will play with you and you get it and I’ll tell him you all know you are so cute I can’t believe that you love 💕 is my mom I wanna is the day you get a a Wiig year and I’ll get to know where I HOPES AN DREEAS IS THE WAY I WANNA SEE YOU IN THE PERSON YOU KNOW I AM A MAN AND THAT’S WHAT IT IS I WANNA IS THAT YOU STOP BY ME AND I WANNA SEE YOU IN THE MORNING AND I STOP! SO STOP READING THIS

  • Malarkey _
    Malarkey _   3 weeks ago

    ill predict the end of 2019 if only he did

  • Annabeth McCollum
    Annabeth McCollum   3 weeks ago

    Have you ever played quip lash our family safety quip is Mark Ruffalo well good times

  • vwgajace
    vwgajace   3 weeks ago

    We shouldve followed Tom! He was trying to warn us of Corona

  • Zenith
    Zenith   4 weeks ago

    3:52 and then it all started

  • Thanos Gaming
    Thanos Gaming   4 weeks ago

    jack stole the first thing from top comment >:((

  • NØ4H
    NØ4H   1 months ago

    Tom Holland should of leaked Juice WRLD so he would not go on the plane

  • Justin Martinez
    Justin Martinez   1 months ago

    5:50 it got thinking about Toby Maguire's dancing from spiderman for some reason

  • Figurehead f
    Figurehead f   1 months ago

    This is going in my smoke rolling montage

  • John Cage
    John Cage   1 months ago

    3:56 - we should have followed him, he could warn us about 2020.

  • Furret boi
    Furret boi   1 months ago

    Jokes on you I already bought a ring

  • Just Liquid
    Just Liquid   1 months ago

    If I was editing Nickelodeon bio I would do We own Avatar THE GOOD ONE last airbender

  • uh
    uh   1 months ago

    3:52 what we wouldn’t give to have been given even just a glimpse of what was to come