Minecraft but the FLOOR IS LAVA

  • Published on: 16 August 2019
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    Inspiration boye (Wilbur) - https://youtu.be/XCP8UbNDcxQ

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  • Runtime : 17:
  • SATIRE Minecraft but the FLOOR IS LAVA minecraft pewdiepie minecraft pewdiepie pewds pewdie pdp


  • Mike Nicolai
    Mike Nicolai   3 hours ago

    Ken's minecraft skin looks like the wizard from team fortress 2

  • Matthew 2
    Matthew 2   1 weeks ago

    Pewds: he’s roasting the 9 year olds Me: what if I said you so fat that you tried to marry daddy pig

  • Alex N.
    Alex N.   2 weeks ago

    everytime pews says 'goooooood' I think the next ting will be 'mythical morning'

  • Moo Rooster
    Moo Rooster   2 weeks ago

    why do you take two blocks off a tree and then just leave the rest can you not fucking look up or something

  • Melody Mair
    Melody Mair   2 weeks ago

    Im so proud that he stole this from Wilbur omg

  • The real MVP
    The real MVP   2 weeks ago

    I saw the spawn pig egg. That’s how he made it

  • Jisker Realz
    Jisker Realz   2 weeks ago

    It's not global warming you should be worried about, we are living in a fallen world. It's the return of Jesus and the judging of the world you should be worried about if you're not already following Jesus ❤️

  • OinkyPoinky
    OinkyPoinky   2 weeks ago

    So floor gang have infinite fire resistance

  • nananana nananananana na na na na na na

    I remember watching this when it first came out, not knowing who Wilbur and Jschlatt were. Now they're one of my favourite content creators.I literally came full circle.

  • Itslaisah TV
    Itslaisah TV   3 weeks ago

    15:59 i saw you pewdiepie YOU THROWED SOMETHING TO SPAWN AN PIG EGG

  • 연김지
    연김지   3 weeks ago

    난한국인인데 여긴왜 한국인이없지ㅠ

  • Andrew Santos
    Andrew Santos   3 weeks ago

    Felix: "Why are we on the floor? We are supposed to be in the sky."Floor Gang: Sad Crying Noises

  • Taco Grande
    Taco Grande   4 weeks ago

    7:39 did pewds say get on the ceiling is he ceiling gang

  • Riordojim
    Riordojim   1 months ago

    Pewdiepie cant die, HE CREATIVE

  • Katie Broughan
    Katie Broughan   1 months ago

    pewdiepie you stoll this from jelly the youtuber...

  • George HP
    George HP   1 months ago

    At 16:00 he through a pig spawner

  • YTLamepop
    YTLamepop   1 months ago


  • YTLamepop
    YTLamepop   1 months ago

    The floor is abou to be lava other youtubers gotta get up Felix:SAVE LE CHIKN

  • Julian Majch
    Julian Majch   1 months ago

    Felix: "throws pig spawn egg to lava"literally 0.000000000002343 seconds later:"Ken how did you make it?"

  • Woody 123
    Woody 123   1 months ago

    the way the pig and ken looked at each other.... the pig knew what they had to do

  • Ishaan 1105
    Ishaan 1105   1 months ago

    Felix was in gamemode creative at the end