Albert / Flamingo plays AMONG US

  • Published on: 11 September 2020
    Today I play Among Us which is a super fun game like a murder mystery thing with cutie characters yeah
  • Runtime : 10:58
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  • rarepwnage2
    rarepwnage2   4 months ago

    Tips of being imposter: use those vents when nobody is near by, and kill everyone and that button to do tasks click it to sabotage and close doors and cause many other things like: reactor meltdown, lose lights and oxygen depleted Tips of being the crewmate: just do tasks and stay away from people and vote sus people

  • DaGachaCookie
    DaGachaCookie   5 hours ago

    This is what I do if somebody sees you if you imposter you close cafe doors and then wait for the cool down and kill them and use a vent near by and if there is not report it then just say I was going to cafe to do trash

  • Lily Wong
    Lily Wong   6 hours ago

    Flamingo how dare you you tell them is impostor you know Is you you know?

  • Potato
    Potato   6 hours ago


  • Andy Wright
    Andy Wright   1 days ago


  • Alex Jhon
    Alex Jhon   1 days ago


  • Kian Mohammed
    Kian Mohammed   1 days ago

    You have a great time and you have a great day and you have a great weekend

  • Kearra Palmer
    Kearra Palmer   1 days ago

    You can vent Albert and Sabatoge lights and stuff albert

  • Zarak Said
    Zarak Said   1 days ago

    ur da best flamingo and i like ronaldo

  • GachaDemon
    GachaDemon   1 days ago

    Albert in other vids : im sensitive to soundsAlso Albert : screams at the top of his lungs

  • PaBz OhyE
    PaBz OhyE   1 days ago

    U can see the map at the top of ur screen

  • Surbett
    Surbett   1 days ago

    Tip: if someone sees you vent do a sabotage so they can’t call a meeting

  • Brian Doherty
    Brian Doherty   2 days ago

    Albert: I do not want to be a crewmate!Me: I hate crewmate like Albert

  • Alex Melling
    Alex Melling   2 days ago

    I am big fan and my friend art his name is art just saying and he is your biggest fan

  • Loop Hom
    Loop Hom   2 days ago

    OkGreen beans green tomatoes

  • Aubrii Cooler
    Aubrii Cooler   2 days ago

    8:20 Wow!!!! You won your first game!!!! I lost my first game. You did wayy better!

  • Moham ed Abdulkadir
    Moham ed Abdulkadir   3 days ago

    Hahaha hahahahahah hahahahahah hahahahahah hahahahahahaahhahahahahahahaha

  • vithura supervisor
    vithura supervisor   3 days ago

    Flamingo:dead boy reportedMe:Lol Stop being funny bruhhFlamigo:SHUT UP!!!!!!!Me:Mhmm

  • Anime Weeb
    Anime Weeb   3 days ago

    I was wearing headphones watching this

  • Ashley Rose
    Ashley Rose   3 days ago

    Tips of being a crewmate: use the maps so you can see all of the tasks press the gaps in shields so you can be fast

  • Joy Celestino
    Joy Celestino   3 days ago

    Fun fact: first game kakyoin was there (anime that is popular)