Proving The Earth Is Flat!

  • Published on: 22 April 2017
  • In honor of Earth Day, we decided to finally put an end to the ridiculous argument of whether the Earth is round or flat.

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  • Runtime : 10:24
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    NEAR NEAR   1 days ago

    70% of the video is about farts

  • Eclipxion
    Eclipxion   1 days ago

    Why as I'm getting older getting annoyed at Ryan just like that guy that was sitting next to Sean?

  • Joel Dahanga
    Joel Dahanga   2 days ago

    Who's still watching this on October/2020?

  • Vamshidhar Onteri
    Vamshidhar Onteri   2 days ago

    Flat earthers should explain all the evidences we see in the natural world why few countries are in the day and few countries are in the night at the same time. Why cast of shadow of earth on the moon during eclipses is circular why sun doesn't rise or set for many months straight in the north and south poles why stars in north and south pole rotate in an axis why sun cross over the sky (head on) in equatorial countries but not in other regions of the world how satellites are revolving round the earth without falling. how sun and moon are revolving round the earth without falling to the ground NASA is just one organization belonging to one country, there are many space organizations all over the world who support spherical earth why we can't we see the hull of a ship as it moves away but still we can see the top of it... if earth is flat everything should always be visible

  • Dylan Meng
    Dylan Meng   3 days ago

    i was going to comment something clever but then I noticed 77,999 comments

  • Liaxeee
    Liaxeee   3 days ago

    "The earth is s*"I mean... that ain't cap tho

  • GreeZy
    GreeZy   4 days ago

    I'm scared that i actually believe it

  • MJ Caranto
    MJ Caranto   4 days ago

    earth is round believ me 100 percent

  • AdaptingFlow YT
    AdaptingFlow YT   4 days ago

    People the earth is a circle is just that inside the ground is flat. Amd the sky is just the sky the air and the refelection of the water

  • Jayesh Ahirrao
    Jayesh Ahirrao   5 days ago

    Oh I have better theory for Pluto Actually plot used to be our 'tail'which eventually disappeared... Which we call vestigial organs

  • Anthonyeet
    Anthonyeet   5 days ago

    Earth is flat Shows spheres for the body

  • Hsa Poe
    Hsa Poe   5 days ago

    He proteccHe attacc But most importantly he got a sphere globe in the bacc

  • Audrey G
    Audrey G   5 days ago

    i kept waiting for the flatulence joke but it never came

  • Jimmy Vooys
    Jimmy Vooys   6 days ago

    Finaly a video that really makes sense, thanks guys, absolutely astonishing.

    ANIME STUFF   6 days ago

    Lol sun and most of everything is made of plasma teachers didn't teach that cause their dumb

  • Lovell Mendez
    Lovell Mendez   6 days ago

    How did you sit down and think of all this. My gosh.I am severely confused now

  • Salem Mbango
    Salem Mbango   6 days ago

    The earth is flat No no I am in earth so no

  • Skrooz
    Skrooz   6 days ago

    The earth is actually flat what are you talking about, that is why everytime we go north south or west or east we would end up in an icy place which is antarctica, the scientist and the media faked the world is a globe because they edited the earth picture

  • Aleks Srbin
    Aleks Srbin   6 days ago

    He literally spent 10 minutes completing a joke about flatulence

  • King Lorin
    King Lorin   1 weeks ago

    we wont have an endless ride if the earth was flat(earth is fart not round or flat)

  • Comedy Closure
    Comedy Closure   1 weeks ago

    No....they're hiding the truth so we can pay more tax and give the government more money. JK I'm not stupid lmao.

  • Lucid
    Lucid   1 weeks ago

    Who else here has just rediscovered ryan in Quarantine

  • SirScrubBuns
    SirScrubBuns   1 weeks ago

    8:14No.. males have a term too.For a woman, it’s a bitch, and for a male, it’s a bastard.