Inanimate Insanity II: Ep. 1 - “Breaking the Ice”

  • Published on: 02 April 2013
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    And the contest takes off... again! That's right, the second season of Inanimate Insanity has finally arrived! Last time we saw OJ and friends, they were confronted with a cold-hearted killer, a revelation from Taco, and the loss of a few loved ones. But that didn't bring them down! In the past few months, our remaining cast have been partying together, with the help of a million dollars! Just when the memories of the competition were starting to fade away... well, you can probably see where this is going! Which old and new contestants will join the competition? What exactly did OJ buy with the money? Who's MePhone's new personal assistant? And will anyone ever cut Balloon a break? The answers are all here (save one) in the first episode of a new beginning for II, entirely in glorious 1080p Flash!

    EDIT: I'm so sorry to Kacie C! I spelt her name wrong! Ahh! Sorry. :(

    - Special super duper thanks to my friend Aaron Shapiro for designing the official website.
    - Special super super thanks to my friend Jake Ender for designing the official Inanimate Insanity logo.
    - Special thanks to UltraToons for helping some of the cast with technical difficulties with Flash.

    Special thanks to Jacknjellify for their immense inspiration behind the series! Go subscribe to them!
  • Runtime : 16:3
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  • Pokekid Challenges
    Pokekid Challenges   12 hours ago

    If this was bfdi or bfb the bright lights would be called team epic again

  • Clacker7
    Clacker7   19 hours ago

    I'll take this one. The way microphone won was cheating, she cannot use the power button to distract them, they need to play by the rules. IDK If this is wrong.

  • Planet Saturn
    Planet Saturn   3 days ago

    My favorite character is Box only cuz he said, “U reversed this clip mother f***”

    INVINCIBLE CRAFT   4 days ago

    wow test tube is exactly like golf ball, and knife is exactly like rubber

  • Adam Switzer
    Adam Switzer   4 days ago

    There's an error i spotted, it's not 7 original contestants who joined the game, but 8.

  • Corester
    Corester   5 days ago

    We all gonna talk about how season two has been going on for 8 years

  • ShockedOwl
    ShockedOwl   5 days ago

    Salt and Pepper are basically Pencil and Match from BFDI.

  • Morgus
    Morgus   5 days ago

    i cant take it how in the first shot of nickel when he is dancing he is just sliding and when the plane crashes pickle idoes not even care

  • Wowieee
    Wowieee   6 days ago

    theres no way this was 8 years

  • Christopher Ernest
    Christopher Ernest   6 days ago

    10:44 Turn your volume up all the way and here box sware at lightbulb

  • Team m bomb
    Team m bomb   1 weeks ago

    2:39Great Britain’s face when they heard the German Empire’s anthem!

  • Xenon
    Xenon   1 weeks ago

    11:01But the ice they're standing on is supposed to be frictionless, which means ether baseball can be pushed, or knife will slip and fall on his face.

  • ahyvie
    ahyvie   1 weeks ago

    Ballon: I'm a fav

  • Angela Blevins
    Angela Blevins   1 weeks ago

    8:49MePhone4: Everyone, shut up!pauseToilet: MISTAH PHO-

  • freakydeakymonkey
    freakydeakymonkey   1 weeks ago

    I could join this video I like it for real time it’s like ipod