BFDI 18: Reveal Novum

  • Published on: 01 June 2011
  • OMG, a recommended character comes into the game, and it's not one you wanted! Ha, ha, ha! Staring's involved, too!
  • Runtime : 12:38
  • battle for dream island bfdi cartoon total drama tdi tda tdwt competition recommended character join reveal staring contest


  • Arthur Cardoso
    Arthur Cardoso   8 hours ago

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  • Arthur Cardoso
    Arthur Cardoso   8 hours ago


  • Arthur Cardoso
    Arthur Cardoso   8 hours ago

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  • Arthur Cardoso
    Arthur Cardoso   8 hours ago


  • Ian Nalty
    Ian Nalty   10 hours ago

    P.S.: Nickel escaped the LOL

  • Chris Pang
    Chris Pang   13 hours ago

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  • Andrew Brown
    Andrew Brown   22 hours ago

    Dora: That was a bad decision you voters made. You'll all regret it when I starve to death. I'll haunt you in your sleep.

  • United Republic of Swiss Mapper

    Wait Pin said every day? So 25 days of competition... For Battle for Dream Island... No that is a lieRemember when pen said in BFDI 25 he said but 2 years of battling!!!

  • rea kittyfreak
    rea kittyfreak   2 days ago


  • nooby the epic noob
    nooby the epic noob   2 days ago

    im litterally watching this vedio in 2x speed and i feel like im speedrunning the bfdi series

  • Hi Skyler
    Hi Skyler   3 days ago


  • Kazue Yamashita
    Kazue Yamashita   4 days ago

    Who will win at the top of any of the game you get some awards if you get the most votes you into the game if you get the lease wrote you a lemonade it

  • Dante Dan
    Dante Dan   4 days ago

    Reccomend i see Robotys Braclety TeardropTPOT Battery

  • E E
    E E   5 days ago

    Did you know that Novum is a restaurant in Sweden?