Which engine self-destructs first? Lucas or STP?

  • Published on: 20 November 2017
  • How Long will a Lucas and STP Treated Gas Engine Run Without Oil? Let's find out!
    Test with 10W-30: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8ZKMCfAue4
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  • Runtime : 14:43
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  • Exotic Creature
    Exotic Creature   13 hours ago

    Every year people spend millions of dollars on oil additives to protect their engines. Every years Project Farm spends millions of dollars to destroy those engines with those additives.

  • marco hannel
    marco hannel   1 days ago

    Can you redo this video. I would like to see the test labs and also the cold run.

  • Bodgemiester
    Bodgemiester   1 days ago

    Love Lucas, my Honda 2.2tdi civic is at 250k now and runs like new. You should do Lucas Vs slik50

  • Fisty McBeefPunch
    Fisty McBeefPunch   1 days ago

    Awwww crap! I’m 2 years too late. But, I’m going to say the Lucas came out on top in the Extreme Death Match. I’m glad I hit the bell so now I won’t be late for any others. ;)

  • Grumpy Munchkin
    Grumpy Munchkin   2 days ago

    If you use a decent oil you don’t need oil additives. It’s a waste of money.

  • Bradly Wilson
    Bradly Wilson   3 days ago

    They say a Diesel engine will run on anything I’m Curious just what kind of oils will it run on and how well

  • Bradly Wilson
    Bradly Wilson   3 days ago

    Will pouring bleach in the engine oil size it up

  • Bradly Wilson
    Bradly Wilson   3 days ago

    You are great I love it keep up the good work

  • Bradly Wilson
    Bradly Wilson   3 days ago

    Will transmissions fluid or brake fluid work as engine oil if it’s all you have

  • Bradly Wilson
    Bradly Wilson   3 days ago

    Should you let a battery die completely before charging it or should you always keep a full charge Bradly

  • Ranjit
    Ranjit   4 days ago

    Can you please do oil leak stop, old stuff vs newer stuff.?

  • MWB Gaming
    MWB Gaming   4 days ago

    You should repeat this test with motorkote

  • Leonard wells
    Leonard wells   1 weeks ago

    Please test an additive called REVX as it is VERY expensive $30 and after seeing your tests I think it may be a HUGE ripoff at $30 . L 👍

  • JohnWick
    JohnWick   1 weeks ago

    Test 'ceratec liqui moly'

  • James Smith
    James Smith   1 weeks ago

    Can gas generator be turned in to a ark welder .

  • Shane B
    Shane B   1 weeks ago

    Love when you say "we'll run them till they self destruct" ....👌🤣 but I do got to say it lasted alot longer than I was thinking it would....

  • Mongoose556
    Mongoose556   1 weeks ago

    "... and then I got the JB Weld out and they've both been running ever since!"

  • Swedish Marcus Viking

    Use RVS and be amazed. I have used it for many years and asked you to test it for some years ago:)https://youtu.be/l2wY9eDIRVkIts not a oil additive the oil is just ”the transporter”. You can ”save” engines, servos, axels, gear boxes and much more. The side effects is that your hp are back also:)Link to the swedish page:)https://rvs.se/

  • Juan Garza
    Juan Garza   1 weeks ago

    You should see if fritos brand cheese dip can be used in an engine

  • Rob Jones
    Rob Jones   1 weeks ago

    So you test the better oil by running engines without any oil. Ohhh Kayyyyy....

  • CloudBurst
    CloudBurst   1 weeks ago

    Poor predator 212, I could of put that on my mini bike!

  • Real BigSwede
    Real BigSwede   2 weeks ago

    Mobile honey, please. Be using it for years.

  • willowsautomotive
    willowsautomotive   2 weeks ago

    I'd like to see a torture test on the 212 engine, with the governor removed. How high can it rev before valve float. And how high it can rev with a performance camshaft and springs.

  • Jack Coyle
    Jack Coyle   2 weeks ago

    I really like your channel and what your doing is very interesting, have you ever did a comparison of Slick 50 vs Xcelplus. Slick 50 is garbage and the formula is now Xcelplus. I used Slick 50 in the 70's when it was the real deal....not anymore...try Xcelplus...its the old Slick 50 which disapeared in 1984. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CAt-tJa9P_s Thank you keep up the good work.

  • Lewis Yellowhair
    Lewis Yellowhair   2 weeks ago

    Try engine restorer..oil additive .. I would like to see if it's as good as they say.. I like and a lot from your shows..

  • Douglas Bourne
    Douglas Bourne   2 weeks ago

    Honestly glad to know my kids won't be blowing up they go kart motor, no oil full throttle for 20 min b4 it blew, Honda can suck it... go predator!!!

  • Bronny Cur
    Bronny Cur   2 weeks ago

    was watching your video on bing, but was enjoying it so much had to go to youtube and subscribe.

  • stardroppercj
    stardroppercj   2 weeks ago

    For an additive test , use a 500g/17oz ounce tub of 3% moly grease, dissolve with just enough paint thinner to allow it to pour and mix with the oil.*edit, we used that quantily mixed with 4.5L of engine oil.

  • yurian10
    yurian10   2 weeks ago

    test Militec and Alfa-x please!

  • Ugur øzden
    Ugur øzden   2 weeks ago

    can you do a 1/4 on the stp for the bearing just to see if its the same as the lucas. thanks great videos btw.

  • Jason Jones
    Jason Jones   2 weeks ago

    This would be the time for a slow motion borescope camera to shine!

  • Seth Florentz
    Seth Florentz   3 weeks ago

    Replace the connecting rod, add some mystery oil, remove the aluminum smeared... Will it work? That would be an interesting video

  • Tomasz Janson
    Tomasz Janson   3 weeks ago

    Your videos are so pleasant to watch. You're doing things that many of us would like to do, and you seem to enjoy it. Greetings from Poland!