BFB 22: Who Stole Donut's Diary?

  • Published on: 24 July 2020

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  • Runtime : 25:59
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  • jasmarie47
    jasmarie47   3 hours ago


  • Avyay Cheemaladhine
    Avyay Cheemaladhine   4 hours ago

    that grape costume blocky wore was smaller than blocky. How could he wear it with no revealing parts?

  • Ruchadze
    Ruchadze   5 hours ago

    Well, I think lollipop because idk

  • KionFandom T
    KionFandom T   5 hours ago

    If the BRB (Big Rotating Building) was in Roblox, i would spend months in a cages

  • Aaron Vant
    Aaron Vant   9 hours ago

    uuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh donuts diary isint as cool as among us

  • Isaiah Plays816
    Isaiah Plays816   21 hours ago

    “For the 2nd time up for elimination 😡 I hate 2” said four

  • K C
    K C   1 days ago

    20:02 " hope fully we will have a bright future! " YEA WITH A RING

  • Robocittykat
    Robocittykat   1 days ago

    4:48 four says non-woody members of the team, but isn't blocky made of wood? (according to bfdi 3, are you smarter than a snowball)

    BGFYU   2 days ago

    2019: Me thinking leafy is a boy2021: Me knowing leafy is a girl

  • Sebastian 4886
    Sebastian 4886   2 days ago

    Because bubble is not green green is my favorite color

  • Codemaster
    Codemaster   2 days ago

    Its crazy to think if 1 Flower voter instead voted for Taco. Flower wouldn't have won. I wonder who would've won over Flower

  • Sayers Family
    Sayers Family   2 days ago

    Despite your popularity is a call back to the episode when she a 3 episode before this one with the message to Loser Song before New York Elementary and Haitian woman eating is mentioned in the episode

  • Zechariah Matlick
    Zechariah Matlick   2 days ago

    You know what's wierd is that gelatin and lollipop are in a newbie alliance even though gelatin was a contestant in bfdia so he's not really a newbie.

  • Shinobu Family
    Shinobu Family   3 days ago

    In 20:45 blocky funny doings international was founded guilty and arrested for 2763 years