Quantum Computing: Untangling the Hype

  • Published on: 02 May 2018
  • Quantum technology has the potential to revolutionise whole fields of computing; from cryptography to molecular modelling. But how do quantum computers work?
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    Join leading experts to untangle the quantum computing hype, at this event supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

    Artur Ekert works on information processing in quantum-mechanical systems. His invention of entanglement-based quantum cryptography in 1991 triggered an explosion of research efforts worldwide and continues to inspire new research directions. As well as showing that Bell’s inequalities can be used to test for eavesdropping, he has contributed to many important advances in the foundations and experimental realisations of quantum communication and computation. He has played a leading role in transforming quantum information science into a vibrant interdisciplinary field.

    Harry Buhrman got his PhD in Computer Science from the University of Amsterdam. Buhrman built the quantum computing group at CWI, which was one of the first groups worldwide and the first in The Netherlands working on quantum information processing. Buhrman’s research focuses on quantum computing, algorithms, and complexity theory. He co-developed the area of quantum communication complexity (quantum distributed computing), and demonstrated for the first time that certain communication tasks can be solved (exponentially) more efficient with quantum resources. This showed that quantum computers can not only speed up computations, but also communication – which opened up a whole new application area of quantum information processing. Buhrman co-developed a general method to establish the limitations of quantum computers, and a framework for the study of quantum algorithms, which is now textbook material.

    In 2001, Harry Buhrman became professor of algorithms, complexity theory, and quantum computing at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and group leader of the Quantum Computing Group at the Center for Mathematics and Informatics (CWI). Buhrman co-founded QuSoft in 2015, a research center for quantum software, for which he is also co-director. During his career, Buhrman obtained various prestigious awards. Buhrman also has a leading role in the national Quantum Software Consortium that was awarded an NWO Gravity grant in 2017.”

    The event is chaired by award-winning science writer Philip Ball, whose latest book is entitled 'Beyond Weird: Why Everything You Thought You Knew About Quantum Physics Is Different.'

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  • David Lloyd-Jones
    David Lloyd-Jones   3 days ago

    Two speakers. Arthur Ekert at 11:42.Harry Buhrman is at 59:42.

  • Stanky Pankey
    Stanky Pankey   3 weeks ago

    There is no martyr this time. Leave everything you have and follow me.

  • Oliver W Jones
    Oliver W Jones   1 months ago

    The (so called) Quantum Computer is nothing more than a very expensive OUIJA board for dummies.

  • Paul Bruno
    Paul Bruno   1 months ago

    Very nice presentation, however at the end the proposed debate between privacy versus safety in which the speaker states safety concerns should outweigh privacy concerns is thereby presented as a false dichotomy, because the main privacy concern IS a safety concern when power is thereby even further centralised in the hands of even less accountable and therefore an even more tyranical Big Brother hiding behind the flatscreened one -way-mirrors in every room and transaction, when that centralised power has access to practically all private information of the public while those under surveilance have practically zero access to any information of those in power surveying us, because knowledge is power and this leads to an even further centralisation of power while history aswel as current affairs have repeatedly shown: power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  • Romero Zarragossa
    Romero Zarragossa   1 months ago

    Usually like those lectures but the second man presenting should go into politics. He speaks and starts a sentence but never end it or completes it. It's like talking and talking and saying nothing. Had to turn it off, maybe I am just not up to this "smart" man. Besides that, I rather look at the slides a bit longer than at the presenter.

  • joe caves
    joe caves   1 months ago

    All of the axioms are belong to satifies.

  • Roy Waidler
    Roy Waidler   1 months ago

    I regret to say that M. Ekert explained nothing. Pictures of the double-slit experiment: what were we seeing? He didn't say. What exacrly did Kolmogorov say? Not stated. What is a logic gate? What is an algorithm? If he'd explained that, at least the essence of these and other things, I would have watched this to the conclusion. But I found his lecture to be muddled and incomprehensible.

  • Brian Thomas
    Brian Thomas   1 months ago

    Have researchers been able to overcome the issue of operating the Quantum system at room temperature? Strangely enough this was a challenge with respect to optical lasers with fiber communication in the early 60's. It wasn't until the early 70s that researchers we're able to overcome this hurtle, and look where we are today with fiber communication.

  • Ramzi Souki
    Ramzi Souki   1 months ago

    Keeps saying “you know” and we know little and after that tangled explanation even less than that

  • richtourist
    richtourist   1 months ago

    These lectures are useless; it's just the same old quantum waffle about cats and mirrors, with no explanation of anything.They didn't explain why the slit experiment is a surprising result.Or how interference plays a part in the proof of existence of quantum phenomena; even though he actually asked the question 'how do we know there is superposition'.Or what the unexpected phenomena are.Or what entanglement actually means.Or what superposition means, or how it can be used.Or how the number of qbit superpositions is important or different to the number of classical bit configurations (which is the same number, by the way).Or how a quantum program is specified.Or how you obtain the answer from a quantum computer.Or how you tune the quantum computer towards the desired answer if you don't already know what the answer is.And they confused the browser spinner with the completely unrelated concept of the halting problem.Or a load of other stuff....

  • Jonathan Jollimore
    Jonathan Jollimore   1 months ago

    Using the fact matter get reset to the same starting point every time a universe starts over too compute. So the universe is going to be a cycle of death and rebirth

  • Chris Kiel
    Chris Kiel   1 months ago

    have you ever walked into a lecture and 30 minutes later realised you are not in the right room. My brain wasnt ready nor able to compute. The LED light joke made me feel normal. Thank you.for the intensity.

  • Jakob Heitz
    Jakob Heitz   2 months ago

    I can make a square root of NOT gate. The gate processes the values 0 and 1 as normal, but also two more values, call them A and B. Transfer function is: 0 -> A; 1 -> B; A -> 1; B -> 0. Nothing quantum about that.

  • ndve82
    ndve82   2 months ago

    So naive people....yea the quantum cpu will only be used by scientists.....Google and other companies people in China will do massiv horrible things when Qcpu when the power enhancing by 100.000000 times in one second

  • voyer1999
    voyer1999   3 months ago

    You could take the first 10 min of the POS politician out of the video she adds nothing

  • S C3141
    S C3141   4 months ago

    The level of the talk was far above the lay person level. The speaker started with very simple and immediately jumped to much more difficult. He sounded like he was talking to other physicists that need to learn about quantum computation.

  • S C3141
    S C3141   4 months ago

    The level of the talk was far above the lay person level. The speaker started with very simple and immediately jumped to much more difficult. He sounded like he was talking to other physicists that need to learn about quantum computation.

  • herauthon four
    herauthon four   5 months ago

    i think i got entangled.. with a some quanta of understanding..

  • Jim Docherty
    Jim Docherty   5 months ago

    A great introduction to the wonderful Quantum Computer, but as usual, we can't get the slideshow to work smoothly, wtf

  • Jeff Morris
    Jeff Morris   5 months ago

    Once the quantum computer proves a proposition, can its next task be writing the elements (for humans) which document a proof?

  • Jeff Morris
    Jeff Morris   5 months ago

    Once they figured out the slide projection misbehaviors, the presenters relaxed and ended up giving a smashing good program. Well done.

    ROHIT CHAT   5 months ago

    So practical quatam computing hardware and software so thank you very much to you all to explain about ❤️ 🙏❤️quantum comuters

  • Kivi Ketelimäki
    Kivi Ketelimäki   5 months ago

    Any good video on quantum hacking and cracking? And quantum firewalls and such?

  • Frank Frances
    Frank Frances   5 months ago

    In all these lectures of particle physics and super computing, it appears as if we are entering the era of the event horizon. And if that isn't enough we are actually quantum computing theories into dark matter (1) and dark energy (-1) and super impose; entangled neutron (0). This collapse of the wave function would seem to have the process capability of 3D printing. Cad Cam design capabilities to transfigure perhaps biological matter into RNA and DNA strands. It even sounds like the Star Trek concept into replicators. I have no idea of software concepts that tap into a infra scan within the matrix,, for it seems that classical computation we presently have is biased upon measuring the electron value as 1 while the anti matter or neutron as 0 yet all reactance and the least amount of friction still is the key. It would then seem as if our future will meet the other Nickel side plane of the galaxy as this universe enters into the next 12000 yrs. of quantum computing.

    ROHIT CHAT   5 months ago

    So understand your calling ❤️🙏

    ROHIT CHAT   5 months ago

    Ok I will learn theory description in the video ❤️🙏 today itself is my preference to understand so ❤️🙏

  • Taranga Tabiteuea
    Taranga Tabiteuea   5 months ago

    Has anybody thought of the possibility that quantum entanglement could also be related to the human and animal brains that have demonstrated the existence of ESP?

  • Shafayat
    Shafayat   5 months ago

    4:45 start2016 IBM made QC that is 5Q-bit6:11 IBM Q Experience8:13 richard fineman first introduced QC

    JOHN LONGENECKER   5 months ago

    I am sick and tired of it all - I am sick and tired of innocent people now being drawn and quartered - historically people were dismembered as punishment for treason - today it’s dismemberment and death for being considered as a tad inconvenient and it’s called ABORTION

  • Ray Nelson
    Ray Nelson   6 months ago

    Sorry, this does not untangle Hype, it simply confuses. How do you program in qbits?