Menehune Encounters In Hawaii Thrill The Team | Finding Bigfoot

  • Published on: 20 November 2020
  • The team goes to Hawaii in order to hear stories about locals seeing the Hawaiian legend known as the Menehune.

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  • Runtime : 8:51
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  • Jay876
    Jay876   4 days ago

    What’s next? Bigfoot in Cancun 😂🤣

  • James
    James   1 weeks ago

    He looks sooo different

  • AllBlind808
    AllBlind808   1 weeks ago

    East side of Oahu lol he probably live in crylua Fkn haoles

  • AllBlind808
    AllBlind808   1 weeks ago

    Lol these haoles making up stories furballs? Menehuni aren’t hairy

  • The Australian Aviator

    No wonder the Bob Marley add came on before this started, these people are seriously trippin out LOL

  • James Cheek
    James Cheek   3 weeks ago

    About twelve years ago I seen a human like creature, 3 1/2 feet tall, standing on the side of jungle Road. I talked to the locals and they said they call th dog people. I believe my strange one of a kind high pitched whistle made him say hello. Two years later I seen the middle of a Moo it must have been 40 feet. This dragon was thick

  • Beau Rohrich
    Beau Rohrich   1 months ago

    Real or not the stories that are told second hand are most likely natives messing with white people

  • Albert Vizcarra
    Albert Vizcarra   2 months ago

    Bobo looks like that uncle ur not allowed to be alone with 🤷

  • 99iwaena
    99iwaena   2 months ago

    Maybe you folks should interview the people who lives on Laumaile Pl. in Kalihi Valley on Oahu. A group of our team were doing some investigating work at the Kamanaiki stream back in early 2015, at end of the road. The people who lives in that cul-de-sac of Laumaile Pl., thought we were their to investigate the noise complaint that the "little people or the Menehune's" made during the evening hours. Well, I told them, we're here to investigate a homeless encampments in the area, not for any noise complaint. An elderly man came forward and invited my supervisor & I to return in the evening time to witness their existence, he said, there's a very small woman and 3 small males. I had to ask how in the world they would know of their sex? One of the female homeowners said, their naked as hell and very nonchalant while their singing, dancing, jumping and swimiming into the Kamanaiki stream with the homeowners looking on! Well, we never took up their offer to return to see those little people, but I'm convinced by all 6 of homewoners that lives there, it's true to what they said about the existence of the little people. However, if only one of them made the claim, I wouldn't believe it, but to have 6 of them who were forthcoming sbout those little or Menehune people, than I tend to think there is a solid truth behind that!

  • Jeff Lawson
    Jeff Lawson   2 months ago

    You have to do more finding bigfoot shows!!!!

  • Margarita Varas
    Margarita Varas   3 months ago

    Subtítulos en inglés para entender q hablannn por favor gracias es interesante el tema 👍

  • Thessaly Meteora
    Thessaly Meteora   4 months ago

    My family and I have Discovery Plus now because I’ve been watching all the clips of this show on YouTube and I wanted to see full episodes. Totally binging a few episodes a day now. Really interesting content. I think I’d like to see a Bigfoot in the wild but then on the other hand I think I’d be too scared. I hope they never catch one though, I’d hate to see it end up in a zoo or in a laboratory.

  • Eli Letts
    Eli Letts   4 months ago

    It is great that the Finding Bigfoot team went to the State of Hawaii and investigated these cryptids!

  • Philip Suter
    Philip Suter   4 months ago

    Whenever I'm in need of a good laugh, I watch these videos! It's never-ending with no conclusion at all except to increase tourism in these areas where it is supposed to live. These Bozos continually make videos which show virtually nothing, so I've an idea! why dont you make a video when you have some actual concrete proof? They wanted Bobby's Bike Laughs!

  • Cryptic
    Cryptic   5 months ago

    Do one on the Australian bigfoot called the yowie

  • Jonathan Turek
    Jonathan Turek   5 months ago

    I spent 14 years growing outdoor sativa in the jungles about 3000 -5000 feet above sea level. We would use the cane water canals to tap in water lines. We would be super far out where there is few people if any and the menehune would mess with our equipment.

  • david wilson
    david wilson   5 months ago


  • Wowmusicable
    Wowmusicable   5 months ago

    Are there monkeys in Hawaii? These witnesses could just have seen small monkeys.

  • Santa Klaus
    Santa Klaus   6 months ago

    First off, Menehune's spoke Hawaiian and weren't "creatures", they were one of the first to come to Hawaii and would help build stuff. Menehune's were just small Hawaiians and didn't look like a "fur ball" No believe des clowns😂

  • Mr_kiwi676
    Mr_kiwi676   6 months ago

    very glad no sightings on maui, i would freak out

  • Alyssa Stanek
    Alyssa Stanek   6 months ago

    Bobo looks so much better with that short hair!

  • Chieu Nguyen
    Chieu Nguyen   6 months ago

    I was in Big Island with my parents. We were hiking, to see birds and other animals, but instead of an animal, I saw a man, but it was small, like a 3-4 foot tall man. And I was like “Hello…?” My dad saw it as well, my whole family saw it. We were shocked. Then that man just make some weird noises, like he was replying me, then he just run away, and I never seen him again (I’m 11 yr old )

  • Janice Menard
    Janice Menard   6 months ago

    My girlfriend has a pathway through her house to the sea. They are real,we heard her back door open and heard foot steps March through the house and out the front door and at 5am we heard the front door open and out the back door.we just laugh when we hear it, she lives near the North Shore, I hope she never looses them, she's so lucky to have a piece of the ancient legend,she's not afraid and neither was I.

  • AngelRose
    AngelRose   6 months ago

    why is the Menehune on "Finding Bigfoot" when it's not known as a bigfoot at all?? It's known as maybe alien or dwarfs but not a bigfoot??