Deadly intent: the pilots who crash their planes on purpose | 7NEWS Spotlight

  • Published on: 14 May 2021
  • When we get on board an aircraft, few of us give a second thought to the mental health of the people in the cockpit. The crash of Germanwings Flight 9525 changed that. 150 people, including two Australians, were killed when their Airbus A320 crashed into the French Alps in 2015. Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz had long suffered from depression and had reportedly visited more than a dozen different doctors seeking help before he deliberately downed his plane. In this investigation, Alex Cullen reveals it’s not the first time a suicidal pilot has committed mass murder and asks why lessons weren’t learned from previous deliberate crashes. This story originally aired in 2015.

    If this story has raised issues for you or you are concerned about someone you know, call Lifeline on 13 11 14. For further information about depression contact Beyond Blue on 1300224636 or talk to your GP, local health professional or someone you trust.

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  • Runtime : 20:31
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  • Hans Wertig
    Hans Wertig   23 hours ago

    The cause of the Silk Air 185 crash is still disputed. And you don't need "fighter pilot skills" to fly an airplane into the ground.

  • Jorge Petraglia
    Jorge Petraglia   1 days ago

    In 2003 I purchase a brand new pick-up truck (a UTE in Australia). Few month later I suffered a hearth attack and my doctor contacted the Transit Authorities to have my driver license suspended until he deemed safe for me to drive again. Common sense eh?. The interesting part I want to bring here is that that's the law and the doctor didn't have to ask me. How is it possible that anybody (pilots included), operating a huge vehicle, full of people or dangerous cargo, don't have periodic records from their doctors handled to their employers?. That was a silly question, the reality is that the companies and/or corporations don't want to "intrude" in the private lives of their employees and at the same time save face when something tragic happens. As long as the world keeps working toward making profits as a priority, these kind of tragedies will happen. Now I truly understand why people applaud when the planes land safely. Greetings from Toronto.

  • Ciara Byrne
    Ciara Byrne   1 days ago

    Should be something done about thr doors been able to be unlocked by pilots on board , a pass code perhaps very like United 93 so sad them poor victims 😢

  • Karmas Facts
    Karmas Facts   2 days ago

    Not all suicides go to Hell, but this is vindictive murder

  • Kamila
    Kamila   4 days ago

    Can't they just steal a plane and crash it instead of having hundreds of people in it like if your gonna be so desperate to crash a plane instead of idk a car crash or something make sure you don't mess up others lives

  • LeatherCladVegan
    LeatherCladVegan   6 days ago

    Ja, zey need to haf seven mental health checks. Zat would be enough, I sink, ja.

  • W D
    W D   1 weeks ago

    The men who do this are cowards

  • Yolanda Lopez
    Yolanda Lopez   1 weeks ago

    Omg toany innocent people that loss thier lives hes a murderer how can the pilot do this

  • Elizabeth Darsey
    Elizabeth Darsey   2 weeks ago

    This is one of those topics in life that is dangerous from all angles. This is going to piss off some people, but that doesn’t change the facts.It’s damn near impossible to accept that horrible things happen and often times there are no answers. No definitive answers.Passenger families want someone’s head. The airline wants to distance itself as far as possible from liability, in particular, corporate level liability.The plane manufacturer plays their part to deny any issues could have been their fault.Then you have one of the investigators from divisions like the US NTSB who are often allowed in because it was an American plane.If you take the time to look at factual evidence. If you look at interviews of all people, you quickly see there is no way to tell what actually happened. For a long time people refused to think that an airline, plane manufacturer, etc would knowingly ignore safety issues. Just look at the max!There are not enough da TVs to put blame on one person alone!

  • moses mboka
    moses mboka   2 weeks ago

    If i entrust mylife with you as a pilot and you take it,i swear in the afterlife i will look for you

  • jason voorhees
    jason voorhees   2 weeks ago

    Psychogical testing will not work. People will lie about their life and make it seem like they are fine. It's hard to spot a liar when they don't show signs of showing any issues.

  • MoOn ChiLd
    MoOn ChiLd   2 weeks ago

    You can hide mental Heath issues so an assessment might not be sufficient

  • Bran
    Bran   2 weeks ago

    3:05 no way bare they playing TLOU music over a suicidal pilot video

  • Maria Simone
    Maria Simone   2 weeks ago

    Depeloped Asian countries has this attitude of "don't wanna lose face" syndrome and it is not a surprised when they are making it "political".

  • Jacklyn Dlask-Hickman

    I think that there should be a cycle amongst all pilots that a mandatory 6-8 wk. time off be given yearly for them to take time for themselves for good mental and physical health and time away from the job so they don’t become to complacent and possibly making uncharacteristic mistakes in effort

  • Alexander Chance
    Alexander Chance   2 weeks ago

    I can tell all Aussies are very good-hearted❤️ people.. just speak a little funny😁

  • Alexander Chance
    Alexander Chance   2 weeks ago

    So sad I'm watching this now I didn't even know about these150 people died and all I hear today is the Travis Scott concert every minute what is wrong with this world? Does it make any sense why didn't no one care about these 150 people but everybody cares about these nine kids that shouldn't have been at a concert that involved violence , in the first place

  • Tuesday
    Tuesday   2 weeks ago

    Pilots need to go through weekly physical and psych checks. They literally carry the lives of hundreds of other people in their hands every time they fly. Mental health struggles are not a sign of weakness or shame. LOSE THE STIGMA AND SAVE LIVES!!

  • Victor Victor
    Victor Victor   3 weeks ago

    These Pilots should slam their planes into the Gold Reserve.

  • Krakatoa_ 81
    Krakatoa_ 81   3 weeks ago

    We can add The MH370 I strongly believe the captain purposely switched off the transponder as well as all the other tools to make his plane disappear from the radar and went somewhere down the Indian Ocean and crashed his Triple 7…….. Depressurization the cabine and locked the co pilote out of the cockpit in order to do his evil suicidal act

  • Julie Vander Leest
    Julie Vander Leest   3 weeks ago

    Isn’t it now illegal to fly commercial planes if you suffer from depression or other serious illnesses? I don’t mean to sound prejudice but I certainly would hope that the pilots flying you are mentally fit for the job.

  • Big Shah
    Big Shah   3 weeks ago

    love the last of us background music at the 3:00 min mark

  • Isaiah Batista
    Isaiah Batista   3 weeks ago

    If cockpits were to be modified to where either the first officer or the captain can override the closed door, something could’ve been avoided.

  • Squid Usn
    Squid Usn   3 weeks ago

    My thoughts has always been that the pilot wouldn't do anything to put himself in danger as I would to myself and rather worry about plane damage while up in the sky.

  • Ivan K.
    Ivan K.   3 weeks ago

    I dread to think of the state of some pilots now given how COVID has decimated the airline industry, financial constraints are the biggest contributing factor in feeding depression, self loathing and suicidal thoughts.

  • Ivan K.
    Ivan K.   3 weeks ago

    These are not pilots but mass murderers. Why couldn't they charter a turboprop and fly to hell? How evil must u be to take even innocent little kids with u? These murderers are no different from the Ted Bundys of this world who wanted the fame and recognition of their misdeeds to transcend time. Airlines are also to blame for cutting corners in order to net profits.

  • Khalid
    Khalid   3 weeks ago

    1:54 Imagine being on a plane and a reporter next to you is questioning the mental state of the pilot.

  • Helena Franzén
    Helena Franzén   1 months ago

    Why on earth cant these suicidal individuals just take their car and drive of a cliff? Why take other innocent people with them? I don´t get it. 😥

  • Chandu Reddy
    Chandu Reddy   1 months ago

    There should be strict rules that if u do anything intentionally the persons family should be sued a case to pay money

    URORONG   1 months ago

    Its okay guy, its just a flight simulator

  • Olga L
    Olga L   1 months ago

    we have right now more and ore people, suffering from mental health issues. There should be mental evaluation for sure and the doctors whom he was going to should be able to report that. So many innocent lives which we could save with the right actions. I think pilots and those who are driving should be mentally evaluated each year

  • Anand Nair
    Anand Nair   1 months ago

    If you want to go down, go alone. You don't own other people's lives.

  • Fu Cyou
    Fu Cyou   1 months ago

    Companies who lie to protect their bottom line are as guilty as the perpetrators. *See trump organization, republican party, and fraudbook/facebook

  • Fu Cyou
    Fu Cyou   1 months ago

    I have know numerous men and women in the airline industry. Their partying lifestyles were excessive if not illegal. Cocaine, pharmaceuticals, alcohol... nothing was off their party itinerary. Noone would have ever boarded a plane piloted by any of them if they had witnessed them in the throws of their addicted depressed states 24 hours prior.

  • TLM66
    TLM66   1 months ago

    The driver of anything can do this, and it's not uncommon at all.