Ep. 8 | The Basement Office | Underwater UFOs add to US Navy mystery | New York Post

  • Published on: 13 May 2020
  • In 2004, US Navy pilots encountered multiple fast-moving UFOs off the coast of San Diego, California. While this story is now widely known, one detail from the USS Nimitz incident has oft been overlooked... that they also witnessed a UFO under the surface of the ocean.

    A UFO in the water is called a USO or Unidentified Submerged Object. And there is a very long history of UFOs being witnessed under, above or near bodies of water. From a sighting recorded by Christopher Columbus in 1492, to the Utsuro Bune folklore in Japan, or the highly-documented Shag Harbour incident, water seems to play a big role in UFO sightings.

    Steven Greenstreet and Nick Pope dive deep into USO cases throughout history.

    #USO #UFO #TheBasementOffice

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  • Runtime : 30:15
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  • Alexandre Bechirian
    Alexandre Bechirian   1 years ago

    Steve and Nick are truly doing an amazing job!! Can’t wait for the next episode!!!

  • sustayne
    sustayne   2 days ago

    I like the show, but Steve allows the very knowledgeable, personable Mr. POPE say next to nothing. There seems little point for him to be there at all. Please let your guests, your GUESTS, to have the bulk of time for spoken word, Steve. He may have had some very interesting knowledge to share that you did not have.

  • apollobernet
    apollobernet   2 days ago

    25 years ago close to Daytona Beach after a storm when the ocean was calm I saw a concentric swell of water. At first I thought it was a rogue wave approaching the shore but stopped. The other thought was a whale but it would have splashed or be visible. There was no white water or wave break. Very bizzare but I still recall. This all makes sense now. Given the size and speed of the swell.

  • L A Smith
    L A Smith   2 days ago

    If you UFO guys want credibility, stay away from FAUX NOOZ! FOX is wrecking what credibility you have left!

  • Paul’s Pods and Marine Ornamentals

    In ancient Sumerian mythological tales, the Arcons or Apcalu were said to have come from the Abyssou. This is the "abyss" from the Bible. This is where ancient Sumerians blieved these entities came from. This is also known as "the deep" or the oceans, rivers or deep bodies of water. Obviously this isnt superstition if we are seeing the same phenomenon now. These are the evil spirits Jesus Christ visited during the 3.5 days prior to resurrection. These are the Archons of old, the Watchers from Genesis 6:1-4

  • DiverseLA
    DiverseLA   3 days ago

    I love The Basement Office but was disappointed that the photos at 3:58 were featured, since the photographer Almiro Barauna admitted they were a hoax and described how he did it. Those photos were taken off Trindade Island in Brazil in 1958.

  • eric salles
    eric salles   4 days ago

    The human money alien hybrids .are out manouvered.

  • Replicant
    Replicant   4 days ago

    The strange thing about the Japanese story is that it doesn't fit neatly into "folklore". There is no lesson involved. It reads like a simple account of something bizarre that needed to be documented.

  • Curi0u50ne
    Curi0u50ne   5 days ago

    There are underground bases there were the aleens process minerals and food including humans

  • Farah Soliman
    Farah Soliman   5 days ago

    I saw flying green jelly fish infront of my eyes at my bedroom

  • Tucker Gary
    Tucker Gary   6 days ago

    we have printed japanese documents 100's of years old.

  • Tucker Gary
    Tucker Gary   6 days ago

    uso's ? ufos yes navy radar search plane off the USS hancock 1960s on my screen large targets departed at speeds beyond any fighter over 2'000 km per hour. radar doesen't lie.

  • Tom Anderson
    Tom Anderson   1 weeks ago

    I wish the gov would just tell us the truth they have been here 4 thousands of years.Check out close encounters of the fifth kind very interesting.

  • Linda Butts
    Linda Butts   1 weeks ago

    NAVY, Marines, and off shore oil field workers have seen supposedly UFOS coming up out of oceans for years.

  • MoneyBiz Mars
    MoneyBiz Mars   1 weeks ago

    I have video of these crafts on my page! Tripped me out

  • Gaynor Tension
    Gaynor Tension   1 weeks ago

    I’ve been interested in UFOs since I was very young but never saw anything my whole life until this past summer. What looked like a ‘boomerang’ type but only the right side was visible, flew directly over me at about 01:00am while I was on a beach in Spain. Very, very low, not a sound, flying from the land out over to the sea. The COVID curfew was in effect and I’d messed up my hotel bookings so had to spend a night on the beach. I was basically bumming around the Costa Blanca in hostels and hotels and shouldn’t really have been out at all. I’d just started some music on my iPad (Pink Floyd if you’re interested) and lay back on a beach lounger to see this thing fly right above me. Had I not lay back at that point I doubt i’d have seen it. Every instinct told me this was not natural to our planet and it really shook me up because the crafts shape and the angle it was flying at coupled with the total silence was so strange to see. I was up and off that beach in seconds!I was wondering if anyone else has seen partial crafts, that’s to say a section of something that’s already an established shape? Maybe it was uncloaking or about to cloak or maybe what I saw was the whole craft?I’ve not reported this sighting officially and have only told a few people about my experience….Any thoughts anyone?

  • dirk ellis
    dirk ellis   1 weeks ago

    I would suggest reading behold a pale horse by Milton C Cooper

  • Peter Beilnhuber
    Peter Beilnhuber   1 weeks ago

    Did you just unearth the hidden agenda behind SOSUS? 🍺

  • Margaret Vaughan
    Margaret Vaughan   1 weeks ago

    These underwater UFO's were known to exist back in the 1940's ..

  • mischa schulz
    mischa schulz   1 weeks ago

    Yo man are you a detective or what ay pause the interview hahaha nice show

  • gerald hills
    gerald hills   1 weeks ago

    All I know is somebody is deflecting the truth and lying ! Works on both sides .

  • Mark Rowland
    Mark Rowland   1 weeks ago

    I'm impressed by the picture of an ocean bottom slender, multi cruciform, antenner protruding vertically.

  • Jayden James
    Jayden James   1 weeks ago

    I hope they do a new season soon this is TV worthy 🙌🏾

  • Andrew Erickson
    Andrew Erickson   2 weeks ago

    Over water hmm that's 2/3rds of the planet the connection is diluted but still cool

  • dhrh 05
    dhrh 05   2 weeks ago

    it seems that all official communications that the govt doesnt want made public, are sent to Norad, because they are not subject to freedom of info act

  • Eric B
    Eric B   2 weeks ago

    air is just less h2o then ocean.

  • Filippo Cipollini
    Filippo Cipollini   2 weeks ago

    Hold on one sec.Did you guys notice that the glyphs shown at 6.26 in the Japanese "folklore" tale seem the same type of glyphs shown in Jim Penninston's notes, in ep. 6?Not the same for sure, but very similar. Like: same type of language.Mr Pope, what do we know about this?They really resemble symbols of crop circles too, I believe....I can't believe there has been no attempt of translation.

  • Sherry OBrien
    Sherry OBrien   2 weeks ago

    If only the History Channel had a tenth of the integrity of the Post in their presentation of this show...

  • Todd Palmer Palmer
    Todd Palmer Palmer   2 weeks ago

    The bible that the devil and falling angels turn to a ball of light and that the devil is prince of the air.

  • Michael Montgomery
    Michael Montgomery   2 weeks ago

    wow you really butchered the japan story !!! let's not rely on your ability to recall a story just read from the book !!!