I'm Actually TALL! **PROOF** - LWIAY #00113

  • Published on: 05 April 2020
  • new surfaced evidence
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  • Bourbon Cask
    Bourbon Cask   1 days ago

    Rhett is a giant sack of garbage who is afraid of statues. Fun fact.

    LANAI LES   1 days ago

    "I am really very intelligent"-Felix...also do you remember at the start pf the year when he said " let's make 2020 the worse year ever" well...

  • audrey
    audrey   2 days ago

    i had to turn down my volume for the ‘fRiDaYs WiTh pEwDiEpIe’ cringe •-•

  • Farbod Atarodi
    Farbod Atarodi   4 days ago

    pewds:look im smart ill do an iq test 3 seconds laterno its too hard i cant do it

  • LoveandParty
    LoveandParty   5 days ago

    Wow so many memes I can't remember what he reviewed....

  • Samuel Wickens
    Samuel Wickens   1 weeks ago

    Doof and Phineas look similar. Also, Doof used to date Phineas's Mom

  • Aaron Ordinola
    Aaron Ordinola   2 weeks ago

    i wonder if pewds might try hftf since he already watched jojo

  • 7'1 BEAST Epik
    7'1 BEAST Epik   2 weeks ago

    Did anyone realize that pewdiepie has the same table as jacksepticeye

  • Cloraphoba
    Cloraphoba   2 weeks ago

    Pewdiepie is as tall as whatever legs he's wearing that day.

  • YoutubeDemonitizeMe
    YoutubeDemonitizeMe   3 weeks ago

    It’s not that we are pros in the new update it’s that we know what nether brick looks like! Lol

  • Jason Pullen
    Jason Pullen   3 weeks ago

    Top comment wins a Nintendo SwitchMe who likes my own comments:😐

  • Ivan bankomat
    Ivan bankomat   4 weeks ago

    1:37 If you look closely you can see legs, what other mysteries does he hide?

  • Sandra Millena
    Sandra Millena   4 weeks ago

    1:37 FEET!!!!....I SEE FEET!!!!..IT MEANS HE HAS LEGS!!

  • Luke Sari
    Luke Sari   1 months ago

    "Brain aneurysm" isnt that just a stroke ?