Stone Shelter Camping in a Snow Storm

  • Published on: 31 December 2020
  • Backpacking & Solo Winter Camping in a Snow Storm on the Appalachian Trail and New York Long Path.

    For this 3 day, 2 night camping trip, I decided to do a backpacking loop in New York’s Harriman State park. Despite being just a half hour north of New York City, Harriman SP offers hundreds of miles of trails, rugged mountain terrain, and rustic lean-to shelters built in the 1920’s. Covering over 47,000 acres, it’s the second largest state park in NY and feels more like a national forest shortly after hitting the trail.

    Because I did this trip in mid December with a forecast of possible snow and a temp range of just above freezing down to the teens, I figured the crowds would be minimal. The shelters in this area also have some great personality, so I decided to do something different – go minimal and just sleep in the shelter with a sleeping pad and a down quilt. This is a convenient and common practice for most Appalachian Trail hikers in fairer weather, but it would be a first for me in winter.

    For an easier read, GPS data, and more info check out my full blog post:

    No permit is required to backcountry camp in Harriman SP, but you may only set up camp within 100 yards of one of the park’s lean-to shelters.

    Trailhead Used: Kanawauke Picnic Area, Bear Mountain, NY 10911

    I chose this spot to begin because the road is closed beyond this point during winter. There are plenty of spots for parking and it was plowed while I was in the woods, which is a plus. There are also restrooms here, but they were closed for the winter.

    NJTC Trail Map

    Trails Used, Day 1

    Road hike west on Kanawauke Rd 1/2 half mile.
    Right on Unnamed Forest Road
    Left (west) on Dunning Trail
    Right (north) on Ramapo Dunderberg Trail
    Lichen Trail
    New York Long Path North / Arden Surebridge Trail
    Right on Appalachian Trail North
    Left (north) on Long Path
    Camp at “Unmaintained Shelter”
    While listed as “unmaintained”, this is an all metal shelter that is in good condition with an established fire pit in front. Water is available 1/8 mile east on the Long Path at the crossing of Surebridge Brook.

    Day 1 Mileage: 5.7
    Day 1 Gross Ascent: 1,581’

    Trails Used, Day 2

    Continue on the Long Path
    Camp at Stockbridge Shelter
    Made of stone in 1928 and built into the side of the Stockbridge Mountain summit with a new metal roof and two stone fireplaces. There are plenty of spots for tent or hammock camping to the rear of the shelter as well. I didn’t observe any water sources here. I got water the next morning 1 mile down the yellow trail at one of the streams feeding Lake Nawahunta.

    Day 2 Mileage: 3.4
    Day 2 Gross Ascent: 762’

    Trails Used, Day 3

    Backtrack south on the Long Path
    Left (east) on Menomine Trail (yellow)
    Pass by Silvermine Lake & William Brien Shelter
    Right (west) on Red Cross Trail
    Straight (southwest) on unmaintained woods road.
    I did this as a shortcut to save time and elevation.
    Road Hike west on Seven Lakes Drive (plowed in winter)
    Return to vehicle

    Day 3 Mileage: 9.5
    Day 3 Gross Ascent: 1,466 feet

    Total Mileage: 18.6
    Total Gross Ascent: 3,809’

    Backpacking Gear

    Fjallraven Kajka 75 Backpack
    Hammock Gear Burrow 20 Top Quilt
    Amok Fjol XL Winterlight Sleeping Pad
    Dutchware UP Booties
    Toaks 750ml Titanium Pot
    Toaks 450ml Titanium Cup
    Generic Cannister Stove
    MSR Flex Skillet
    Light My Fire Mini Fire Steel Striker
    Sea to Summit Long Handled Spork
    Potable Aqua Water Purification Tablets
    Outdoor Research MicroGravity AscentShell Jacket
    Outdoor Vitals Adventure Jacket, Loftek version
    Outdoor Vitals Satu Adventure Pants
    Solomon Toundro Pro CSWP Boot
    Dutchware Folding Sit Pad
    Byer of Maine Trilite Camp Stool
    Nitecore NU25 Headlamp
    Silky F-180 Folding Saw
    Casio ProTrek F30 Smartwatch
    Benchmade Bugout EDC Folding Knife
    Peak Refuel Backpacking Meals
    Mountain House Backpacking Meals
    Spot Gen3 GPS Messenger

    GoPro Hero 8 Black
    Tripod Grip

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  • Rik Warren
    Rik Warren   1 weeks ago

    I camped at 5 degrees in the Ice water springs shelter. Walked to Mt Leconte on the north side of mountain. Broke trail ~4 miles thru 19" 24" fresh snow. Unbelievable but treacherous.

  • dube mccready
    dube mccready   2 weeks ago

    I would prefer to stay in the 2nd shelter - looked alot more confined than the 1st & alot smaller to keep warm maybe more protection from weather etc. loved the look of your cheese toastie.for lunch, it is 4.56am here in Australia so put you on pause went off to make me one, added thinly sliced leek ( a milder tasting onion) mmm delicious sintax77. back to you, good video buddy yeah get into car & wind up that heater. travel safely

  • Σία Σία
    Σία Σία   2 weeks ago

    Μιλάς πολύ και κουράζεις .

  • Keegan Baker
    Keegan Baker   3 weeks ago

    Remember bigfoot's hungry too AKA Sasquatch you ought to read that newspaper article before you go any further pull it up the Bodies they found in that damn shelter ask one of the army guys down there at fort Bragg that was in on that investigation bodies look like they were in a blender and now they're saying some wolfman thing or dog man I hope you brought a gun with you and I'm saying the hell with the bears for for the stupid ass is out there

  • Loz Hunter
    Loz Hunter   3 weeks ago

    I dont understand you knew it was snowing, you let the fires go out, why? I presume you know you could freeze on cold nights, but then that is what the search parties train for, good luck

  • Dr. +John Paul
    Dr. +John Paul   3 weeks ago

    I have watched hundreds of great outdoor camping video’s in the winter, before, during, and after a winter storm, I watched them build shelters, campfires, beds etc. but what I have never seen is anyone build a latrine (toilet). They don’t have to demonstrate using it, but at else show that you have one, or some new modern day method designed for camping. No one can go three days camping without relieving themselves, its part of life, human nature, nothing to be shamed about.

  • Mark Walters
    Mark Walters   3 weeks ago

    Good video. But I would like to mention that my doctor told me never to eat top ramen soups. One because of the salt content and two the noodles are just like eating grass. Worthless. So I make rice. 😇

  • tom sevensixtwo nguyen

    Absolutely HORRIBLE! The title doesn’t match the video. It should be titled ‘Man’s self video diary of him yapping for over an hour, like women exchanging cooking recipes, before he gets to his destination on a windy winter day’. There was no “storm”. A hot trash video. LAME AF.

  • Spider Reed
    Spider Reed   1 months ago

    I think your wife was trying to set your ass on fire with those grilled cheeses,lol.its not my way I like just bread,cheese,tomato and if I can have pickles on the side and some tomato soup,I'm in heaven.

  • Spider Reed
    Spider Reed   1 months ago

    I wouldn't like sharing a shelter at'd feel awkward, especially when you need to go to the bathroom wondering if they'll steal from you,or worse have a much wanting to borrow all your things,or there drunk,talking non stop all night,ugh,that'd be my luck too,lol.

  • Morgan Daii
    Morgan Daii   1 months ago

    Id love to see someone stay at that stone camp site but with better supplies lol

  • Jaycee C
    Jaycee C   1 months ago

    The concrete slab you found is a base to what used to be a picnic shelter.

  • wayne baldwin
    wayne baldwin   1 months ago

    you lost me at ... Well , I'm gonna leave the Jeep here ... Lol

  • Carol Bulmer
    Carol Bulmer   1 months ago

    That was quite an adventure! Well done😊

  • Alex Samways
    Alex Samways   1 months ago

    Superb trip but you didnt collect enough wood and an small axe would have been useful to split larger logs..

  • Jay Meyers
    Jay Meyers   1 months ago

    Should try storm king mountain theres trails alover that area n your only about 10 miles away from herriman state park have to go past west point military academy up 9a north

  • Gregg Meyer
    Gregg Meyer   1 months ago

    I’m an Eagle Scout and you are very dangerous in your actions. You shouldn’t be posting any of this because you are promoting a bunch of bad decisions.

  • Jon Arment
    Jon Arment   2 months ago

    30:52 You know what sailors say about red skies?"Red sky at night... Sailor's delight." "Red sky morning... We're gonna need a bigger boat."

  • jonas owens
    jonas owens   2 months ago

    so why do u yuppies do things like this.makes no sence

  • Kimmy Fenn
    Kimmy Fenn   2 months ago

    I camped and hiked with friends into The Grand Canyon, we went Tanner Trail, it was great, sunrise and sunset were amazing .

  • Joannas Arcamedes
    Joannas Arcamedes   2 months ago

    You be safe out there....I hope and pray you are armed and have your personal locater device.

  • Nicholas Williams
    Nicholas Williams   2 months ago

    Another thing about Bigfoot, how many times do hikers come into close proximity with these creatures, only to be met with the sound of broken branches, rustling trees, growls, heavy foot steps and occasional roars, but no actual violent confrontation. This shows that Bigfoot would rather push people out of their hunting ground, rather than rip them apart as would be expected. It seems a case of the bark being louder than the bite. There are of course a couple of instances when people have been ripped apart, but this does not happen often. Intimidation is the order of the day rather than aggression

  • Nicholas Williams
    Nicholas Williams   2 months ago

    As far as Bigfoot go, I certainly don’t think they have much to do with missing hikers..... Bigfoot have a human side to their nature and they seem to understand what guns are used for and I think they are aware of the consequences, if too many people disappear. This not saying that Bigfoot are completely innocent they have been known to take out, the odd person here and there, but the sheer majority of missing people is down to something far more deadly............

  • Nicholas Williams
    Nicholas Williams   2 months ago

    Hi hope everybody is keeping well........well as I was saying, I’m just surprised David hasn’t thought about all of this himself it’s all quite simple really........what people have to get their heads around is the simple fact that Bigfoot is not the Apex predator at the top of the food chain ?....... There is one other, A predator so damn sneaky, deadly when it strikes and yet so secretive that most people regard it as legend................. ? This creature is in every National Park in America and yet it shares the same invisibility as Bigfoot !

  • andres vera
    andres vera   2 months ago

    Hi must be stupid to walk without gators in the snow.May be the next time you lost a few fingers on yours feet or worst

  • X Terminator
    X Terminator   2 months ago

    at what point during the video do you start to camp ?

  • 렌서
    렌서   2 months ago

    와 저기도 산 좋와 하는 한국인을 보다니 ;;;;;;

  • Nicholas Williams
    Nicholas Williams   2 months ago

    Been studying the trees, on ya video, ain’t seen no birdlife, I imagine if evergreens are evergreen all year round then maybe that’s where the birds will be...Been studying the missing 411 phenomenon for years, finally joined a lot of dots and come with a solution.This won’t explain all missing persons cases but it might explain the sheer majority - I can’t offer an explanation for bodies turning up in areas already searched. It’s cases like Eric Lewis and Chris Tomlinson the surveyor who went over the fence, but I’m already getting ahead of heart felt thanks to the king David Paulides for putting me upon this path of investigation. Why am I writing this when it has nothing to do with your film, maybe I don’t want you or any of your followers ending up as victims bye for now ?

  • Walter Maner
    Walter Maner   2 months ago

    I always want to holler, wait, you forgot your camera