BFB 8: Questions Answered

  • Published on: 10 March 2018
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    Music by Michael @
  • Runtime : 10:51
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  • Ztezty
    Ztezty   1 hours ago

    At 3:09 you can hear the Roblox oof sound and at 3:13 you can hear the old minecraft hurt sound

  • insanity-craft us
    insanity-craft us   19 hours ago

    And also I heard the oof sound at 3:09 (three minutes and nine seconds).

  • Fidget Master
    Fidget Master   1 days ago

    Total Drama Callbacks Episode 4: Answering QuestionsThe contest is a quiz show. Everyone but Harold, Scott, and Scarlett answered a question correctly. At the bonfire, Scarlett was eliminated with 2 votes against her.

  • พชร ทรายเป็ง

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  • Nowee_Playzz
    Nowee_Playzz   5 days ago

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  • Paul Ashikanen
    Paul Ashikanen   5 days ago

    6:57 SHUT IT, LOLLIPOOP.Me: When everyone hears this they will sh*t on their pants

  • Paul Ashikanen
    Paul Ashikanen   5 days ago

    6:45 SUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHURE.Me: Everyone is just a piece of tomato slice

  • iane's World!
    iane's World!   1 weeks ago

    I know that eight ball is going to get eliminated