BFB 8: Questions Answered

  • Published on: 10 March 2018
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    Music by Michael @
  • Runtime : 10:51
  • long videos animated show battle for dream island bfdi


  • Spooky Wookii
    Spooky Wookii   54 minuts ago

    0:01 me trying to steal some food out of the fridge be like

  • Samuel L.
    Samuel L.   3 hours ago

    sEe WhAt MaTcH wAnTs, MaTcH iS gOnNa GeT!

  • Dante Buckley
    Dante Buckley   13 hours ago

    People stop voting this ended a year ago stop voting or u dumb

  • ReddyDaApple
    ReddyDaApple   20 hours ago

    sort the comments by new to lose brain cells

  • XxIceyKittyxX UwU
    XxIceyKittyxX UwU   1 days ago

    3:09 if you listen closely you can hear the roblox death sound3:12 if you listen closely you can hear the Minecraft death sound

  • KinyACat
    KinyACat   2 days ago

    Everyone voting ended 2 years ago stop it.

  • Aya Re
    Aya Re   2 days ago

    Donut got revenge e

  • June Vittitow
    June Vittitow   2 days ago

    3:34 firey:donut how could you do this to my baby :firey cry’s