Are We All Just Living in a Big Video Game?

  • Published on: 19 January 2020
  • “The Simulation Hypothesis is the idea that everything we see around us is actually part of a computer simulation or a super sophisticated video game," Riz Virk told,. Virk is a game developer and the author of “The Simulation Hypothesis.” He’s fascinated with the theory, originated by a theorist named Nick Bostrom, that we all may be characters in a simulated universe. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as Virk says.
  • Runtime : 5:36
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  • Ej Copycat
    Ej Copycat   4 days ago

    I believe in the God theory.😇😇😇

  • S-X
    S-X   1 months ago

    Can somebody please tell me how to turn off subtitles

  • avery garrett
    avery garrett   2 months ago

    No maybe someones playing in a another real life

  • Mister Celebrity
    Mister Celebrity   3 months ago

    Hey administration, I'm aware I'm inside a virtual reality simulator program designed to fool all five senses. Now tell me wears the cheat codes. I'm not doing all that challenging stuff, I don't care about the struggle.

  • Poptrop
    Poptrop   5 months ago

    I like how they used the fortnite map instead of more realistic game backgrounds

  • The Poolminator
    The Poolminator   7 months ago

    Who ever is controlling me right now better tell me where is Karen and the kids

  • Puff Anna
    Puff Anna   7 months ago

    This is some foolishness. 😂

  • N-mj Saa
    N-mj Saa   8 months ago

    Man I am losing in video games and now also in real life 😢😭

  • Kyara Yeah
    Kyara Yeah   8 months ago

    I'm gonna go check if theres cheats on, cya!

  • Vibxr
    Vibxr   8 months ago

    *puts fortnite in the thumbnail*

  • Millah Fox
    Millah Fox   8 months ago

    Why would someone play a boring game

  • Sassy Sarah
    Sassy Sarah   8 months ago

    That's why I have Deja Vu. I've lived and died multiple lives

  • CtxOctic
    CtxOctic   8 months ago

    I’m not slow cause I’m fat it’s cause my ping is so high and why I’m so clumsy

  • _WoOmY the W017_
    _WoOmY the W017_   8 months ago

    AAAH yes and the computer is broken yes oh okey the glass yes that 500 dolla to fix mam

  • Stivven
    Stivven   8 months ago

    Actually that ending speach got me hard, its really interesting point of wiev to implement in life.

  • Happy Dabbz
    Happy Dabbz   8 months ago

    I swear I wana meet the guy who thinks we in simulation so I can slap dumbass outta him

  • Pufflune
    Pufflune   8 months ago

    Whoever is controlling me, then the make bad choices that reflects my life

  • J J
    J J   8 months ago

    I wish

  • C 937
    C 937   8 months ago

    Let’s go bowling

  • Cryptos
    Cryptos   8 months ago

    when you hit some bunt

  • JayyACO
    JayyACO   8 months ago

    0:55 smh the controller wasnt even on

  • Nyx Gaming
    Nyx Gaming   8 months ago