Finding out i'm pregnant on Father's Day + telling my Husband & parents! *EMOTIONAL*

  • Published on: 21 July 2019
  • I couldn't keep it in any longer. God still does work miracles my friends. We are absolutely over the moon and excited to go through this new adventure honoring God with this incredible opportunity. Follow along on our pregnancy journey!

    Comment below if you think it will be a boy or a girl!

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    Love God, Love Yourself, Love People

  • Runtime : 18:55
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  • Cheyenne Mojica
    Cheyenne Mojica   1 days ago

    I found out a week after Father’s Day this year. Thought it would take us another year or two at least. It was a dark line for me. my stomach hurt for a week from anxiety about it, especially how excited I was to tell family.

  • Emily Munday
    Emily Munday   2 days ago

    this was an awesome awesome video <3 this. <3

  • Maria Tools
    Maria Tools   1 weeks ago

    Okay that sucked how you showed him but congratulations 🎊

  • Meagan Therrien
    Meagan Therrien   1 weeks ago

    Just rewatching videos. I forgot you found out of Father’s Day!!! I just found out about #4 this Father’s Day!!

  • California Hansbeger
    California Hansbeger   1 weeks ago

    I didn’t think I could get pregnant either, and then I took 4 tests and the double lines appeared in 20 seconds, when it said it would take 2 minutes. I didn’t believe the 4 tests so much I went to the hospital and had them pee test me, and come to find out I’m definitely pregnant. Went to the ob at 9 weeks and the heartbeat was 167 😭 I’m so happy for you nothing is more exciting then finding out you can have kids when you were so down about thinking you couldn’t.

  • Jutta Ylianttila
    Jutta Ylianttila   1 weeks ago

    Congrats..i was shakeing too and had the exact same feelings, mine was alltough really strong lines. Right now im 13weeks and 5days pregnant.

  • EB’s Life
    EB’s Life   2 weeks ago

    did she just saw she was off her period for EIGHT YEARS girl that is a blessing cause these cramps hurt

  • Bernie B.
    Bernie B.   2 weeks ago

    I had to come back to watch this video again because your relationship is just so beautiful and the way y’all care for each other and base your love around God is just so beautiful.

  • Megan Groom
    Megan Groom   2 weeks ago

    I just saw your video today. I just found out today that I am pregnant, and today is Father's Day. I also had just the one symptom!

  • Daniela Zaes
    Daniela Zaes   2 weeks ago

    me watching on fathers day, while i figure how to tell him :o

  • Shakira Felton
    Shakira Felton   3 weeks ago

    Wow my hope is to surprise my husband that I’m pregnant on Father’s Day & his name just happen to be Craig too What a coincidence....

  • Melody Fitz
    Melody Fitz   3 weeks ago

    When she said i wanna throw up i died😂💕

  • micah greene
    micah greene   3 weeks ago

    You remind me so much of Blake Lively when she was in sisterhood of the traveling pants !

  • Kathy Mathers
    Kathy Mathers   3 weeks ago

    Wife, husband, mom, dad, all found out in the same day. They were all surprised together awesome!!!

  • ajeem masri
    ajeem masri   1 months ago

    You somehow remind me of Blake Lively. I see the resemblance. Well thats just my thought 😅

  • Mackenzie Robinson
    Mackenzie Robinson   1 months ago

    I can see them! Congrats I'm sure she/he will be so beautiful! Just like you!

  • kendall atha
    kendall atha   1 months ago

    It was one line not two you are not pregnant

  • Peppa Pig
    Peppa Pig   1 months ago

    Your smile is sooo pretty!! ❤️❤️

  • Claudia Castro García
    Claudia Castro García   1 months ago

    This ons of the cutest videos I’ve ever seen🥺😍❤️Congratulations!💜