[YTP] BFDI:TPOT 1: You Know Those Butts Don't DooDoo, Right?

  • Published on: 05 February 2021
  • This took so much effort to put in, and I'm really proud of how it ended up as.
    Thumbnail made by AlphaAmoeba, go subscribe to him: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ8P2Kv8z_-jUYK4ltpjPfQ

    This is also for a ytp collab I am doing with PaperMarioParty, go subscribe to him as well: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbzrVXf5xLjm8c5WBqml_ow

    TPOT was made by JNJ
  • Runtime : 10:31


  • Icicle
    Icicle   2 hours ago


  • Thomas Kemper
    Thomas Kemper   23 hours ago

    Sus sus sus sus sus sus sus sus sus sus sus sus sus

  • APinkScout
    APinkScout   1 days ago

    Anyone realize at 6:40 two is putting up the middle finger

  • Thann Keeratisathitporn

    I laughed so hard that my mom tell me to have a meditation time every time I watch YTPs

  • basically a candle
    basically a candle   2 days ago

    Stake at cake40+40 is- IS FOURTY!!!What's wrong with 40? 40 is a number! They're impossible!Let's go with... 666WOA! The team is a teamaaaaa don't worry sauceRemember the days we spent cranking the hphphphphprcOur team will be earthOnce you get to the top ur not allowed to get to the top*Plays stardew valley music*

  • Jevil
    Jevil   3 days ago

    2:22 veev, taxy, sus, uh-uh-uh, peepee