Morgan Wallen - Wasted On You (The Dangerous Sessions)

  • Published on: 11 January 2021
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  • Runtime : 3:
  • Morgan Wallen Wasted You (The Dangerous Sessions) Republic Records Country


  • Helen Rivera
    Helen Rivera   1 hours ago

    I wasted 33 yrs of my life on a loser&cheater

  • Kimberly Rutherford
    Kimberly Rutherford   6 hours ago

    My friend said they loved morgan wallen so I looked up his songs and this is the first of his songs ive listened to and wow I thought id hate it cause she said he was country but hes the type of country singer where its actually nice

  • Alyssa Grace
    Alyssa Grace   7 hours ago

    This song honestly hit hard. I used to stay up late and waste my time a guys I didn't need, if only i'd heard this song sooner

  • Meleana Sivley
    Meleana Sivley   9 hours ago

    The amount of love I have for this man's voiceeeee😩✋

  • Katie Rhodes
    Katie Rhodes   10 hours ago

    This man got me wanting a shot of whiskey and a cigarette in a lonely bar and I dont even smoke lol

  • Kaleb Bridges
    Kaleb Bridges   10 hours ago

    The "thumbs-down" people are just mad that someone is getting over them to this song.

  • Quez Garrett
    Quez Garrett   11 hours ago

    Repeat this song and it’ll NEVER get old 🔥

  • Thalia Clarissa
    Thalia Clarissa   11 hours ago

    Why is it that sometimes even sad songs are the only songs we want to listen to when we’re sad?

  • i dont know
    i dont know   16 hours ago

    I think the people that disliked the song were trying like it and they pressed the wrong one and didnt notice

  • Music_Is_Life
    Music_Is_Life   19 hours ago

    My break up happened 7 summers ago... this just brought it all back.

  • Brayden Name
    Brayden Name   23 hours ago

    This man just got me through a breakup and I’ve been single for 2 years!

  • JM Dromanah 2.0
    JM Dromanah 2.0   1 days ago

    Imagine experiencing Breakup and your Brain can't forget about it because you have a Photographic memory

  • MsAmanda778
    MsAmanda778   1 days ago

    So catchy, wish I could write a song this good

  • Binnie Button
    Binnie Button   1 days ago

    I just wanna be a kitty sitting on your lap, can I be your kitty?

  • Adrianna Oliver
    Adrianna Oliver   1 days ago

    bruh I'm crying in my room to this and I don't even miss anyone

  • Bella Diesel
    Bella Diesel   1 days ago


  • Chett Steddman
    Chett Steddman   1 days ago

    "I swore this would be different, My heart wouldn't listen.." DAMNNNNIT

  • SpawnQuestGaming
    SpawnQuestGaming   1 days ago

    I’m a straight man, but my god is this guy attractive as hell.

  • Ty Wilson
    Ty Wilson   1 days ago

    Wasted on you!!!!! Damn I can dig it! How many of us have wasted it on someone.

  • Spurr
    Spurr   1 days ago

    I like this version better than the hip hop official one

  • Jey Val
    Jey Val   1 days ago

    This song is amazing #straightfire ;)

  • trey plemons
    trey plemons   1 days ago

    tfw the acoustic session is way better than the album version

  • Josh Burton
    Josh Burton   1 days ago

    This should be the version on spotify. I listen to metal 99% of the time. This is strait fire.

  • Clive Pope
    Clive Pope   2 days ago

    4 Years and a marriage .. Wasted on you !

  • B. Shaffer
    B. Shaffer   2 days ago

    Who is the guitar player/singer in the video? Seen him before.

  • logancooper372
    logancooper372   2 days ago

    Best country album since Luke Bryan’s tailgates and tanlines!

  • League Oflegends
    League Oflegends   2 days ago

    This is wayyy better than the album. Miss me with that over produced rap shit.

  • Alissa Jackson
    Alissa Jackson   2 days ago

    Keep it up Morgan. You'll probably never see this but if you do... Your songs help me so much through a lot. You're amazing. Sincerely, girl from a small town outside of Knoxville Tennessee❤