Is There One All Powerful SUPERFORCE Controlling The Universe?

  • Published on: 28 May 2021
  • Researched and Written by Leila Battison
    Narrated and Edited by David Kelly
    Thumbnail Art by Ettore Mazza

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  • History of the Universe

    Hello folks! Hope you enjoy it. Plenty more to come, barely a trillionth of a second has passed so far. Also, I hope you all enjoy the myriad ways I say quark in this particular episode. Three quarks for Muster Mark!CORRECTION: The brief video of what I thought was Lahore, in Pakistan is actually India. Mistake with stock footage labelling. Very sorry!

  • Gregory Garcia
    Gregory Garcia   1 days ago

    "C" shaped magnet, measure the wobble. genius, simple and if it can be done...

  • Edwin Tsvangirayi
    Edwin Tsvangirayi   1 days ago

    TIME DIVIDE SWORD- FINAL WARNING, 49years grace period = FIRMAMENTAL REALMS OF JEHOVAH-JESUS SPIRIT OF LIFE LAW of spirit and life in christ jesus

  • Edwin Tsvangirayi
    Edwin Tsvangirayi   1 days ago

    DIGISTATUE 8Giect reTIME in FIRMAMENT LOOP IN FROM BASE STRIKE-8th8thDAYGATE-CURRENT|PRESENT-PROJECTION STRIKE 206968:|:|:|:|:|:|:|00:00:00-00:00:00007Giect2019.10.15-2256.1104hrs |MYSTERY| Source Intertwined PRESENT rayblue, rayyellow point of celestial-terrestial convergence NOW 22-09-2021 1721hrs.....18hrspm

  • matt b
    matt b   2 days ago

    This is garbage atomism….this will soon be gone in favor of the real truth. Everything is magneto-dielectric, energy, frequency, amd vibration.

  • ashJayden06
    ashJayden06   2 days ago

    Amazing documentary. Extremely well presented information. Thank you

  • Jragon 1
    Jragon 1   2 days ago

    So atypical for the gluon not to stick around, I would think! Universe: Where in th heck do you think you're going, gluon?, because I am literally the only place you can possibly be!

  • Victor Ronaldo Dos Santos

    Of course is some one ther i can feel i witness i my life more than once the presence of this Ispiritual filling.

  • John
    John   4 days ago

    Giga not Gigo

  • Paul Lovatt
    Paul Lovatt   4 days ago

    Science deniers will love you repeating "house of cards" over and over again. It's no coincidence that science denial grew with the internet, and YouTube in particular. To make your video interesting you have to describe hundreds of years of concentrated human thought and effort as "a house of cards".

  • Benjamin Cronce
    Benjamin Cronce   6 days ago

    Time and space is a strange concept when the Higgs doesn't exist yet and everything is traveling at c and don't experience time. Intuition? Where we're going we don't need Intuition.

  • Deep Drag
    Deep Drag   1 weeks ago

    The "fine tuning" that enabled us to assert that our theory of electron spin was in agreement with the experimental evidence to twelve digits tripped us up with the muon.We need to fine tune the fine tuning.

  • Tom Aaron
    Tom Aaron   1 weeks ago

    It would be good to have a presentation that didn’t spend 90% of the time recapping the same information as every other presentation on YouTube. It gets tedious going over the same history of physics again and again and again.

  • Alec Misra
    Alec Misra   1 weeks ago

    Generally agreed to have been a mistake.

  • Luis Garcia
    Luis Garcia   2 weeks ago

    I enjoyed the video greatly! Thank you for making it understandable to a non-physics individual.

  • Stan Lee
    Stan Lee   2 weeks ago

    theoroticians aka guess scientists

  • busybillyb33
    busybillyb33   3 weeks ago

    This was the most easiest to understand video on how particle physics tied in with the Big Bang. Quality content.

  • Faiz A
    Faiz A   4 weeks ago

    I watched all videos on this channel and the best part is narration 👌👍👏👏👏

  • Battle Hamster
    Battle Hamster   1 months ago

    Richard Fineman like a like a lot of brilliant people in those days would be in prison for sleeping with his student's in this modern era. Just stating well documented facts.

  • Onder Ozenc
    Onder Ozenc   1 months ago

    The 5th force must be the coriolis force. If you do the same experiment with "pi-mesons", you would get more wobbling.

  • Michael Reifenstein
    Michael Reifenstein   1 months ago

    if you wish to have any credibility please use scientific notation when describing big or small numbers, 10^12 degrees, or ten to the twelve degrees, not a quadrillion. 10^-9 seconds, or ten to the minus nine seconds, not a trillionth of a second.

  • peace man
    peace man   1 months ago

    i know Allah control everything

  • Holdin Muhl
    Holdin Muhl   1 months ago

    This is an excellent explanation of the basics of modern physics. Now I understand some more of the "spirit" of quantum physics.There is one thing, however, I'd like to add. The description of the early epochs of the universe immediately after the "big bang" uses a time scale in fractions of trillionsth of a second to make it understandable when this took place. However, at this "time" there was not time yet. Time and space themselves are a product of the reactions and the creation of matter "after" the big bang. There is no spacetime without matter. And as long as matter is rather virtual, i.e. it comes to existance and disappears instantly and these processes repeat again and again, so long the same happens with spacetime. Thus counting fractions of seconds to describe the lenght of the epochs makes no real sense. The "inner" time of those early universe is nothing to compare with. There is no common scale to our time.

  • Sebastian Eleven
    Sebastian Eleven   1 months ago

    What's the disturbing background music for? Breaks the concentration. cut it our, please.

  • alexander bell
    alexander bell   1 months ago


  • Darrell Dawson
    Darrell Dawson   1 months ago

    So, just like weak & strong nuclear force. Could repulsive gravity be the 5th force which could cause a wobble effect on muerons? (From pushing & pulling?) On that note, I'd like to say that anti gravity is by far the dominant field. Due to the accelerated expansion of our universe

  • IMM2M Thank God
    IMM2M Thank God   1 months ago

    yes the force that you are talking about is the outer universe attracting the inner universegravity is a place of less spacethe inner has more space causing the so called expansionthe outer is attracting the inner by gravity this is how the big bang banged

  • Mikey Bonilla
    Mikey Bonilla   1 months ago

    I strongly agree due to the complexity of our existence a parallel society

  • Kyle Bunke
    Kyle Bunke   1 months ago

    Is conscientious the missing force? Not our individual consciousness but the universe is conscious