Smokepurpp - Off My Chest feat. Lil Pump (Official Music Video)

  • Published on: 14 May 2020
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    Directed by All The Smoke @allthesmokepictures
    Tyler Benz @tylerbenz
    Justin Staple @justinstaple
    Albert Lago @al_bert_la_go

    Produced by Cosmo Orlando @cosmorlando
    Edited by All The Smoke @allthesmokepictures
    Director of Photography Brett Arndt @b.a.cinema
    Production Design by William O'Donnell @w.j.odonnell
    1st Assistant Camera Sam Robinson @merakisam
    Gaffer: Chad McClellan
    Key Grip: Brandon Harris
    Color by Quinn Alvarez
    Effects by Culture Sport
    Commissioned by Albert Lago @al_bert_la_go
    Thumbnail image by Kyle Safieh @cinesaf

    Faraaz Kanji @notapalindrome
    Justin Molinari @justin_molinari

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  • Runtime : 2:59
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  • smokepurpp
    smokepurpp   4 months ago


  • Cleazic v2
    Cleazic v2   6 hours ago

    this sounds more like lil pump featuring smokepurpp

  • Jeff Cox
    Jeff Cox   3 days ago

    Wtf did he get off he’s chest? Asking for a friend.

  • Broke Earl
    Broke Earl   3 days ago

    Yooo pls give my beats a try :€

  • Cmgv
    Cmgv   3 days ago

    0:00 como se llama ese sonido

  • lilcasher
    lilcasher   4 days ago

    So everyone's going to overlook the thing that he said when he went Pop a hole 60 then have a seizure -juice wrld reference

  • shumaila jaffar
    shumaila jaffar   4 days ago

    For anyone who wants to drop out, this is a big reason why you shouldn't

  • bob Angelo
    bob Angelo   5 days ago

    Omg what are they doing with Bambi???

  • Young Boss
    Young Boss   5 days ago

    Lil pump - who said that? Who said that shit?, what’s up nigga come up,what’s up? Sheesh RNS ⛽️ 🔥

  • Eli Berg
    Eli Berg   5 days ago

    this is the only type of smokepurpp and lil pump we want no more mumbling or slow bullshit

  • Mr beanos manoyr
    Mr beanos manoyr   5 days ago

    Damn boi lil pump sound so much better if he is aggressive

  • Keenan Woods
    Keenan Woods   1 weeks ago

    I don’t like lil pump and smoke but this song is fireeeeeeeee

  • Eesha Chidanand
    Eesha Chidanand   1 weeks ago

    Even though purp is the older brother of pump I feel that pump looks a bit older than purp

  • Zariel
    Zariel   1 weeks ago

    smoke purpp is the kinda guy to to the sun to dry his sweat

  • Lil Mouel
    Lil Mouel   1 weeks ago

    moueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel 7777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777

  • Lil Mouel
    Lil Mouel   1 weeks ago


  • Carlos Aleman
    Carlos Aleman   1 weeks ago

    everyone sayin they fell off i think they still make good music

  • 김승민
    김승민   1 weeks ago

    When my grandmother heard this song, she took off her dentures and started wearing grillz

  • Jayden Micah
    Jayden Micah   1 weeks ago

    Who’s still remembers smokepurpps freestyle?

  • Nawooorty
    Nawooorty   1 weeks ago

    This video like when the teachers have a meeting and lil pump and smokepurpp is the pupils