Extreme 1:1 City Hide and Seek!

  • Published on: 31 July 2020
  • We play hide and seek in Minecraft. In a big city. It took hours.

    Check out Pippen's 200 hour Seattle timelapse video!

    Shoutout to Build the Earth for making this amazing 1:1 map!
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  • Runtime : 11:31


  • Stupid Head
    Stupid Head   25 minuts ago

    I just hope you didn’t save the game with your world all blown up after countless hours of gameplay of you guys building the city

  • Nicole
    Nicole   36 minuts ago

    I love how the people who build that just watched jimmy and Chris destroy there hard work

  • Edwin Lopez
    Edwin Lopez   48 minuts ago

    Imagine if you couldn't reset the server or you just wasted pippin time

  • HeroLegoII
    HeroLegoII   1 hours ago

    This is an important message. I noticed when I was watching me beast’s ‘building competition’ video, I noticed that Karl cheated when he went to get ice cream. He asked a friend to swap builds with him, and this is cheating. Karl wasn’t perma banned for cheating, not even temp banned. This means that if you cheat in another event, you are technically allowed to stay and not get perma banned. If Mr Beast can’t enforce ‘no cheating’ then can’t everyone cheat and not get banned?

  • Things to Draw
    Things to Draw   1 hours ago

    The name tags make it easy and they get snow balls

  • Ethan Plays
    Ethan Plays   2 hours ago

    You no the guy who you asked for a shoutout for a couple of years ago wellll you should shout him out

  • JolteonJaydan
    JolteonJaydan   3 hours ago

    Wait this better be backed up or that's 2 days of work wasted

  • Husky Gamer
    Husky Gamer   3 hours ago

    Chris and Jimmy: Searching a giant building MeanwhileKarl and Chandler: CpR

  • Lexie Walker
    Lexie Walker   3 hours ago

    didnt they build the map in 24 hours though? and the one dude said it took 2 and a half days... im confused

  • John Kennedy
    John Kennedy   4 hours ago

    We love watching you in South Africa. Can i play Minecraft on my XBox?

  • Callie Reynolds
    Callie Reynolds   4 hours ago

    Karl: this looks like a cute little Starbucks, Can I get a Vannila bean frap with java chips. Chandler: sighs What size? Karl: The biggest size Chandler: sighs again vEnTi

  • Colton Hoelscher
    Colton Hoelscher   4 hours ago

    Commenting til the finish the explode every minute series

  • Ammon Sigler
    Ammon Sigler   4 hours ago


  • Raveed Murshed
    Raveed Murshed   4 hours ago

    I won a hide and seek challenge wth my friends in Minecraft by hiding in the ocean 🌊

  • Dad Vs Sons
    Dad Vs Sons   5 hours ago


  • Gavin Ziemer
    Gavin Ziemer   5 hours ago

    can i be in one of your games Mr.Beast please

  • Louis Hernandez
    Louis Hernandez   6 hours ago

    Chris: ENEMY AC 130!!!!!!!MrBeast: I didn't see anybody die, but the player count went down by three😂

  • M
    M   6 hours ago

    4:51 chandler was making fun at gorge floed 😡?

  • R SB
    R SB   7 hours ago

    You mean concreate powder Chris

  • Maria athena Andig
    Maria athena Andig   7 hours ago

    Jimmy and Chris finding person in the city while Chandler and Carl playing around hahahhaha😂🤣😹😂🤣🥰

  • ZERO
    ZERO   8 hours ago

    Chandler is dumb and weird af

  • Yeet Mcteet
    Yeet Mcteet   8 hours ago

    Chris and mrbeast :Chandler and Karl:DO U WANT THIS MEET ALL ACROOS UR FACE?