Is Reality Real? The Simulation Argument

  • Published on: 21 September 2017
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  • Runtime : 8:46
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  • Potato Gaming
    Potato Gaming   8 minuts ago

    When you die, the simulation ends and you will know a lot of things learned in your life and if on our planet were millions of technicians. The response is yes.

  • William Dean
    William Dean   58 minuts ago

    What a shit video. We live and we die. You experienced nothing before your life and you'll experience nothing after. Get over it.

  • high from beneath
    high from beneath   1 hours ago

    We r in a simulation that our brain creates a reality for us by that I mean 99% NPC's that can understand the game of life and write its own history but I'm that 1% who feels conscious enough to know everything is just my reflection in this game of life.

  • Tamertamer Tamer
    Tamertamer Tamer   2 hours ago

    The one thing is that we cannot know but also if it is a simulation then god does exist

  • jyrgn
    jyrgn   14 hours ago

    but what if the world outside the simulation has other rules and the physics and logic of the simulation is just part of the simulation?

  • Tom Index2
    Tom Index2   14 hours ago

    schizophrenics: simply no mute option on the players mic.

  • pjq420
    pjq420   15 hours ago

    Anyone who finds out about their own self simulator truth feels free to drop all your wealth at my property well cared institution just in case if you felt you're not worth of anything

  • Okeh Bru
    Okeh Bru   15 hours ago

    The things that has been going on in 2020, the developer has poor writing for this game and poor character writing

  • Callan Walker
    Callan Walker   15 hours ago

    Whoever is can controlling me, can you tell Dad to come back from getting the milk please

    SOFTWARE MASTER   19 hours ago

    Many religious Texts mention that God's control our universe.. so....

  • Dorottya Móri
    Dorottya Móri   20 hours ago

    Let's be honest. Who gives a fuck? Like yeah i can be a simulation and stuff but im actually happy so... and like one day i will die so like whatever

  • Frisky Five
    Frisky Five   21 hours ago

    Would being simulated give life MORE meaning? I mean, if we are just here, floating on a rock through space until our inevitable destruction, then, surely being in a simulation would mean that we are being simulated for a reason? A reason that yes, we don't understand, but a higher power does. Maybe we are being simulated as an experiment to save their civilisation? Or maybe, we're just a super advanced video game. Either way, we serve a purpose in this scenario, rather than just to, well, exist🤷‍♂️

  • Manolis Skolarikis
    Manolis Skolarikis   22 hours ago

    Let's assume we live in a simulation. which...puzzles me a bit because we may have been created by creators who have their own creators and live in their own simulation. Like an onion. Is communication between the layers possible? Presumably yes. And why we cannot evolve to the state of the ones that created us? Hey there is not only the concept of evolution in nature but devolution as well. There might exist some empty seats. So the only thing left to do is ask ourselves: How our creators would like us to behave?

  • Yoda
    Yoda   22 hours ago

    Hope we must have, that a simulation we are not

  • Theodore Kotsi
    Theodore Kotsi   23 hours ago

    What if every Galaxy is a different simulation and space is the thing between them. Then even a very intelligent alien civilisation couldn't have access in it, that's why we can't see any Alien. Just because the system that have make has a dark place they haven't access in. SPACE!!!

  • IO\ I_I I\I
    IO\ I_I I\I   23 hours ago

    The Guy who created me: imma select Expert+++++ Modeme: f

  • Mr. Llama
    Mr. Llama   1 days ago

    If this is real, then people committing suicide are just viruses In their computers and magic tricks and people surviving getting shot are bugs and people dying are just people tripping over the wires

  • Walter Nykung
    Walter Nykung   1 days ago

    Imagine living you're whole life greatly. Getting a family and having enough money to live happily.and Then wake up to a doctor saying hOw WaS tHe sImuLatIoN

  • MrsIimee
    MrsIimee   1 days ago

    if someone if running me , can i have a bigger dick?

  • adam gharbi
    adam gharbi   1 days ago

    Maybe when someone dies in earth the player either rage quit or deleted his account

  • ujjawal kumar
    ujjawal kumar   1 days ago

    This world currently needs an antivirus update.

  • The Chosen One
    The Chosen One   1 days ago

    Maybe, after death, the consciousness is sent into a non-simulated body, and out of the simulation?

  • Alice Pollard
    Alice Pollard   1 days ago

    watching this gave me a mighty headache so whoever is controlling my simulation doesn't like the fact i'm becoming self aware

  • Hmm Batata
    Hmm Batata   1 days ago

    Whoever is simulating us right now, is a true psycho Just like how we kill our own sims WTF

  • Kiwi Banana
    Kiwi Banana   1 days ago

    Whoever made me definitely spiced things up by making multiple accounts and playing them all at the same time.Though, they didn't have to get the abusive parents mod just to uninstall it everytime they get guilty and install it again just to see what happens ;(

  • Alexandra Two face
    Alexandra Two face   1 days ago

    I have EXma Tourette syndrome and daddy issues and I’m living in the cheapest house on the street which looks horrible my player is playing on impossible mode

  • UאժēԻ†āאժ ing

    Whoever is controling me have a lot of ping, he can't make me wake up from the bed.