The Maino Project: Bigfoot Caught on Camera in the U.P.?

  • Published on: 21 January 2014
  • NBC26 can finally show you the photo of what some believe is Bigfoot roaming the woods in the U.P.
  • Runtime : 2:28
  • WGBA-TV local news news 10pm syndicate


  • Hawk Man
    Hawk Man   1 weeks ago

    I bet chu bigfoot was watching this too and is like Shit! Can't go back there smh

  • Giuseppe Martino
    Giuseppe Martino   1 weeks ago

    So now is it real? I think it is . How can thousands of people that have sightings be lieing? I don't think so. 🤔

  • Stevi Schermi
    Stevi Schermi   2 weeks ago

    Yes, dogs are scared to death of these apes. They can smell them for long distance. Trust your dogs. Do not encourage dogs to go after these apes. They will die.

  • Gumsho Guy
    Gumsho Guy   2 weeks ago

    Michigan Bigfoot Report and Data: Gumshoguy’s Corner -- I have the largest active Michigan Bigfoot Database in the state.Michigan has had a long history of Bigfoot that goes back 1700s long before it became a state in 1837. My Washtenaw county encounter was the impetus springboard for me stepping out of the shadows and going public. It has taken 12 years to root out and put together 1,890 Bigfoot reports there are today in 2022. People need to know.

  • Justin Marang
    Justin Marang   3 weeks ago

    When these " pro teams" go looking for it they never find them. Why? Glad you asked, because it already knows there looking for it. It's very intelligent has heighten senses and I believe the forest informs it somehow. I also believes it has super powers in a way

  • Shamsiah Kaji
    Shamsiah Kaji   3 weeks ago

    Vajomba Bigfoot Eat CCTV geographic Irfan creepy smile

  • Mountebank
    Mountebank   1 months ago

    I would never let those t.v. Finding Bigfoot goons on my property if i found a bipedal hominid creature. They never find the bigfoot to trap their audience into staying tuned to their bullshit show.

  • C Davison
    C Davison   1 months ago

    It's obvious what it is. You won't sneak up on it, so don't bother trying. They will find you if you're brave and curious enough to sit out there. Be quiet and patient- they will find you.

  • CW Faulkner
    CW Faulkner   1 months ago

    Could we have better video clear picture thanks suggestion sit & wait it's their woods they live there c.w.

  • Alan Hardy
    Alan Hardy   2 months ago

    Why don’t they bring some dogs ?Never ever !

  • Ramanesh Minister of Truth

    this show proves nothing, it's more about dramatization then something else, and their investigation Methode are laughable, some 20 people walking during the night, making howls and other b..shit, childish, nothing else! that US tv sponsored such events is beyond me, this is ridiculous!!

  • tucan man
    tucan man   2 months ago

    they show only idiots think sasquatch is real anything thats on the news is dis information your not allowed to find bigfoot all proof is confiscated and suppressed and a military unit dispatched for genocide there a people not animals wake up its not a fun hobby

  • Kyle Krafka
    Kyle Krafka   2 months ago

    Bigfoot is multidimensional. They know and see the doorways

  • Molly
    Molly   2 months ago

    Cc He picked the wrong company for the truth.

  • Debra Eller
    Debra Eller   2 months ago

    What about the proof of it like d&a

  • Bridget Andrews
    Bridget Andrews   2 months ago

    Pity they didn't have a dart gun or even a rifle, not to kill it but just Maime it, say a shot to the shin etc.. I just think they're horrible things.I don't think their intelligence goes much beyond athletic abilities, as they steal, they do not grow food..They seem to have tantrums if campers are enjoying the outdoors, yet they think nothing of entering rural farms, and homes , like how dare they throw stones or boulders at houses, they must know humans live there..If they were intelligent they would not yell and make gorilla noises in the wee hours of a new day, they would not wreck peoples camping areas, rip tents, etc.asurely if they used their smart mind they are meant to possess then they'd only scream like a woman being killed, do that far far away not just beyond trees that back onto human properties...As for picking up livestock that is fences, and again, they'd know that belongs to not the wild but to Mr human, but again they have being known to use a farmers flock as their own supermarket...So if they don't want to pass of the humans, then don't come around and do all I mentioned...The fact they Dom, idk but it seems to show that sasquashes are actually not that smart....Or maybe this stupid risky behavior, things they never did decades before, one never heard about livestock going missing, or yelling and screaming near homes.yeah it could be that their gene pool is so limited that these creatures breed with family members, siblings especially..if they do, that might explain some bad behavior..

  • Chris Sliger
    Chris Sliger   2 months ago

    there is no shuch thing as too sharp for public

  • V G
    V G   2 months ago

    Why do you need somebody else to tell you what it was your eyes don't work? These people have done nothing but blunder around you can clearly see it's a Bigfoot you don't need somebody else to tell you that learn to wake up think with your own head and believe what you see with your own eyes does it make sense or is it insane to ask somebody else to come in and tell you what you see that's baloney that's what the Biden administration wants everybody to be like oh I'll wait till somebody else tells me what I saw oh my God good golly gee whiz!

  • Mark Pennell
    Mark Pennell   2 months ago

    The idiot squad shows up and as always start making all kinds of noise that sends the Sasquatch into hiding. They have no idea what they are doing other than making sure nothing is ever seen. All these TV BF people are morons with one agenda. To make sure no "proof" is ever found by them. They will never talk about the now millions of people around the World who have seen these People or the DNA tests that prove they are related to us and not a wild animal. Enjoy the idiot squad everyone.

  • Scott Sasser
    Scott Sasser   3 months ago

    They're all full of s*** you see it you look at these videos you look at these pictures they're mainly they're blurry and Bobo and Clint and Renee and money maker if you ever watch them the camera is always on them it's all a bunch of s*** it's easy to make money off a Bigfoot when you don't even have one to prove to everyone that they're out there footprints ain't s*** you need a body you need a body if you ever catch one you better have a damn good cage to put him in if he can pull trees out of the ground he sure in the hell can get himself out of a dam cage and then the government will step in you better never tell the government where you're at if you got one and you want to put it on video I've seen a few but they don't show the Bigfoot you know there's a lot of basketball players out there pretty tall they could be using them in a outfit and a Sasquatch outfit so there's no good video except for the number one video with them to on horseback that's the only one that I ever seen that you can actually see it with the technology out there today why can't they video tape a Bigfoot walking them guys on horseback back in the day it was perfectly clear there and that was what 35 mm camera but you have the technology it's out there today and people that say they have seen them and get video they're not clear enough however they watch that the first one ever come out at least you can tell it's a Bigfoot nowadays you can't tell Union people that go out in the woods looking for a Bigfoot but when they find them they turn around and they take off running the video is all screwed up so don't sit there and put your name on a product or a video if you haven't seen one yourself that's my opinion and you news people you just making money off of putting it out there that's all you care about is making the money the History channel you're all the same yeah I'll watch it but I'm not going to subscribe to your channel that's my opinion

  • Ruby Wingo
    Ruby Wingo   3 months ago

    Finding Bigfoot folks NEVER FIND anything! He needs to get someone out there who can get results!

  • Carey usher
    Carey usher   3 months ago

    that was a doctored video I could tell... like their others I have seen. Seeing the figure just melt away so to speak as it turned. Great hoax I guess...

  • Roger Quarton
    Roger Quarton   3 months ago

    Uh, . . . I don't think you're going to uncover something this BIG (in many ways) in just 9 hours.

  • Lynn
    Lynn   3 months ago