Asking Strangers for the Time, Then Giving Them an Apple Watch

  • Published on: 06 September 2019
    Today I went up to college students and asked them for the time, then surprising them with an apple watch! Their reactions were amazing!!
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    If you read this far down the description I love you
  • Runtime : 11:25
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  • FaZe Rug
    FaZe Rug   1 years ago

    I just wanted to make random people happy today :)

    MCJOVI PEREIRA   1 days ago

    I want to buy Apple watch but I can't afford because in india it is so expensive

  • Aschool Music
    Aschool Music   2 days ago

    Can I get one online from you??? Its more like a dream for me

  • BadBassBoy
    BadBassBoy   4 days ago

    I wish I could get one. Dame those are cool ones.

  • KRQ11
    KRQ11   4 days ago

    I swear some teachers aren’t teachers at all👎👎👎.

  • Just Dene
    Just Dene   1 weeks ago

    That teacher maybe an anti-apple brand that's why😂😂😂😂

  • Just Dene
    Just Dene   1 weeks ago

    she thought he sell watches😂😂 but is it normal to react that way like to roll eyes?😂

  • Just Dene
    Just Dene   1 weeks ago

    the guy tho with the cap 7:14 looked straight on his watch when he heard brian asked to the other guy.. like incase the other guy don't know the time is😊

  • Shubham S Sharma
    Shubham S Sharma   2 weeks ago

    breaking peoples legs and then giving them wheelchairsnext prank

  • Pedro Alonso
    Pedro Alonso   2 weeks ago

    cmon bro you gotta go to better people. some of them were very ungrateful

  • Khairunnisa Baherin
    Khairunnisa Baherin   2 weeks ago

    I was laughing when I know the teacher going to call the cops for just giving watches like whatttttt the teachers don't know what the mean of kindness I think

  • Butcher
    Butcher   3 weeks ago

    0:54 And then he does not even have a watch on himself 😂

  • David Ian Go
    David Ian Go   3 weeks ago

    Dispatcher: we've been called to respond to a kid giving away apple watches.Cop: nice, I could use one

  • Harshal Vikas Doiphode

    That guy tom reminded me of some one.....You guess....Phoebe's brother form "Friends"

  • Im PakMan
    Im PakMan   4 weeks ago

    Asking people if they are alive,Then giving them a life

  • Zimingo Zimi
    Zimingo Zimi   4 weeks ago

    Why dont you want people to open your watch

  • Aya Chan
    Aya Chan   1 months ago

    Is apple watch really tht affordable in their country, the 9:06 guy seems relaxed.

  • Kim Harrie Abel
    Kim Harrie Abel   1 months ago

    You don't regret giving strangers apple watch, while me don't even share French fries to my friends.

  • Movie time
    Movie time   1 months ago

    Tom is the best person for this gift 😍