The Alien Files: UFOs Under Investigation (Full Episode S1|E12)

  • Published on: 04 July 2021
  • Did an alien spacecraft crash in Roswell? Experts have been debating over what is fact and fiction since 1947.

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    This investigative series takes a definitive, scientific look at the search for unidentified flying objects, documenting UFO stories that have been debunked and bringing viewers up-to-date on the state of the most famous UFO investigations, many of which still remain unresolved and unexplained to this day.

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  • Runtime : 45:2
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    NASA NASA   5 hours ago

    Aliens did not crash land in the New Mexico desert the only thing that crash landed was crash test dummies the air force was using dummies to test fighter jet ejection seats.

    WILLIAM POWER Phd   2 days ago

    Colonel Corso lied about what he seen .I very much doubt if he was there.He could well have seen somethings in the 1960s, from that event but not everything.

  • BizzMoneyB
    BizzMoneyB   3 days ago

    the two UFO’s collided.. they didn’t find the second one for months.

    WILLIAM POWER Phd   4 days ago

    The real 1947 Roswell coverup was the culprit that brought down the craft, and the people who constructed the craft.

    WILLIAM POWER Phd   4 days ago

    I do not trust any eye witness at that time in Roswell 1947 for very obvious reasons with me.Your typical deception artist must be Phillip Corso.

  • tyamada21
    tyamada21   4 days ago

    at this time in history I find anyone who refuses to believe that we are not alone to be ludicrous, to be kind...

  • tosh2012
    tosh2012   5 days ago

    That's not a UFO, it's an Auto Union speed record car from the '30's.

    WILLIAM POWER Phd   5 days ago

    Another strange thing i encountered in my 30 year on and off research data on the Roswell event of 1947.If this so called Alien spacecraft was true and it did crash why was it that the Army and Air Force at that time, never took all the parts etc from the crash direct to Los Alamos labs a short distance away from Roswell.And why did they not have a full detail report etc etc by the two top scientists in America at that time and bring them into the , investigation of the craft.Dr Edward Teller and Dr Robert Oppenheimer????.Because the craft was not Alien after all.And these two scientists would know that.This why they never got involved in it, and might have known really where it came from.

    WILLIAM POWER Phd   5 days ago

    3 events that day that was involved in the crash of the experimental craft that took off in the region of the White Sands Missile range in NewMexico.A similar event also took place in 1964 in the same region of NewMexico.But this experimental craft never crashed.But landed for a short time , then took off and flew back the way it came from.White Sands Missile range.They must have learnt they lesson from 1947.

    WILLIAM POWER Phd   5 days ago

    Eye witness reports of the event in 1947 fast forward into the early 70/80era again would not stand up in court , for very obvious reasons with me.

    WILLIAM POWER Phd   5 days ago

    Eye witness reports at that time would never stand up in a court case for very obvious reasons with me.

  • Martin Morrissey
    Martin Morrissey   6 days ago

    I hear what these guys are saying but why tell the public it was a flying saucer rather than a big weather balloon, they could have claimed it was a big roll of foil than fell out a cargo plane. The thought of something smarter and stronger than us, watching us, maybe even abducting us, unsettles me too but the cosmos is a big old place and someone with 1,000 yers head start on us might be able to come here.

  • Charles Phillip's
    Charles Phillip's   1 weeks ago

    U can try to get all of the documents you want but I don't think it will do any good. They wouldn't give you anything honest.

  • flash51050
    flash51050   2 weeks ago

    Be for the video people tell you how to make money 💰 if that was the case we all would be rich now

  • Gregory Golden
    Gregory Golden   2 weeks ago

    It was METALLIC SWAMPGAS ......🙄🙄🙄 As with our Gubment, you cannot believe a damn thing they say.

  • Katlen M
    Katlen M   3 weeks ago

    Geez even the aliens have cheap knock offs instead of quality vessels. That suposed to be how many downed crafts ??

    WILLIAM POWER Phd   3 weeks ago

    Do not forget in 1947 white sands missile range had been testing experimental crafts and rockets mostly German design.And also do not forget that the united states government brought over from Germany in 1944 just before the second world war ended, German engineers and scientist under operation paperclip.And a lot of them ended up in the Los Alamos region, and the white sands area of NewMexico.

  • Adam Smith
    Adam Smith   1 months ago

    Jesus this documentary couldn't be more used cat litter if it was made as Simpsons episode. Utter dross with lashings of claptrap. Having read, watched and read acres of stuff on Roswell for me this couldn't be more hilarious as research. Downvote and save yourself 50 minutes of life.

  • Chocko Tjs
    Chocko Tjs   1 months ago

    The gov will no longer be able to cover up crap😆

  • D3vils_lair
    D3vils_lair   1 months ago

    Ahh,now I get ship crashed into MOGOL balloon🤓

  • michael sola
    michael sola   1 months ago

    All these crashes at Roswell and many others around the world. Cant these aliens drive?

  • Hudson Keelin
    Hudson Keelin   1 months ago

    My opinion of this is why did the military send in many many military personnel to gather up the items in the field. Yeah send in a few people to gather up the balloon parts.People in the military and our government seems to think that we the people can't seem to handle anything.

  • Fred Lamb
    Fred Lamb   1 months ago

    So, some aliens built a space ship out of balsa wood and Mylar?

  • Ben Stevinson
    Ben Stevinson   1 months ago

    Roswell was a UFO 🛸 Crash! 👽 Like Aztec! 🛸👽

  • Ben Stevinson
    Ben Stevinson   1 months ago

    UFOs 🛸 and Extraterrestrials 👽 Exist!!!

  • daystatesniper01
    daystatesniper01   1 months ago

    What if it was a captured V2 rocket being tested with a nuke tip on it ? just a suggestion

  • xadam2dudex
    xadam2dudex   1 months ago

    PS why would Project Mogul be so secret ? why would they be worried the Soviets knew about Project Mogul ?

  • xadam2dudex
    xadam2dudex   1 months ago

    Mac Brazel did not own the Foster Ranch he was a foreman / manager of the ranch ..

  • Cristian Zderich
    Cristian Zderich   1 months ago

    This kind of ufo programs are all the same....Roswell....Roswell....and more Roswell 1947....I think the Bentwaters ufo incident in England is better than Roswell.

  • Thomas Lee
    Thomas Lee   1 months ago

    It wouldn't? Obviously this guy knows absolutely nothing about the US Army of which I spent 3 years trying to figure out how they could get that many dumb people in one place at one time!

  • pL w
    pL w   1 months ago

    That annoying sound every time it jumps from interview to film footage is bloody awful!

  • Alison Hilll
    Alison Hilll   1 months ago

    Why have these Debunkers all they do is call people liers , if so many people have seen lights in the sky, as I have, we don't believe the lying media and governments anymore , sick of their lies. .

  • Rader's Corner
    Rader's Corner   1 months ago

    Can't wait till they land here and make it known

  • k4vud
    k4vud   1 months ago

    Art Bell pal has brand new UFO book is out by Dr.Charles Henry Harpole from Amazon Kindle... theme is "Should I worry?"