AMD at CES 2021

  • Published on: 12 January 2021
  • Join CEO Dr. Lisa Su as she highlights AMD’s high-performance computing and graphics solutions portfolio and outlines the company’s innovative vision for the future of research, education, work, entertainment, and gaming.

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  • Runtime : 50:4
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    FLYNN SALDANHA   2 hours ago

    Instructions unclear, I made Bob Swan resign. Intel is under anarchy.

  • Денис God
    Денис God   2 hours ago

    Обещали, что НЕ будет дефицита видеокарт!

  • Omar
    Omar   8 hours ago

    IDK why razer is still sticked to intel

  • Dallas Taylor
    Dallas Taylor   9 hours ago

    It feels strange watching this on a Intel chip, lol

  • mikea hiooi
    mikea hiooi   13 hours ago

    petty AMD "OUT OF STOCK", please send us email order link , scalpers have taken over the market

  • cam urb
    cam urb   14 hours ago

    dam laptop faster than my desktop 3700X gezz

  • Lasty
    Lasty   16 hours ago

    poor envelope getting bullied ✉️ 😥

  • ZiggyMeister
    ZiggyMeister   16 hours ago

    Where is my RX 6700? I need a new GPU and I guess I'll need to go with NVIDIA because I am not spending more than €450 on a GPU and can't keep waiting for your mid range GPUs...

  • Chris Cox
    Chris Cox   17 hours ago

    Would be nice if there was more 5000 series CPU's and 6000 series cards available !!

  • StaySic4Ever
    StaySic4Ever   19 hours ago

    Can't wait to see new laptops with new series.

  • LoadingUser4
    LoadingUser4   19 hours ago

    hello, can i join the self complements?

  • Matthias Hoppe
    Matthias Hoppe   19 hours ago

    More and more new products but nothing buyable... no matter you wanna buy gaming hardware, business pc/laptop or an HPE Proliant Server. I have no idea how you will manage this and im highly interested in the Q4 2020 / Q1 2021 quarter results (details)

  • Drkrendle tv
    Drkrendle tv   23 hours ago

    this is neat, imagine if could I actually buy one....

  • uzbek saikia
    uzbek saikia   1 days ago

    Good for you wearing Blue. Red is turning blue in pricing too.

  • RL BK
    RL BK   1 days ago

    gpu:no stock, no stock, no stock, no stock, no stock, no stock, no stock, no stock, no stock, no stock, no stock, no stock, no stock, no stock, no stock, no stock...eta:unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown...

  • Oliver Yasay
    Oliver Yasay   1 days ago

    intel should consider shifting to being a motherboard creator instead of cpu, its amd time now.

  • PC_GameWorld
    PC_GameWorld   1 days ago

    wonder if she overclocks when clapping her cheeks

  • James4555
    James4555   1 days ago

    Almost the entire conference was CEO's patting each other on the back saying how awesome they are and how awesome AMD is and less than 5 mins of actual relevant information about Ryzen mobile! even then we got more info from PDF's than we ever got from this useless keynote.

  • damysticalone87
    damysticalone87   1 days ago

    All the elderly in our world, you will soon be dead, not from old age, but from illnesses, diseases and their consequences such as accelerated, premature old age - death from illness - death from ignorance. I can >still< extend your life through the sharing of knowledge and its implementation, the earlier the longer. What I ask for, I have already written in my comments / posts - justice for me (money, rights, patent rights). Just so you know right before you died, the choice was yours.

  • Stephen Barrosse
    Stephen Barrosse   1 days ago

    Dr. Su is the absolute best. Whatever your paying this woman, you should raise it. She has finally made AMD relevant again.

  • Cherios
    Cherios   1 days ago

    39:22 When we said we wanted better drivers that's not what we meant lmao

  • Israel Berrios
    Israel Berrios   1 days ago

    Where's Enrique from?He talks worse than I do and I'm latin american

  • musk buster
    musk buster   1 days ago

    When the comment section of a company is open it either means they are the best or have the audacity to do even if I think it's the first

  • kezicss
    kezicss   1 days ago

    Can't stand how she doesn't look like a woman nor a man.

  • himanipku22
    himanipku22   1 days ago

    "The new normal" is a cringy thing to say.

  • Aurum Set
    Aurum Set   1 days ago

    Intel’s channel turned off the comment section. They are not listening to their consumers. 🤦🏻

  • Nurcholis Aziz
    Nurcholis Aziz   1 days ago

    AMD GPU with Samsung ExynosWow kalian akan menjadi sebuah enovasi yang TANGUH