The UFO Phenomenon | Full Documentary 2021 | 7NEWS Spotlight

  • Published on: 06 September 2021
  • It is now beyond doubt that strange, anomalous objects filling our skies and caught on camera are the real deal. Even the Pentagon admits it’s true. These seemingly intelligently controlled craft are operating above the clouds, in our oceans and in our orbit – travelling at hypersonic speeds far beyond any known human technology and completing manoeuvres unknown to science.

    The subject of conspiracy and derision for years, UFOs are now the hottest topic in Washington and the world.

    Five-time Walkley Award-winning investigative journalist Ross Coulthart – who has been investigating the phenomena for the past two years – led the 7NEWS Spotlight team across the US, amassing never-before-seen compelling evidence and speaking to the key players behind an event that will change the course of history.

    Featuring interviews with the highest echelons of military defence and intelligence officials, leading researchers, scientists and witnesses in America and Australia, this mind-blowing documentary years in the making seeks to answer the most fundamental question there is: are we alone?

    The US director of national intelligence is expected to hand down an unclassified report next month that will change our understanding of life itself. On Spotlight, we reveal what is in that report.

    7NEWS Spotlight: The UFO Phenomenon unearths startling new evidence of Australian Government cover-ups and extraordinary vision of unidentified aerial phenomena in Western Australia, Victoria and Queensland – all credible and important additions to the worldwide data being accumulated by the US.

    For Coulthart, the project has become the most fascinating and challenging of his career, becoming the focus of his new book 'In Plain Sight', available now in Australia and soon in other territories:


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    (Please note: this is a re-upload of the original film due to some technical issues with sound in the initial upload).
  • Runtime : 1:18:48
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  • Rocco Siffredi
    Rocco Siffredi   36 minuts ago

    Wow fascinating account tom . Definitely something from another solar system just cruising past us infant earthlings and observing what douche bags we are. Still killing each other and destroying the planet … basically babies in diapers in a galactic sense . I’m certain they mean no harm, but will check in from time to time. Thanks for sharing and god bless you Keep looking up 👍

  • Werner Wiedon
    Werner Wiedon   48 minuts ago

    Nice 👍😎🙂 Move made I'm from Germany.

  • Mustafa Zaimah
    Mustafa Zaimah   53 minuts ago

    All the dirt you have done to humanity why are you worried about justice.

  • Yellowstone Insider Videos.

    The power these ships posses is all magnetic polarity. “I felt heat coming from the ship” with enough reverse polarity. Magnets create heat. And can essentially hover in the air using the earths own natural magnetism.

  • Daniel Hanawalt
    Daniel Hanawalt   2 hours ago

    One reason they might not have wanted people to know about these things is because most people were religious. Imagine how that could have effected someone's beliefs. Also, curiosity would likely have been an issue. Large numbers of people wanting to see it. One other thing may have been we might not have wanted other countries to get hold of it.

  • Morris Mckie
    Morris Mckie   3 hours ago

    Time for us to enjoy our planet for we only have a little time here we come with nothing and we can't carry anything let spread peace and love

  • Leandro# Piczon
    Leandro# Piczon   3 hours ago

    It is really unusual passing through a c130 bomber, just like a hologram..really unusual

  • Morris Mckie
    Morris Mckie   3 hours ago

    This is really true in 1984 I see it in new ground St Ann a light about 12ft long and 4 or6 ft width and fully light up the light was so bright that the grass shadow on the ground and I did not speak only use my hand to call my friend who were on the varanda wandering what I were looking at and it just shut off

  • Leandro# Piczon
    Leandro# Piczon   3 hours ago

    Is this the in.sanibans student?...the school sighting??

  • In The Garden
    In The Garden   3 hours ago

    This makes me furious how many lives have been ruined just for people telling the truth how many have been silenced so many lives ruined and now they want to pretend it's a big surprise and they want to let us in on their little secret. The fallen angels and their technology are like flies trapped on fly paper; our Father YHVH in the highest Heavens will have them all in division and derision.

  • Roland Bruegger
    Roland Bruegger   3 hours ago

    Soo hyped up US paranoia, so what if there are space travellers out there. Nothing is changing. Except to acknowledge their existence.... lol

  • Leandro# Piczon
    Leandro# Piczon   4 hours ago

    That iin Australia, please check latitude to Taiwan, time sets wrong, they are correcting..

  • Serious X
    Serious X   4 hours ago

    17:47 that's what the Aliens look like! :D

  • Michael Cartwright
    Michael Cartwright   4 hours ago

    Yeah! If the guv’ment says it’s true it MUST be true. 😏😜

  • Jerome Bullard
    Jerome Bullard   4 hours ago

    What is more likely: aliens coming from light years away in space, or a highly evolved species coming from the most undiscovered aspect of our planet, the ocean?

  • Lackit
    Lackit   5 hours ago

    My grandad saw a ufo in 1983 .on his way hm frm wrk if he saw a ufo he saw a ufo period

  • Jerome Bullard
    Jerome Bullard   5 hours ago

    When you add six thousand ads to a video like this, you lose all credit. You’re fishing for money. Not saying I don’t believe your base, but you’re shooting yourself in the foot.

  • omid Saidi
    omid Saidi   5 hours ago

    Hi Tom I believe you BECAUSE my little sister did see one in the Netherlands long time ago. She was scared because she didn't know what that was.

  • EL Loco Koslov
    EL Loco Koslov   6 hours ago

    Man this is definitely real because it’s impossible to be alone to a infinite out there, I mean come on think about it 😓 so if in 2021 we able to do all this things why not someone else out there 1 milion years more advanced then us do the same thing but their way 😓

  • Doug Potosky
    Doug Potosky   7 hours ago

    Stories like this usually miss the real facts. I have had some incredible experiences. One witnessed by 3 other skeptics. I see no one ever calling me! I am sure others also have had amazing experiences. Remember! The truth can never really be covered up.

  • GorillaFast
    GorillaFast   8 hours ago

    china is the most power and it is china playing around

  • John Thomas
    John Thomas   10 hours ago

    I never could understand why UFO aircraft would ever need any type of collision lights?It just does not make any sense to me! Even if it is earth-made aircraft!

  • Lutz R.
    Lutz R.   11 hours ago

    Greetings from Germany. As one of my favourite Americans, Neil deGrasse Tyson, says... „show me something, anything exotic that the abductees have brought back“.

  • Comet Jockey Dave
    Comet Jockey Dave   12 hours ago

    The UFO "phenomenon" is no more a phenomenon than when Hernando Cortez landed in Mexico, or Columbus in the Bahamas. It was only the natural course of humanity that the two peoples would sooner or later meet. Similarly, it would only be the natural course of life in our galaxy/the universe that when we grasp our place in the universe, and they have let on enough that there is more by putting on an escalating light show over a few generations to let us catch on so we aren't so freaked out when they stop by to say hi.

  • Nick
    Nick   12 hours ago

    51 51 50N 0 10 32E - Not too sure what this is, but Google Earth caught something

  • Chattanooga Relic Hunter

    Don't believe the "UFO Threat" slogan they're trying to brand. They're looking for reasons to keep this info in the private sector and out of the public's hands. Also looking to garnish more of our taxes to Black Budget programs. We KNOW what is in our skies and underground and have known this info for 75 years.

    MMM HERETAUNGA MC   14 hours ago

    the adverts every few minutes make it a fucking grind... grrrr

  • tetrahead72
    tetrahead72   14 hours ago

    the threat will be leveraged against us. fear sells product

  • Mary Ann Ramos
    Mary Ann Ramos   15 hours ago

    i believe they are real wayback in 2017 when i was on my way to work at about 7pm on the evening i saw 3 lights in the sky it looks a fire far away where i was standing... i know what ive seen and i know its not a plane coz' they are flying at a normal speed but they flying to go outside the earth til they gone in the sky

  • Lewis Webber
    Lewis Webber   17 hours ago

    Aliens been visiting us for thousands of years . Just look at ancient Egyptian art .. those weren’t humans they were paying homage too

  • Smallpig Poopfix
    Smallpig Poopfix   18 hours ago

    It would go a way to making these documentaries....more 'authentic' if channel 7 dropped the whispery semi-detached almost metallic voice-over. It breaks the Immersion, plus it makes no fucking sense.

  • Oscar Penna
    Oscar Penna   18 hours ago

    The heavenly heavy hellish voice acceptably increase because basin radiographically wipe barring a flagrant map. long-term, giddy palm

  • Brian Critchley
    Brian Critchley   18 hours ago

    Someone explain to me why this is impossible, if we are the only life in the Universe it makes no cense, this is not possible

  • Best Of Youtube
    Best Of Youtube   19 hours ago

    Sad thing is these guys know no more than the normal Joe sorry if anyone’s name is Joe but the normal guy who’s out there saying the same stuff for years aliens are real they have to be our universe is to vast