Solo Winter Snow Overnight Adventure

  • Published on: 24 December 2017
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    It's Christmas....
    This is my gift...
    Snow has fallen with more on the way....
    The temps are cold....
    Winds are picking up....

    The Lone Wolf Heads Out!

    This is Luke's latest Overnight Adventure; Winter Snow!

    Thank you all for making this a tremendous year. Stay warm, stay safe and enjoy your time with your friends and family. Know that you are appreciated.
    Gear List :
    Splav Raid 45 Pack with Expansion Pouches
    Sierra Designs Convert 2 Tent
    Mountain Laurel Designs Ground Sheet
    Snugpak Basecamp OPS Air Mat with Pump
    Klymit Static V Insulated
    MSR Rocket Rocket 2
    UGQ Bandit Quilt
    Mountain House Meal
    Toaks Titanium Spoon
    Mountain Laurel Designs Titanium Mug
    USGI Stainless Steel Cup
    Kifaru Ultralight Pullout Bas for Organizing
    Sunjack Light Stick
    Woolly Merino Wool Long Sleeve
    North Face Puffer Jacket
    Fjallraven Greenland Jacket
    Fjallraven Barents Pro

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  • Runtime : 44:8
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  • TheOutdoorGearReview
    TheOutdoorGearReview   4 years ago

    Merry Christmas everyone! Have an incredible time with your friends and family! - Luke

  • Edwin J SKI Korczynski

    Sunday, 08 2022, 1300 Hrs/CdtDear Mr. Luke and Campers,Girls and Women wear "PANTS' but Men wear, "TROUSERS!' Also, buildings have "DOORS" and "WINDOWS!" Also, buildings have "DOORS" and "WINDOWS," but tent openings are "FLAPS!!"Regards, "Ski"PS. Donate, money, clothing, and some of your "FREE" camping equipment to the People of Ukraine. Long Live UKRAINE, but gross "MISFORTUNE" TO "PUTIN" and his russia "SUPPORTERS.

  • shujah iqbal
    shujah iqbal   1 months ago

    Heya Luke I am from Pakistan absolutely love your adventure videos brilliant videos boss man keep it up... all the best to you and your family your son and wife and fair played to her for supporting you and standing with you in all this ..hope to hear from you someday....Shujah

  • Todd Kehring
    Todd Kehring   1 months ago

    Maybe get a proper tent with a wood stove something you can stand up in keep warm dry

  • Michelle Moores
    Michelle Moores   3 months ago

    Does your wife ever go on your adventures with you Luke?

  • Streamster48 Adventures

    You should try Michigan’s Upper Peninsula sometime, plenty of Snow, Cold, and wildlife to test your superb skills. Not to mention it’s tremendous Beauty!

  • klatau barad
    klatau barad   5 months ago

    My quick and dirty rule of thumb is to make sure you have a bag that's rated 20 degrees warmer than the coldest temp you plan on seeing (keep asleeping pad in mind too).

  • Kimberli Cooper
    Kimberli Cooper   8 months ago

    I love camping but never have camped in the snow. Not sure I could do it. I love your videos!!!!!!

  • Cassaundra Gilchrist
    Cassaundra Gilchrist   8 months ago

    So love the snow always have _ too old and arthritic to camp any more, but I can live vicariously through you.

  • Cailin
    Cailin   9 months ago

    I LOVE winter camping! Iprefer colder weather than hot weather when camping. Big fires, cozy tent, hot dinners, all the sparkling snow/trees, no bugs 🥳

  • Mark G
    Mark G   11 months ago

    Luke you are a natural in front of the camera. I have never tried camping, but watching your channel I may gibe it a try. In the past I have relied on Holiday Inn Express but solo camping looks like fun.

  • Theodore Papadopoulos
    Theodore Papadopoulos   11 months ago

    Possibly a beginner question…… if that tent is totally waterproof, why wouldn’t someone buy that or a similar one and use it all the time? So often you test tents that leak like faucets. Why does someone need multiple tents? (Other than the obvious, like price or size). PS…. I’m a recent follower and I LOVE your vids. Thanks. 👍

  • gary foulser
    gary foulser   1 years ago

    Luke I whant to know is what's the best place you have been on ? Gary from England

  • Mario Polacco
    Mario Polacco   1 years ago

    E' bello guardare, sei bravo e simpatico. Buona escursione! Alla prossima. Ciao.

  • Larry Shamlin
    Larry Shamlin   1 years ago

    I'm outdoors alot,and the falling snow always gets you.Like to have one of those nice tents of good quality for a better feeling of safety.

  • Hasan Rasheed
    Hasan Rasheed   1 years ago

    4:28 - And it was at the moment a piece of the sky matter fell LOL !! Another excellent episode well done!

  • Christian Carlson
    Christian Carlson   1 years ago

    Luke, I know this video is 3yrs old, but how about coming down to Florida and hike part of the Florida Trail and camp during a tropical storm?

  • The Thunder
    The Thunder   1 years ago

    The way you speak is so nice that it fills me with enthusiasm and love of life. I like your videos and watch them frequently.. Peace & love from Iraq.

  • Dude Big
    Dude Big   1 years ago

    Always a Thumbs up from me... Be safe. Peace.

  • Steven Monkman
    Steven Monkman   1 years ago

    How does a 4 season (dbl wall) tent prevent your breath from condensing on the solid inner walls?

  • happy camper
    happy camper   1 years ago

    its a good habit to put a shovel in your tent incase of a 10 foot snow drift,,,,,,it happens !!! good show as always, best wishes for the new year.

  • Tyler W.
    Tyler W.   1 years ago

    Last time I was winter camping was in Boy Scouts. We were all around the fire at midnight or later and I brought out a big chunk of (frozen) chocolate and attempted to cut it up for the boys. My Dad had sharpened my Swiss army knife for me. It went through the frozen chocolate and part of my thumb. After a few stitches at the hospital, the scout leader brought me back and I went to sleep like nothing happened.

  • DA Spencer
    DA Spencer   1 years ago

    Great video, bro! Hope you had a great Christmas!

  • Vintage Scouting Outdoors

    I don't recommend any Canadian military surplus gear other than the Arctic sleeping bag, parka and the mukluks. The packs are pale imitation if US gear, clothing is made of a nylon that wears to see through after a few years of use. My personal experience as a 34 Canadian army comet arms vet. I have used P64, P82 and CT Systems. Each was better than the last but they still remain far behind US Army systems.

  • Sudan Medic
    Sudan Medic   1 years ago

    Merry Christmas Luke! Being an old Army Ranger I love hearing your dinner selection!