Breaking Fortnites AI BOTS

  • Published on: 20 October 2019
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  • Runtime : 11:11
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  • Roo
    Roo   1 hours ago

    dang lannan didn't realise they put you into fortnite

  • Liz Gonzalez
    Liz Gonzalez   23 hours ago

    Lazar is a bot he’s most not u can be

  • Doonuty
    Doonuty   2 days ago

    its ok lannan ive played in bot lobbies and died before im bad

    I YEET BABYS   2 days ago

    he still has shield after getting hit for over 100 4:55

  • Jia Tang
    Jia Tang   3 days ago

    Lol the bullets fly everywhere

  • MegaBloxy
    MegaBloxy   3 days ago

    There is a Bot called YeetLife 1:14

  • MTS 7
    MTS 7   3 days ago

    1:13 Yeetlife25 has thank tje bus driver YEET

  • VerxWillem
    VerxWillem   4 days ago

    now we know that if you place a wall in front of Lazar Beam he will break it LOL jk

  • Spamzz
    Spamzz   5 days ago

    Lazar beam you killed someone called Paramore and he was in my game a week ago omggg

  • SportsFan Robert
    SportsFan Robert   6 days ago

    Lazarbeam can u please tell me the custom match code Please I want to play against Bots

  • Shelley
    Shelley   6 days ago

    Bots are so funny 😂😂❤️

  • zertify arch
    zertify arch   1 weeks ago

    Quick question, is the whole lobby with bots if it is then how??

  • Jim Tru
    Jim Tru   1 weeks ago

    So lazarbeam's scientific conclusionBots simp over walls

  • LeGecko
    LeGecko   1 weeks ago


  • Mont L
    Mont L   1 weeks ago

    There was a bot named YeetLife35

  • u uu
    u uu   1 weeks ago

    who else is here one year and after freshs vid?

  • -Clixcks-
    -Clixcks-   1 weeks ago

    Lazarbeam : can we have a petition to get LazarLazar as a bot name?Me : but your already a botROASTED

  • Lectura de la A la R
    Lectura de la A la R   1 weeks ago

    You know you can take another account without any wins, make him the party leader, get in a game, and boom... You are in a lobby of bots.

  • Trix
    Trix   1 weeks ago

    Ba ba bots

  • Freddie Evans
    Freddie Evans   1 weeks ago

    lazarbeam: lets see how bots play. me: just watch ur vids bro