HOWLS - Sasquatch Bigfoot Film

  • Published on: 19 February 2014
  • HOWLS - Sasquatch Bigfoot Film
    Three friends find themselves lost in a forest, with nowhere to go, and not alone.

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    Written, Directed, Produced, Edited by Jamie Tracey -
    Starring: Joseph Gallo Jr., Nick Smyth, Jamie Tracey
    Music by Andrew Hill (
    Sound Design by Kevin Swartz (
    Cinematography by Kyle Fisher -
  • Runtime : 1:17:13
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  • Nick Smyth
    Nick Smyth   2 years ago

    1 Million Views TODAY!!! Playing the unpleasent George in this project was a ton of fun and A LOT of walking in the woods haha - Just wanna give a BIG Congrats to our Director Jamie Tracey for reaching this goal of hitting 1 Million Hits - We filmed this little film a lifetime ago and there's a lot of great memories attached to it - Some people hate and detest HOWLS, some people love it - But either way, I'm jazzed people are watching 😊 - GeorgeP.S - "SIDNEYYY!!!"

  • Cecilia Garcia
    Cecilia Garcia   1 days ago

    que pelicula mas tonta y aburrida what movieIs that boring

  • TheBlackAxe1
    TheBlackAxe1   2 days ago

    I kind of appreciate that this representation of the Bigfoot family seemed more true to the overall belief that they are not overtly aggressive. I also enjoyed the friendship re-development, so to speak. My very best friend is kind of a George and I am more a Paul with a just a hint of George. Sometimes I can't stand, or even despise him, but we are brothers to the core and no other friendship I've ever had runs as deep as ours does. I cherish our friendship like no other relationship in my life. Like Sarbear, few of my lady friends liked my George. So I can identify with that too. Great movie.

  • Jeffrey C
    Jeffrey C   3 days ago

    After I digested this movie for a few days I found I really enjoyed it. Beautiful cinematography and music, and I’m surprised it didn’t get more attention. The encounter scenes were intense and makes you want for more. It’s also kind of nice not doing the ‘I got a camera and need to Blair Witch this whole movie’. Seems actually real. Filmed a few hours from where I live.

  • Sagar Sag
    Sagar Sag   1 weeks ago

    I am frm india its really a vrygud movie

  • A C
    A C   1 weeks ago

    I have no experience on writing a movie script, acting or directing...After watching this..I think I can be one..

  • tony disibio
    tony disibio   2 weeks ago

    Nothing as usual, tried the first 30 min, stupid, not funny 0

  • gigi moxley
    gigi moxley   2 weeks ago

    This is the dumbest movie I’ve ever seen since the Blair witch project.

  • Green Tree
    Green Tree   1 months ago

    What’s the name of the Dog? 😂 the name was repeated so many times …That I forgot

  • jennifer marshall
    jennifer marshall   1 months ago

    What’s actually happening in 2021 I have no idea when this was filmed or why. However what I do know is there are several states if you shoot a big foot you can spend time in jail be fined up to $1000. Texas you can shoot a Sasquatch and not be fined or experience jail time. So this is a contradiction. However according to the law in certain states if you shoot a big foot or Sasquatch or whatever you wanna call this species there are laws on the books protecting them, even though they say they don’t exist. I wanted to watch a real film about real stories about people who have had encounters with real Bigfoot not a story that’s made up thank you very much but no. I’m sure the woods are interesting but I can go walk around the woods any day. I live in Utah and I have two huge canyons right in my backyard. Music acting first 4 minutes is not working for me.Where ever this is these trees are not dense enough for a big foot to be roaming around in. This is not the northwest America in Seattle Washington or anywhere in that sort of area near the Oregon coast because the trees there are huge and extremely dense. This isn’t big foot country.

  • Penelope Lopez
    Penelope Lopez   1 months ago

    When a movie starts off with throwing a dog out of the house because someone doesn’t like the animal. I stopped it right there. This movie was made by an animal hater. I have no interest in watching it any further.

  • Oblivian
    Oblivian   1 months ago

    Such a good movie, but I think I'll have to watch it again. I think I must have missed something because I didn't understand the beginning or the end. Everything in between was great! I also have to say, those guys might have been friends growing up, but how they remained friends beats the hell outta me.🇨🇱Oh! And it looks like you'll be coming up on 2 million soon...congrats!

  • Corey Pena
    Corey Pena   1 months ago

    Movie was whack asf! 1 hr and 17 min long. Don’t see a Bigfoot until 1 he and 11 minutes… Besides the 3 second showing about 50 minutes into the film. So 1 hr and 14 minutes of two dudes walking around lost in the woods bickering. If they were childhood bf’s they would have got along better… The acting was good for low budget… I give it a grade level hard D…

  • Karel Vorster
    Karel Vorster   1 months ago

    Next time, upload decent audio please. Irritating to juggle the volume. And get a decent movie as well - this sucks....

  • David Choate Sr
    David Choate Sr   2 months ago

    the dumbest film of any kind I have ever watched. pointless

  • Ace gotti
    Ace gotti   3 months ago

    Who uploaded this wack ass movie and why ?

  • Andrew Easternman
    Andrew Easternman   3 months ago

    OmDG, what kind of a slow-poke movie is this. Boring, and draggy.🙄😳👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  • Wood Land
    Wood Land   3 months ago

    What is the music called at 42:00?

  • Bubba
    Bubba   3 months ago

    Said they were walking North. They were walking towards the setting sun 🌞 THATS WEST......

  • Van Liberty
    Van Liberty   4 months ago

    From all the emails Steve gets on his How to hunt channel, it's pretty clear that these beings don't want conflict if possible. They do everything short of pulling your head clean off to let you know to GTFO...This video could have either been much shorter by eliminating Wayyyy too much walking in the woods scenes or just as long with more dialogue. Not too bad, with that considered.

  • Pam Lyles
    Pam Lyles   4 months ago

    Did anyone ever notice that there's always a full moon in bigfoot movies ? Pretty good movie though .