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  • Published on: 20 August 2014
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  • Runtime : 3:22
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  • AJ Steele
    AJ Steele   1 days ago

    You didn’t need the comedy shit . This crap is what further makes a mockery of what you’re trying to say is real.

  • Doo Moo
    Doo Moo   1 days ago

    It'd be nice to have some primate field biologists on the team or for guest appearances

  • Yo Holmes
    Yo Holmes   3 days ago

    Finding Bigfoot...spoiler alert ....they never do...ever. Perhaps one of the dumbest shows ever produced.

  • Dean Larkins
    Dean Larkins   4 days ago

    I didn't even watch the video I just came on to leave a comment about these dumb asses

  • Dean Larkins
    Dean Larkins   4 days ago

    Anything by these clowns is a joke this is a joke. I don't know how they could think anybody would ever take them serious after the bullshit they put on that show...

  • A
    A   5 days ago

    Best footage? Gtfooh

  • J Pack
    J Pack   6 days ago

    Bahahaha ! Very entertaining for sure

  • dustin conlyn
    dustin conlyn   1 weeks ago

    Stop mocking Sasquatch with you fake costume. No wonder no body takes it seriously ya facking idiot! I hate your joke show! Goof.

  • Rick Baker
    Rick Baker   1 weeks ago

    No matter how great our media tech has gotten, Big Foot remains the random oaf who can wander out from anywhere but know where the out of focus is on your lens. Give it up people. Find Santa.

  • T Rivers
    T Rivers   1 weeks ago

    There's no Bigfoot, only Bigfoot merchandise, to include sponsored shows like this...tons of them. If I was a Bigfoot, I'd sue for using my image to promote private business. And since I'm not a Bigfoot, then I can at least turn the channel.

  • Lionel Baker
    Lionel Baker   1 weeks ago

    I'm with Rene` on this one, but only in part; blurry images could be anything. However, I've seen the big ones climb trees, and they are mind-blowingly good at climbing them.

  • ô¿ô
    ô¿ô   1 weeks ago

    Bigfoot is only attracted to very low res out of focus cameras.

  • Laz Churchyard
    Laz Churchyard   1 weeks ago

    A grown man who calls himself "BoBo" because "Shannon" is embarrassing. 👀

  • Nibora
    Nibora   1 weeks ago

    The dash cam video has already been proven to be fake 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • David Miller
    David Miller   1 weeks ago

    Everyone knows bigfoot is born with the power of emp

  • Mit Yelsob
    Mit Yelsob   2 weeks ago

    Chewbacca accuses bigfoot of cultural appropriations.

  • Davis Foghorn
    Davis Foghorn   2 weeks ago

    How come NOONE ever runs over to where these bigfoot are at w/ THEIR CAMERAS in hand and get a better shot?

  • True Britz
    True Britz   2 weeks ago

    The clip of the " Bigfoot' running in front the cop car, is fake. The same cop stopped some very nervous teenagers just after the incident, and c'mon, really? Wait until a car approaches then run out?? Lol. Goes against all the stealthy laws that sasquatch lives by. Show makes me laugh though, especially bobo fats 😂😂, Bigfoot expert 😂😂😂 he just got fired from the biscuit factory and had to find another job.... Talking out his fat ass about there's no scientific proof existing yet, ...yet! I'm an expert in the search for the G-spot!! Another myth! 😂😂👎

  • Richard Jones
    Richard Jones   2 weeks ago

    First mistake you have a BFRO member with you. Idiots!

  • Amanda Donegan
    Amanda Donegan   2 weeks ago

    I cant even get my phone camera focussed on my dogs half the time when they are moving, let alone work one properly if a Bigfoot appeared.....all this 'we have such better technology now etc' attitude...l dare you to try not to stand there frozen in astonishment, awe and fear if you see a real live actual Bigfoot, and instead concentrate on filming....l saw a wolf walking down the road one day here in Southern lreland...was so startled by the time l stopped looking and actually got my phone out fro a film it was gone...(escaped 'pet' we have terrible animal welfare laws here).

  • pebo1962
    pebo1962   3 weeks ago

    You belong in NYC You knob

  • Dennis Mitchell
    Dennis Mitchell   3 weeks ago

    Some of us big foot types aren't representing our feet. 😁

  • Kurt Boulter
    Kurt Boulter   3 weeks ago

    After hundreds of millions of dollars spent, looking for this creature, all people seem to come up with, is blurry, poor quality footage of something, they WANT to be a Bigfoot, yet could be anyone in the dark, with a hoodie.

  • Capture His Honor
    Capture His Honor   3 weeks ago

    Upon capturing a bigfoot, we finally learned why all those photos were fuzzy. As it turns out, bigfoot is fuzzy!

  • Billy C
    Billy C   3 weeks ago

    Fake as usual. Get a life.

  • TMT 1
    TMT 1   3 weeks ago

    Never noticed but in that baby swinging one looks like a dog at the bottom right with his owner in a jacket

  • JohnnyHandsome
    JohnnyHandsome   4 weeks ago

    Sometimes I think our government potentially had these bigfoots tranquilized and made invisible so we don’t see them frequently and the ones we do need another dose. This is just one of my many theories, this one being quite far fetched. Another idea is that there are many somehow open dimensions or portals in the deep woods around the world that account for the people who have completely vanished with no trace. Another idea is of course alien abductions..

  • Rob Rose
    Rob Rose   1 months ago

    God I’m so sick of the snarky host with ambiguous sexuality cliche! Why can’t we get a normal intelligent man who speaks like he has a set of testicles to narrate these “what do you think” vids.

  • DamionChrist
    DamionChrist   1 months ago

    Rene: “First of all the footage is a little blurry.”Anyone: “Aren’t they all!?”