Ferocious 60MPH Winds - Camping 3 Days in the High Mountains

  • Published on: 17 January 2020
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    It's Windy....Really Windy and Luke and Susan are heading into the high mountains for a 3 Day Adventure which promises incredible views, some snow and bitter conditions!


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  • Runtime : 49:26
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  • Bert Kelly
    Bert Kelly   2 years ago

    Funny, literally as she said cheese burger, I bit into one.

  • Valerie Durr
    Valerie Durr   1 days ago

    Lucas and Luke and Shelley you are a perfect family I enjoy watching y’all camp and I enjoy listening your stories and I appreciate everything ValerieDurr Charleston South Carolina

  • johan van der sandt
    johan van der sandt   2 weeks ago

    Looking back from 2022 to 2020... No Lukas, it wasn't a great year....haha.

  • Daniel Flowers
    Daniel Flowers   2 weeks ago

    It’s now 2022 we are in the middle of a world wide financial Armageddon. 2021 we ended up with mr. potato head as a president and 2020 did not exist. Cheers 🥂

  • Deb Bryant
    Deb Bryant   3 weeks ago

    Yes,Covid did a number on us,ruined 2020

  • Vilma Tan
    Vilma Tan   1 months ago

    Luke and Susie you got a happy family ❤️🙏

  • markus bock
    markus bock   1 months ago

    oh buddy, if only you knew what was coming for all of us in 2020.

  • T S
    T S   1 months ago

    I can't imagine living back in the day when there was no communication or meteorologists to let us know what major weather forces were coming our way.

  • Teresa Corrigan
    Teresa Corrigan   2 months ago

    Could you use instant oatmeal packets? 🇨🇦🌞

  • Richard Whipple
    Richard Whipple   2 months ago

    What a beautiful, loving family. You are blessed and such a blessing to all of us watching your vlog. Thank you.

  • David Routh
    David Routh   2 months ago

    We survived 02-22-2022 - everything else is down hill from here🤓

  • Robert Alonzo
    Robert Alonzo   3 months ago

    Watching this in Mar 2022… remember feeling the same way

  • Dennis Streight
    Dennis Streight   3 months ago

    Susie i love your voice you are sweet and special person

  • Bruce Babin
    Bruce Babin   3 months ago

    Hi guy’s, love the content. Definitely a fan.🙂Just curious about the cooking pots you use. Are those aluminum? I use aluminum for baking at home and just curious if you guy’s were concerned health wise? Looking at purchasing camping cookware. Thanks so much. Keep up the great content. Cheers!

  • phil ash
    phil ash   4 months ago

    You find Shetland ponies all over the world

  • Shawn Gibbs
    Shawn Gibbs   5 months ago

    I was wondering do you toss and turn when you sleep or do you stay in one spot

  • Norah Glavin
    Norah Glavin   5 months ago

    I wish i could do That,when my Children were young

    RTEK WOLF   5 months ago

    Think those are Shetland Ponys

  • HeroicZeppo
    HeroicZeppo   5 months ago

    As I watched this video in 2022 listening to how much you were looking forward to 2020. The Irony man…. Good video

  • Donald Johnson
    Donald Johnson   6 months ago

    Few more days before 2022I'm seeing this one 2. Yrs lateWow a Windy day for sure

  • bill witherell
    bill witherell   6 months ago

    December 2021. Going to have Christmas in the woods camping with family. Open presents 🎁 next to a fire. Awesome. You have inspired my family. Thank you both and hod bless

  • Jeff Meadows Outdoors
    Jeff Meadows Outdoors   6 months ago

    Awesome. I was there 1/1/20 filming a hike! This is one of my favorite areas. I was just there again Black Friday this year, and it was as cold and windy as always.

  • Jean Tetreault
    Jean Tetreault   7 months ago

    I'm so excited about 2020. This year is going to be the best year, for adventures! No doubt! Lol!🤣🤣 The understatement of the year! Strength and honor! Thanks! Johnny Montreal Canada.

  • honor harrington
    honor harrington   7 months ago

    Too bad you guys couldn't have just hiked the trails for all of 2020 and 2021.

  • James White
    James White   8 months ago

    You are a very lucky man. Good luck to ur daughter . Semper Paritus. If I was wrong, I'm a grunt.

  • jcnikoley
    jcnikoley   9 months ago

    Please don’t ever toast to the new year again… We saw how 2020 worked out.

  • Pansy Edenshaw
    Pansy Edenshaw   9 months ago

    Hey Luke what happen to your finger? I hope it gets better. If you only knew what 2020 was going to bring..

  • W U
    W U   10 months ago

    2020 not so good, 2021 is even worse. Good video though...