United States of Secrets: Part Two (full documentary) | FRONTLINE

  • Published on: 11 September 2021
  • In part two of this two part series, FRONTLINE explores the secret relationship between Silicon Valley and the National Security Agency, investigating how the U.S. government and tech companies worked together to gather and warehouse personal data. (Aired 2014)

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    How did big tech companies react when the government asked them to turn over data on millions of ordinary American citizens? And what do companies like Google, Facebook and Yahoo! really know about you? FRONTLINE Producer Martin Smith ("Money, Power and Wall Street" and "Obama's War") investigates the ways Silicon Valley has played a role in the NSA’s dragnet, and blurred the boundaries of privacy for us all.

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  • Runtime : 53:18


  • Victoria Papesh
    Victoria Papesh   6 hours ago


  • Daniel Roberts
    Daniel Roberts   15 hours ago

    Snowden does reside in Russia you know . Smacked his Country and ran to Russia. I say , if you are not up to anything shady who gives a fly fuck if they look . No problem by me .

  • Chris Johnson
    Chris Johnson   15 hours ago

    Just imagine how much the government's data mining and surveillance programs have evolved since this episode aired, now 8 years later

  • M K Mitchell
    M K Mitchell   18 hours ago

    Why is it ok for people in high positions to lie they knew what Snowden exposed wasnt harmful to national security and it put no ones life in danger But they lied under oath since when is that ok, if it was myself or any one else would go to jail. His or her position doesnt put them above the law if im wrong please tell me why. Im a man im a human being as they are, so you are saying there money there race and there position make them above the law but not me. The laws were made for every one to abide by, for example the gov is saying its ok to target a group of people with out there consent with the worse and dangerous technology ever known to man and since 1977 its gone underground and protected by national security and the last 40 yrs has advanced with the technology over the years to the point it can target any one without laying a hand on that person from a remote location any where in the world the technology is used to control thoughts and memory the perp has full control of the entire body brain heart kidney lungs every part of that persons body see & hear every thing the target can see & hear thru that targets eyes in real time no matter where the person is family friends private moments with you love of your life and its being used to rape men women and children by going in to mens rectum and women private parts and nothing can block it ask me how i know. And this technology can give heat attacks in other words kill the target and it would lokk like natural causes because the technology piggybacks on the decoded DNA of that target so it cant be detected by doctors and no one believe this is possible BASED ON THERE OWN OPINION with out researching the subject which is allowing this criminal act to take place all because no one believe this could happen and is as imwriting this. One day they will make this public by then no one will be able to stopo it because it will become law. Its already being used to blackmail and arrest you just for thinking something or use this technology for illegal surveillance by targeting some one with out them knowing it and going to the judge and lie to get a warrant then going out to make the crime fit the warrant from info they received prior to going to the judge which is a crime in its self. Have you ever wonder how they get these big drug bust going down the highway they always say the driver was driving bad thats not true they knew because of this technology having full control of the vision and hearing of real time illegal surveillance. Im not saying drug deals are good, what i am saying every one deserve privacy even criminals, because an injustice against any one of us is an injustice against us all. Snowden and Musk are well aware of this technology and has made agreements in exchange for favors not to talk about this technology at on time known as MKULTRA Mind Control Technology. And no media will tell the people of this dangerous technology the aclu stoppedtaking cases we have know one protecting us and the gov say prove it exist which they know they cant but some has but you must be smart about gathering your proof and you cant use mind control when you go to court there are laws being broken within the agency itself such as rape or causing health problems. Cuba embassy was one example of this technology russia china cuba anothers along with the usa has this technology even canada fact check quit basing every thing based on your own opinion thats crazy when you dont know crap

  • Aspfalt 9 GTA
    Aspfalt 9 GTA   21 hours ago

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  • bhajran dal
    bhajran dal   1 days ago

    Bush is a bad president & taken all decisions badly created ISIS out of a ego.killing thousands in Syria Iraq

  • Google User
    Google User   1 days ago

    I remember this being talked about in the news long ago. The true purpose of the NSA has been to monitor electronic communications, mainly for threats against those in power or threats to national security in general most likely. They broke into Google's secure data streams between data systems to do the deed in 2001. Snoden leaked information to the media and Google who is now busy encrypting the weak points between data systems/servers. It's like going into someone's home and looking at stuff and no one knowing about it, except that person that did it. This is why we need VPNs because you are interacting with thousands of companies just using your browser without knowing it when clicking on and accepting cookies from just one advertiser or NSA government agency. We truly are viewing the world through a one-way mirror.

  • Barbara Fogle
    Barbara Fogle   1 days ago

    Snowden was young and dumb. When someone builds the best car the government calls and says build us a better one. The same thing goes for a gun or computer or any other piece of tech. Most of what they sells us is just a cheaper dumbed down version anyway. Tech companies get paid for gov contracts to invent and build the very first and best devices that are motor even available to us. So yeah when we get something is usually because the gov spent our money to have a company build it. Then gov get a newer better one and the company makes more money selling us the old one. Oh and did I mention that these people work on both sides from CEO to government official and visa versa. They also do lobbying for gov and own stocks in both military and civilian applications of their products.

  • Barbara Fogle
    Barbara Fogle   1 days ago

    Update nothing has stopped. They can tell everything you do now.

  • Michael Furia
    Michael Furia   1 days ago

    How about domestic terrorists? How about white supremacists???

  • Terrance Brooks
    Terrance Brooks   1 days ago

    WHAT DOES NATIONAL SECURITY MEAN? IT'S SO VAST SINCE 911 THAT WHATEVER A GROUP OF PEOPLE OR A PERSON EVENTUALLY CHOOSES TO DEEM IMPORTANT TO THEM IS OPEN SEASON. What if it were ONLY YOU that their system focused on? Would you still be open to TOTAL surveillance of your most intimate, "private" information? If you aren't cool with ONLY YOUR INFO being surveilled. You CANNOT RIDE THE FENCE!!!!!!!! I'm sick of people who say that they're ok with whatever the GOVT. believes needs to be done, only because everyone is being watched and VIOLATED.

  • Terrance Brooks
    Terrance Brooks   1 days ago

    The only thing that pisses me off and should piss every human off in the world. Govt. are only voted in or worked up to a position. You're no better than any of us! Someone could have the answers. But if you're threatened to be killed. Why try to make mankind better? People let power go to their heads! No we don't need to know everything, BUT MOST OF THE LIES MUST BE UNCOVERED!!! DESPITE WHAT IDIOTS SAY! WE'RE NOT SHEEPLE!!!

  • mickey mouse
    mickey mouse   1 days ago

    Keeping America SafeFrom who... Definitely not from them.

  • Eilene Kellogg
    Eilene Kellogg   2 days ago

    Edward is a highly intelligent! Knows what our govt is about.it's not about we the people!

  • Eilene Kellogg
    Eilene Kellogg   2 days ago

    There spying on we the people so they know who's against the courrupt govt. They want to know what we think and say do to the implement of the NWO!

  • Stefan Syiemiong
    Stefan Syiemiong   2 days ago

    Obama should know,”jhootebe kawa kate, kale kawa seh darioh!”

  • Eilene Kellogg
    Eilene Kellogg   2 days ago

    Our govt. are the terrorist. They abuse we the people everyday. Taking away our freedoms, business, jobs, homes, land,income.

  • Eilene Kellogg
    Eilene Kellogg   2 days ago

    Snowdon was informing we the people of the govt. Spying on us. Bush should of had himself checked out!

  • Eilene Kellogg
    Eilene Kellogg   2 days ago

    9/11 was carried off by Bush jr. and the CIA. It was all over oil and 💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲

  • Eilene Kellogg
    Eilene Kellogg   2 days ago

    Snowdon, is and was a whistle blower. It was great that he told the American people what are corrupt govt. was doing to its citizens.we had the right to know! Govt. was just pissed off cause their junk was exsposed.

  • Anne Kent
    Anne Kent   2 days ago

    I am inclined to believe, that OUR UNITED STATES is not as United as it once WAS !

  • indian
    indian   2 days ago

    May be the 9/11 incident was orchestrated by NSA to steal the data?! Who knows..

  • Dan Woodward
    Dan Woodward   2 days ago

    Obama tried to downplay,he is an outright liar!!!If ya can't see it on his face and his studders,ya gotta be a fool!!

  • van b.b
    van b.b   2 days ago

    War hero's get walls with their names on to show what they have done for our country, people like snowden and many others who risk their lives or lost their lives for truth for humanity deserve the same recognition!!! ♡

  • Frank Westphal
    Frank Westphal   2 days ago

    They fabricate evidence against Drake, and James Clapper lies DIRECTLY to US Congress UNDER OATH TWICE on NATIONAL TV, and walks away without a scratch. This EXACTLY why these programs need to public. They obviously believe that a certain set of laws applies to citizens, and another set of laws applies to them. And I know there are many really good people at the NSA and other security agencies, so I'm not throwing a blanket over these organizations at large. I just hope you are asking yourselves if you're complicit in the destruction of democracy. Perceived fear can warp our perceptions of reality. If you have to undermine democracy in order to protect it, are you protecting it, or are you destroying it?

  • Frank Westphal
    Frank Westphal   2 days ago

    Michael Haden: "If you want to draw a smaller box for the security community to operate in I got, just make sure you know the cost... make sure it's an informed decision". Me: "Well, if you're intentionally hiding the program and any of the potential benefits of it, then it's not possible for the public to make an informed decision. And if the cost in privacy is worth it, provide some examples of how massive data sets allowed you to thwart a terrorist attack. Then, the public will actually be informed and can do a proper cost/benefit analysis". Basically, if it's working so well, show us some proof. We know for sure it gave you a bigger budget, invades the privacy of hundreds of millions of Americans to this very day, and made/is making a lot of contractors and companies rich on OUR taxpayer money. If that was worth it, provide some proof, and if the proof is there, I'm all for it. There should be nothing to hide, if it's causing more good than bad. And proving that should be easy IF it's actually working.

  • Pp Ss
    Pp Ss   3 days ago

    The take away here is, even though they talked about these intrusions in the past tense, more of our privacy is being surveilled than ever in 2022. Another conclusion one can arrive at, is that none of the people, in either the gov or the private sector, that are guilty of felony crimes, will ever be brought to justice, at least in this lifetime. We didn't hear about a single one, who faced the consequences of their admitted crimes, and ironically, the only person facing persecution, is the hero in the story, Edward Snowden..."Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."Benjamin Franklin

  • Brittney Peterson
    Brittney Peterson   3 days ago

    Merrill of CALYX appears to need some sleep. Those bags under his eyes look like suitcases & totes FrFr 🤭! Get some rest Mr. Merrill!!

  • Creag Hayes
    Creag Hayes   3 days ago

    The intelligence community and the Administration was criticized for not following up on the information that it had prior to 911 to protect America. It did not and does not need more intelligence, rather it needs better methods and better intra-agency communication to make better use of the intelligence information it already has. This documentary sould have given Richard Clark an opportunity to make that point when they interviewed him.

  • douglas69ification
    douglas69ification   3 days ago

    Snowden would be dead if Putin didnt enjoy rubbing our face in the fact that we got caught using "Soviet style" spy tactics to spy on everyone. Including US citizens talking about if they were gonna cut the lawn today or go to Walmart to find deals. Im sure its 99% bullschitt but its not "what we do", supposedly. And if they say they don't abuse it just remember that they also said the program didn't exist. Snowden definitely gave his lifestyle if not eventually his life to expose this.

  • SlackersIndustry
    SlackersIndustry   3 days ago

    hes a hero, the traitor are the US government, feed them this youtube

  • Amy Davis
    Amy Davis   4 days ago

    So if all of this is (still) true.... How is it that groups like The Oath Keepers can post all over social media about their intentions to storm the Capitol on Jan 6, 2021... by force if necessary.... and yet NO ONE STOPPED THEM? If the government was really listening to EVERYTHING we say and do on EVERY form of communication, why aren't more illegal activities being thwarted.... like the attempted kidnapping of the Michigan Governor? The Boston Marathon bombing? The Oxford school shooting? These were all reportedly all over social media (evidence AFTER the fact) before these people carried out these acts of terrorism/violence. So what's the REAL point of the government watching everything we do and say if they aren't going to use it to actually STOP these acts that it's SUPPOSEDLY designed to protect us from?

  • Gigi Jerrie
    Gigi Jerrie   4 days ago

    If you ask someone a yes or no question..... and it takes them 5 to 10 minutes to respond .....they're not being honest with you : l