ANIMATED! - Who's the Real Firey?

  • Published on: 22 November 2020
  • Characters and Audio by @jacknjellify
    Original Video:
    Video Editing and Scene 6 by @zakary_is_short

    watch battle for dream island:

    Music by Kevin MacLeod (
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License

    0:00 animated by p0tato
    3:34 animated by zak
  • Runtime : 4:11
  • bfb bfdi bfdia tpot potato mango p0tatomango who's the real firey fireafy YES I PUT FIREAFY IN THE TAGS PEOPLE ARE OBVIOUSLY GOING TO SEARCH FOR THAT SO I TOOK ADVANTAGE


  • Leo Young
    Leo Young   1 days ago

    Fiery:Ha Ha April Fools Joke! Video: Posted On 22 Of November

  • Gikong Chow
    Gikong Chow   2 days ago

    what if coiny confronted the real firey and the fake got away with it

  • Mystery Boi
    Mystery Boi   2 days ago

    Will you remember me if when you get famous :D

  • Fudge Lord
    Fudge Lord   3 days ago

    The animation of the fireys slapping Coiny tho I can’t-

  • Hunter Whitehead
    Hunter Whitehead   3 days ago

    Can’t we just think about all the pain coiny has been through

  • Kristin baez
    Kristin baez   4 days ago

    Firey why must you slapy coin boi to much ;-;

  • Hunter Springer
    Hunter Springer   5 days ago

    sad that Firey and Leafy killed the other Firey, that Firey couldve just been Firey's twin

  • Leandro Fun
    Leandro Fun   6 days ago

    0:45 idk y but This Scene Is So cute in my opinion

  • Vecinalfish Pac
    Vecinalfish Pac   6 days ago

    Fact, The Real Firey Is Voiced By Michael HuangThe Fake one is voiced by Cary huang

  • Maksiak 2011
    Maksiak 2011   1 weeks ago

    Leafy (did you know that at the first challenge you just said what real firey would do)

  • Dreambert 900
    Dreambert 900   1 weeks ago

    Coiny: I’m so happy to see this happen Also Coiny: * Looking at Ground *

  • Matthew Scislowicz
    Matthew Scislowicz   1 weeks ago

    The fiery that didn't get death penalty I don't know how to read books

  • Turma da BFDI
    Turma da BFDI   2 weeks ago

    Cartoon network UK Next de la vida de Cartoon que se ha convertido en